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"...what did I just even read." - Wintermist



On one morning, without explanation, Princess Celestia woke up as a giant spider. Her guards, her sister, her once student Twilight and the rest of her ponies and other creatures of Equestria were rather shocked at the fact that such a transformation had taken place in her.

She didn't seem to mind it.

Polish translation by Dolar84.
Audio reading by Lotus Moon.

Chapters (1)
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I uhh...huh? :rainbowhuh:
What? :rainbowderp:
I don't even :rainbowlaugh:

Well it's not that surprising, I mean luna is a giant snake (this is DEFINITELY not an idea for a sequel and SHOULDN'T be used as one... yes it should).

Neece #3 · Oct 24th, 2018 · · 1 ·

I wasn't going to like this because it was rather bland... But I will if only for the possibility for such a sequel. Specially because I doubt Luna would be that nonchalant about it :rainbowlaugh:

Well considering how long Celestia has lived and all the weird things she has seen in that time I imagine she would be pretty calm about this, especially considering how much more convenient things are for her now (I mean the idea of making your own spider silk bed to relax and read in whenever you feel like, like she did sounds amazing)

I'm going to point out that spiders have 8 eyes, not 6. Even in the cover image, you can see that half of her face has 4 eyes and the other half will have another 4.

Other then that. Yay, more monster ponies.

It's not gonna be relaxing for the Castle staff though ('specially the maids)

Most spiders have eight eyes, but not all of them. Some have six, some have four, some have two and some have none.

This was glorious, and I desire more.

Wait, none? What spiders are blind?

Probably those found deep within caves. They have a bunch of sensitive body hairs that detect movement instead.

There is not enough wat in the world. Hilarious. I wonder how this happened... Meh, who cares, Rule of Funny!

Short and stupid, but somewhat entertaining. Writing Celestia in as a giant spider seems like some decent catharsis.

I don't doubt they exist, I just wanted to know what they're called so I can Google them.

Hmmm, feels like there could have been a bit more 'show don't tell' here and there. But all in all this was a cute story that made me chuckle, well done :twilightsmile:

Let's hope Luna doesn't fuse to a wall now. That would be an unfortunate reference.

I have yet to read this story, but that is an ADORABLE spider/pony pic! Will read after dinner.

Celestia is now the Queen of the Eight Legs and seeks the perfect blue crystal to grant her absolute power...

I want to say thank you...
But I also don't want to...

Cally has been spending too much time with Discord hasn't she? When weird becomes this mundane start to question the company you keep.

We cut to an hour later. Celestia only now realizing Twilight is there still. The reason is one of Twilights hooves got planted firmly in web, and she has been getting herself entangled more and more trying to pull free.

Celestia as a spider... pure horror. Funny as her reaction to it is, mine would be to run screaming.

So....can we call Celestia Charlotte now? We’d need to get her a Pig named Wilbur though.

Kinda want a chapter with Chrysalis just to see how she feels about all... Whatever this is, lol.


.......... okay............

my reaction to waking up from even the most logical dream.
my Tulpas reactions to existing.
pretty much a general mood.

Celestia is so nonchalant about the fact she became a spider that she doesn't have to weave any reasons for it. Though some might say that Celestia being a now giant spider would be spinning a web of lies but it seems like her announcement at the end stopped things from spidering out of control.

After thousands of years, Celestia is finally all out of fucks it seems.

This is what fan fiction was made for

Somewhere in the castle, Discord is surely laughing his ass off at the chaos his joke has caused. Because clearly this is some sort of practical joke caused by him.

Unless, of course, Celestia and Discord decided to work together to play some kind of joke on the castle the night before, and she’s just making the most of her new form.

Just... What the hell? :rainbowlaugh:

It would be nice if your title capitalization made even a modicum of sense--I almost didn't click on this story because I was afraid your writing would be just as bad. It was a pretty good story, actually.

The best thing to do would be in a couple of weeks once everyone is used to it to just change back to normal and question why everyone is crazy for ever thinking that she was a spider. :trollestia:

Short, crisp, and nonsensical, but all the more funny for it.

Like! :pinkiehappy:

Very possible. Discord likes pranks, od course, but we sometimes forget that there's a reason the Trollestia emoji exists. Trollestia is canon, after all (or at least close enough to canon).

Sometimes, it just be like that.

.....Seems legit.

Comment posted by Bahamuttone deleted Oct 25th, 2018

This is a fascinating metaphor.

It's a minimalist story about Celestia suddenly being a spider, clearly commentary on the Kafka-esque world of madness we find ourselves in today, and how the rich and privileged are the lone class immune from being affected by it, to such a degree that even when their actions appear grotesque and monstrous to us, to them it is perfectly ordinary and it requires the blatant screaming of a normal individual for them to even be aware. Of course, as with celestia, they promptly take completely frivolous action demanding everyone else adapt, rather than reflect on their own actions and ignorant complicity, and in doing so put the burden on the rest of society once again.

Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Just, "Oh, guess I'm a spider now. Everypony deal."

Might as well entitle this story as "Celestia's Web." LOL

Well … the story delivers what it promises. No arguing that point.

...I'd still date her.

When Portal was released by Valve back in 2007, it was praised as everything that gaming had forgotten as good and praiseworthy. The critics and players alike sang it's praises, giving it extremely high marks in every category save one; it was too short. Naturally, this seemed like a legitimate complaint, until some people began pointing out, rightly so, that it's brevity was one of it's key virtues, as a game that runs even a few minutes too long is one that needs to be trimmed down. Indeed, by keeping the game short, Valve managed to create a wonderful experience that didn't even need any more explanation than was provided in the game itself.


This is how you know she's seen and done everything.

Short, sweet, and to the point. XD I loved it!

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