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This story is a sequel to The Adventures of Schadenfreude

Schadenfreude goes to get a pizza for Blueblood. It goes about as regularly as a fiberless diet.

(With a special guest! Kind of. It gets weird. You've been warned.)

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Comments ( 57 )

This was absolutely wonderful and I wholly agree with the motivation. And I doubt Shaden's keeping his intentions about the place, it's like it's made for him :rainbowlaugh:

Schadenfreude + Anonpencil. I've never clicked on anything faster!

Always happy to see more of Schadenfreude. This is the second story that came out this week with original characters that I like that made a come back.

The other being Idol Hooves.

Hummm. A meeting between the two sound interesting. What kind of adventurer would they have...

And now I want to see the five slaps, as well as the circumstances leading up to them.


Dammit, Daemon, why do you make me laugh and cringe so much at the same time? :rainbowlaugh:

We all need more Schaden in our lives.

“You should meet the mare who made this thing.”

We need this....we REALY need this

I love this story! This is the exact point where I lost it and had to wait until I stopped laughing “Earn Your Red Wings” Explanations will not be forth coming

Next thing you know schadenfreude is gonna be meeting the film flam brothers... please make that happen


I don't know if reading Schadenfreude's lines with a thick German accent made it better or worse...

Ponyfeathers, I love those two.
More of them please.

I... I just... 😨 just... I didn’t know how to feel about this. Just... all the no(s) and yeses

Somehow I'm intrigued about this friend's OC and slightly terrified to have her near my food but this coming out on my dad's birthday and this matching his sense of humor? Brilliant and made the day even better. *thumbs up*

I can imagine the anonymous gifting of pizzas stuffed with firecrackers to everyone in Schaden's phonebook. And it is glorious

Oh god!! This, absolutely this!

If there’s anyone that can take down an entire casino by them self, it’s Schadenfreude.

This is fucking amazing! Especially the vine bottle, and pizza bondage part. Really great lines.

Also can you link any other fics or art featuring your friends OC? Sounds like really cool character.

Why can i imagine Marenara doing the 'rero rero rero' thing from jojos part 3 to Schaden?

It's my icon, bruh.

Oh lord xD

Plus the Royals playing the occassional game of slap bet? I like that. This is canon now.

“Likely because I tend to be a rather annoying fuckwit to anyone within breathing radius on a regular basis, and the concept of anyone outside of my adorably optimistic girlfriend hitting on me might actually cause more than a few ponies to have a stroke. SO. Pizza?”

I'm dead. This killed me.

This was a typical Schadenfreude story. :eeyup:
Meaning, it was utterly hilarious in a 'oh my god' way. :yay::trollestia:

That's wholly and horribly disgusting. I mean, anchovies? REALLY? In all seriousness, it's great to see another Schadenfreude story. Really made a crappy morning much better. Thank you.

Hey, when I borrowed the two, I ran one of them into a stone wall and ran the other over with a Cord roadster. This is better. :pinkiehappy:

I don't think the world would survive such a union.

There are not enough words in my lexicon to convey how happy this makes me.

9664000 I know the worst combination.

(Schaden + Arca)Discord = TOTAL DESTRUCTION!! :fluttershbad:

"Earn your Red Wings."

You, sir, have NO idea how much I'm inappropriately laughing right now.

Yay! Another one! I require comedy.

Disgusting, horrible, and utterly appropriate.

This is just too perfect. We all need more Schadenfruede in our lives.

If Schaden really wanted to be a right proper cold-hearted bastard, he could have brought to the table (or discussed over dinner) one of Blueblood's favourite meals, so he would forever more associate it with the horrible Red Wing Pizza from that point forward.


Hmmm... I don't think I'm quite enough universes away from that particular meetup.

But, let's do it, I love fireworks.

Or maybe they would cancel each other out? hmmmm

Nah, Schadenfreude in everyone else's lives is the real mana from heaven.

This was a thing of beauty...

Now I kinda want him to meet my batpony guard who turns *everything* into an inuendo and knows of, but thusly ignores, personal boundaries.

Can also punch a hole in solid stone, but that's neither here nor there.

This was a great way to start my day :twilightsmile:

9664971 Then we can raise that to the power of Mr. Mxyzptlk.

The most evil pizza of all time: plain tomato soup sauce and Cheese-Wiz. On Bisquick dough.

Yeah, I wouldn't feed that pizza to anyone. On a side note- Schaden's back!

“Because the person we’re feeding this to insulted my girlfriend’s cooking and I want to watch him cry,” I say sweetly.

Reminds of the song from Chicago, Cell Block Tango and one line from it: he had it coming.

Marenara is such a great train wreck. She plays so well off Shaden.

I think Idol would end up far worse off in a meeting between the two. And Schaden would find out about the whole changeling thing and simply not care except for how he can amuse himself.

Is Marenara a relative of Jasper Pie?

A new Schadenfreude story?! MUST READ IMMEDIATELY!!!

“Because the person we’re feeding this to insulted my girlfriend’s cooking and I want to watch him cry,”

That may be my favorite sentence ever!

Fuck you for that image. Also spinach and salami best pizza ever.

My grandmother once used velveeta on a pizza. It left near-physical scars on all of us.

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