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This story is a sequel to NOW YOU BUCKED UP.

When a new, strange kingdom of magic is discovered to the far west of Equestria, the Royal Sisters take an entourage and investigate. Which nearly sparks ANOTHER international incident.

Once again, they don't bring Twilight. And ONCE AGAIN, she's left to clean up the mess. Which involves yet another very long letter.

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When I started it I wasn't sure if I was gonna need that or not. Will fix.

Yeah, Twilight’s pissed that she doesn’t get to do fun adventures anymore.

(From the prequel)

“You all know Princess Celestia, right? Ruler of Equestria for over fifteen hundred years? My beloved teacher, second mother, guide and confidant? THE MARE WHO MOVES THE SUN?!”

I can't put my hoof on it, but I think Twilight's opinion of Celestia has ever so slightly changed since then...
Oh yes, now she knows that Celestia only moves half of the sun. That's probably it.

Neece #4 · Mar 8th, 2018 · · ·

What, Twily didn't want to go this time? :trollestia:

But honestly, this is golden. Will there be a third installment? Please say yes :raritystarry:

I think you mean that she only moves the sun halfway.

Unfortunately, the massive plot hole of why everyone was to f***ing stupid to ask Twilight to go with them is left unsaid. Again.

If they had thought to ask, and she ended up saying no, then yeah, I can get that. But this feels like they're saying "F**k you Twilight and your title. You don't deserve even that courtasy."

So. Yeah.

Far more likely they were trying to prove that they can be just as good at befriending nonpony creatures as Twilight.

Seriously, many of the problems that Equestrian royalty faces all seem to begin with, “Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time!”

And end with, “Don’t tell Twilight Sparkle!”

This was good. Not quite as good as the prequel maybe, but still very good. I do love me some faeries now and then.

So once again, the arrogance of Canterlot unicorns screws somepony over. Can’t say I’m surprised.

If you ever write a third installment of this, I will definitely read it.

you know for a world that prides itself on friendship and harmony these royals seem to be quite bad at facing their own mistakes and apologizing for themselves if Twilight has to fucking do it for them

for god's sake just send Twilight you inept ingrates

Well. That gave me a laugh. I can see Princess Luna doing that, honestly.

As far as the fae courts go, the Seelie court with Queen Titania and her "Husband", Prince Oberon, are the Court of Day. If they were the Court of Night, it would be the Unseelie Court. Prounced, if I'm remembering correctly, Yoon-sea-lie. However, a it was the Seelie Court, it is in fact the Court of Day. As far as the marriage of Titania to Luna, that is believable. I "studied" the fae for a long time. Read about them, looked up all kinds of info. The fae are, as a species, promiscuous. They are also Matriarchal. Titania is the Queen, Oberon is little more than a prince and her consort, not her husband. I personally am of the opinion that the Fae Queens, Titania and her sister Aeval, are Lesbian Bisexual. They love women, but they will marry men and have children for the good of the Court.


So a Fairy TaIl reference. Has to be.

“Was that you, string bean!? You skinny-ass looking mother:fluttershbad:er? What!? What!? What!? What!?”

Good point. And this proved, that they suck at it. How Equestria has survived this long if this is how they handle it I'll never understand.

Um... No. Try the classical depiction of Queen Titania from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. I don't even watch Fairy Tail.

Ah... Well, in Fairy Tail there's a character called Titania Erza, the Fairy Queen. My bad.:twilightsheepish:

Twilight's just sexually frustrated that she can never get some even Spike can get some more than her on a daily basis.

A long, long string of ponies just like Twilight Sparkle, minus the alicornitis.

Dis was highly amusing.
Pissed Twilight is da best.

King Oberon and Queen Titania.....




Do you play Warframe? :trixieshiftright:


I do so I get where you're coming from, but those are actually the names that older cultures had for the King and Queen of the Fae People. I think it was Shakespeare who coined Oberon. Not sure about Titania.

"Surely you must know of some way to cancel such an... obligation as to be married to the Queen of the Faeries for a century?" she pleaded.

"Oh, I do."

Luna looked up excitedly. "Wonderful, please, do tell!"

Twilight turned to walk away. "Oh, I'll let you know. In time."

Luna grimaced. "Umm... how... much time?"

"About 99 years," Twilight answered, as she closed the door behind her.

You write one of the best pissed-off Twilights I have ever read. This exchange is golden!

Titania is also from A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Edit: And some brief research shows that while Shakespeare may have invented the name "Titania" (I don't know for sure), the name of Oberon is older. Shakespeare definitely inspired the vast majority of depictions of these characters, however.

Reading through these comments I'm honestly a bit surprised at how many people don't know Oberon and Titania from Shakespeare. Oh well. Young people, I guess.

assumption that a distinct lack of clothes implied sexual proclivity, as it does here

So, do you mean to imply 90% of ponies are DTF, like, all the time?

address you in pony

This took a moment and a couple re-reads to parse. It makes sense in context of usage, but I think "face-to-face" or even "directly" may be less confusion a turn of phrase.

If the Seelie Court handles half the sun, or... "the sun at night", then how was Twilight handling things when she was in charge of the day/night while hiding from Tirek?

That only lasted like, half a day, if at most. What you should be asking is how fucking pissed off the Seelie were at the Storm King for his bullshittery.

poor twilight so abused

I just read both of these stories. My only complaint is that I would have liked to see more of the fallout.
Great job.

Tia: You WILL bow down the might that is Equestria or you WILL be glazed by solar radiation!

Ah, I see. Even so, now that I look at it from a Shakesperian POV, it makes a lot more sense.... Very clever, though.

our lack of knowledge of your culture led to the incorrect assumption that a distinct lack of clothes implied sexual proclivity, as it does here

What? How? Ponies don't wear clothes most of the time.

Big Royal events (Such as the Gala) All the ponies wear dresses and suits. When Discord vacuumed Rarity's dress off she tried to cover herself as it was seen "Indecent". As such, seeing as the King and Queen of the Faeries wear next to no clothes, this can be seen as those with less clothes are closer together in bonds as addressed in the fic above.


When I heard the word "fae", I immediately think "Dresden Files", "Discworld" and "Changeling the Lost", alongside "Oh, crap!" and " Where can I find cold iron at this hour?"

While this is extremely funny, I think it lacked the punch that the previous one-shot did, likely because of the fact the story ended with a better punchline than this one, though this one’s was funny too. I love that you managed to do another one of these and hope there may be another one in the future.

I'm also hoping for another and that it's Twilight on the receiving end.
But she just sits there with a smile and it ends something like. "Are you happy with yourself?" "Yep!"

Yeah, Hiro Mashima chose an appropriate name for the "queen" of Fairy Tale.

There's actually some debate that the term "cold iron" may actually be a mistranslation of the term "North Iron"- meaning magnets. So, go any buy a couple of those supermagnets, I guess.

Going to have to echo 8784928's surprise. I guess Ponyville really is the friendliest town in all of Equestria...

Aside from that, a delightful comedy of errors, as befits a Shakespearean fae realm. Though I'd expect the royals to know enough to bring somepony who actually knew something about the other culture.
(Also, a week seems like an awful long time for both sides of the planet to be tidally locked.)

Wonderful! I hope you'll be writing more of this!

And, as with the predecessor, right into the favorites! :rainbowlaugh:

That was beautifully written. I love Twi's anger.

Or, it would be, if she wasn't just a little absolutely livid.

Have you DBZ: Abridged today? :raritywink:

I'm hope this story and it's predecessor leads to a story where twilight ends up going "fuck this shit I'm out" and ends up conquering Equestria to save it from itself and trying to figure out why ponykind in general are idiots. I'm hoping you throw Tempest Shadow, Spike, Grubber, and Stygian into the mix as they team up to defeat an ancient nemesis responsible for making pony kind a bunch of stupid idiots so they could rule over them by using the Alicorn's raw power and the fact that they were smarter than anything alive at the time to domesticate the world of so called animals.

This threat goes by many names, Faust, Epona, Harmonia, but the one name that matters is it's true name...Megan Williams.

8785280 I have an interesting supposition for 'cold iron'... that it is iron that was never smelted, but occurred naturally... meaning it was METEORIC IRON, which is an alloy with nickel... and is pretty much straight from the core of an exploding supernova, into a protoplanet, which was then smashed to bits.

One could suppose that such 'star metal' (as Conan, the Adventurer called it) might possess rather potent properties giving the circumstances of its creation and floating about untouched by life or oxidation, bombarded by cosmic radiation for eons.

*Cackles.* I kinda want to see what happens when Twilight goes to visit them! Or the drinks that they all have while she's away :'D

The moment Twilight mentioned King Oberon, I was sold. I love everything faerie, and while I can't claim to be an expert on those spirits of the Other World, I'm always thrilled to hear about them. A pony/faerie crossover... what could be better?

Of course now I'm hoping that King Oberon and Queen Titania, since Twilight was not there, would be more open to opening diplomatic relations with Princess Twilight Sparkle.

But nopony else. Would be a perfect follow up.

This was funny would love too see a story about how that all happened or of the aftermath of this story

All I can say about this are two things! 1) They got off lucky that it was the Seelie court and not the Unseelie court! And 2) I love it! Especially how chastised them like children and in regards to her punishment against Luna!

Do you read Shakespeare?

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