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With a name like Schadenfreude and a special talent for either finding or setting off all those little nuances or annoying ticks that just drive ponies mad, you'd think he'd spend most of his time in prison. On the contrary.

He's Prince Blueblood's butler.

Actually, he does get thrown in the dungeon a lot.

Here's just one of those instances.

(New cover art by the fantastic TodayIWriteFanfics!)

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Dat guy.
Finally I read about a pony being a morning person like me!

...What, you were expecting a comment about the story?

Where is my thumb...oh they cut it off well that was rude now how will I like his story...oh digital thumb ok then here.

This guy needs to meet Discord. I have a notion the two would hit it off. :pinkiecrazy:

I would love to see this as a series!

I like the German in the title. Sadistic ponies are the best ponies! :pinkiecrazy:


That's actually a tentative plan.

... my god ... :0
He's got a good eye for details, neat little history potential, and the most awfully terribly fun personality traits. The plan is to keep him? Good plan.

Yes, I could see this becoming a series. Honestly, I thought he was going to do something more cruel than just laugh at Luna. But that's just me. Good story regardless.

Please, sir, may I have some more?


Oh, that was brilliant. Love a good bit of schadenfreude. A tilted painting. Love it. Please, continue.

Schadenfreude is officially the best OC.

I made my username based on this. I am now proudly a master of the Schadenfreude:pinkiecrazy:

This is beautiful. I love it. Schadenfreude is my hero now. :derpytongue2:
Plus that song is now one of my favorite song EVA!

Denis Leary in pony form.

They got divorced soon after. I was raised by my dad and now I’m an asshole. It’s awesome.


nice rousing six in the fuck-you A.M.

This is my new time standard. :rainbowdetermined2:
screw EST, I've got FYT (Fuck-You Time)

,,,we need more stories about this pony.

Bloody glorious, seriously. I need a comedy relief character like this.

So glad I found this. Shad has to be, like, my spirit animal or something.

Best OC pony in the area of comedy. Evar.

You know, I don't see why anybody would willingly hire this jerk. I mean, it's fine to hate all the dumb happy people in the world, but isn't better to make them suffer rather than merely laugh at misfortunes you had nothing to do with? I mean, it's not like you based the entire character on a song from that one misanthropic musical and...oh, wait. You did. :ajbemused:

I was hoping going in to see something more like Jeeves and Wooster, where the butler is so much smarter than Blueblood that he can insult him all day in ways that make Blueblood think he's being complimented.

Oh well, I'm clearly not the target audience for this series. Good luck with it, though.

Let's see... A pony based off my favorite German word? Check! A story inspired by my favorite song about my favorite German word? Check! Surprisingly funny? Check! More than one sequel? Check! Thus, this is getting a favorite! And a Derpy: :derpytongue2:

“Now let me tell you about the time Princess Twilight tried to straighten my cutie mark...”


Schadenfreude vs the United Nations. Or the U.S. Congress- it would make C-Span actually worth watching.

4949855 That's the sequel.

I want to hug this guy. So. Very. Much.

Schadenfreude is voiced in my head by Stephen Fry

Most delightfully funny and befitting to the name. Schadenfreude is quite...devious don't you agree? But oh my to who am I referring to? The Character or the Name? :raritywink: This story earns a :heart:

Schadenfreude is the greatest OC ever made.

This was surprisingly entertaining. Well-written, short, and incredibly witty. This is definitely going in my favorites.

Now if I were a prince, I'd get my clothes some place where they dispense with tags..

:ajbemused: The character is one-dimensional, the definition and application of the word "schedenfreude" are repeated often to the point of exhaustion, and the character is downright insensitive.


Oh, who am I kidding? This is wonderfully brilliant for the very reasons I mentioned! :pinkiecrazy:

:rainbowlaugh: I'm listening to the song right now! Great:heart:

That stallion is my hero. All hail the stallion who's special talent is being a troll!

Glorious. Truly, a role model for us all here on the internet.

Inspired by this song.

The link doesn't play anything for me

I assume it's Avenue Q?

I'm just reading this because I ran out of breadsticks while reading The Corner of (Our) Eyes and now I'm traumatized and need to think about something funny.

I now find i have a strange compunction the see Princess Luna dealing with hiccups. I can't help but feel it would be both cute and hilarious. :pinkiehappy:

I'd be friends with Schaden.

Granted he'd probably bug me just as much as he bugs everyone else. But watching him bug everyone else would make up for it.

Good work.

“Now let me tell you about the time Princess Twilight tried to straighten my cutie mark...”

:rainbowlaugh: she would try to do that, oh she totally would!

I passed this up originally due to the art....but now that I actually decided to read this, it turned out MUCH better than I expected. Looks like this was one of those "Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover" deals.

I am VERY much looking to reading more of this hilariously terrible pony's adventures! <3

This was very amusing, nice work. :yay:
(I also liked the music too.) :trollestia:

Captain. Dangerous levels of WTFfery detected. We suggest reading further. And dropping a Like.

This is beautiful. I wish I had found it earlier.

I want to like this but the like bar is at the best #, 666 likes 9 dislikes :trollestia:

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