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MLP helped me find my muse in Oct. 2014 after 6 years without it. I have a Psychology B.S. Sunset Shimmer is best pony.

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"Always Had" is Officially COMPLETED · 5:09am Jul 5th, 2020

It's been almost two years since the last chapter of Always Had was published. This whole time it's been marked as "Incomplete", but tonight I finally decided to move forward with the next stage of the story in a separate fic and mark this one as "Complete", as Twilight's adventure of being Clover the Clever is ended and her slice of life as Clover has only just begun.

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Yup, I was in the Sunset Shimmer cosplay with the laptop bag covered in Sunset Shimmer buttons and pins.

Thank you very much for the follow! Judging by the timing though, I can’t help but wonder; did I see you at Whinny City? :duck:

Comment posted by A Man Undercover deleted Jun 27th, 2020

Thanks for the follow! :eeyup:

Thanks for follow me. You are the best.

Sunset Shimmer is best pony.

Indeed she is <3 :heart:

Yes! That is the correct Fiaura.

I noticed a story submitted to a group I'm in by a year named Fiaura, and the only person I know by that name was the Tank Girl. Loved your panels at PCF and look forward to seeing more science and fiction from you :)

Yays new watcher ;) Ping me in the comments I talk back.

Part of it, I think, comes from having a mother who doesn't listen as well as she thinks she does and who tends to talk longer than she needs to, so I've sort of built up the patience necessary. Part of it also comes from the fact that I enjoy trolling trolls, and it's rare to find a troll these days that has the endurance necessary to properly troll. I know they most likely won't listen to the knowledge, but knowledge is still valuable, so I respond with facts so everyone can see them.

Thanks for the watch!

Hey comrade, you have much more patience for trying to put knowledge in the heads of Trump supporters than I do. Solidarity.

When is the next chapter of the princess that equestria always had coming out? It's been five weeks. I just would like to know how close you are to getting it done. :applecry:

2162191 You might be waiting a while. It's going to be pretty long, told from Sunset's perspective several decades after Equestria Girls, and will go into aspects of her life and the magic that was brought to the human world. I also plan to finish it before publishing it, because I tend to have issues keeping up with deadlines for long-term projects like this (for example, I haven't updated Always Had in many weeks for that very reason). Not to mention that the EQG series isn't finished yet. Fear not, though: it will come.

And thanks for watching!

Thank you very much for asking permission to use my headcanon, even if it wasn't needed. :twilightsmile: I'll be keeping an eye out for that Sunset story now!

Yay that means you can have more created time to write. Don't worry about the time I hope you don't take too long because some ponies round here say they will just go on break and never return to it until really late. Sorry I hope the stress doesn't get to you too much. We as readers can wait. I love your chapters and I know you make better chapters as other ponies do. Hope you have time to relax yourself and not rush to do everything at once. Enjoy your relaxation everypony needs it. Bye! :pinkiehappy:

2107634 No problem. I enjoy writing the royal sisters, and with my monthly writing club there will probably be other family-oriented stories as well.

hey, thanks a bunch for joining the group!

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