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Oh I can see our views and idea are VERY similar! Great! I'm a sucker for a good redemption character as well(The green ranger from mighty morphin power rangers is to blame for this lol)

Also sugarpie is adorable as Hell and I can get what you like it. It's unexpected that someone like Sugar-coat would fall for pinkie and it's funny to see the two of them interact. It's like kinda pairing Pinkie with someone like Maud lol

I really like that. Maybe not related, but I'm all for more moondancer inclusion. I have a list of characters I try to sneak into the story. Moondancer and Treehugger are two of them. Coco is also on that list. xD
But the reason i love sunset and starlight is...I'm a sucker for villain to friend characters...so getting the dazzlings in there would be awesome. Its tough to balance Aria.

Come to think of it...the hardest part is making all my ships happen in one fic. That's insane that this many girls with crushes on each other just hang out together xD

Startrix, Rarijack, Sciset(I use sunlight as princess twilight and sunset), Flutterdash...

And a ship I didnt expect...I've been introduced to SugarPie. Sugarcoat and pinkie? I cant explain why I love it so much.

Also leaning toward Sunny and Indigo. And Lemon and Sour...because of other stories influencing me to ship them. xD

Ah very good idea. Now that I am thinking about it? I might actually have an idea. Trixie wants to be a magician and a preformer right? And I honestly believe she deserves her own little ring of friends and I believe she gets along well with the Dazzlings (or would after some time) and so what I am thinking is that Trixie drops out of CHS to be a travelling magician and to discover more real life magic and it's on this journey that she runs into the human version of Starlight who has a bit(absoulte) magic obsession and this is what begins their friendship on the human side.(also might add a plot twist where starlight is related to twilight or Moon dancer in this story)

Same. I always run into the same problem tho, I cant help but think my stuff feels rushed...like for example the startrix fic? They have two dates...and one of them is in the RV that trixie owns, (Trixie is kinda struggling for money) so Star suggests a bad movie night and they end up sorta talking about it there...

Y'know, not to give away the big plot point there...but xD

Also, Trixie makes her own smoke bombs and fireworks in this story...but only starts to boast about it when Starlight notes how talented someone has to be to learn that on their own.

Oh we just became great friends and are so totally gonna do work together. SciSet is my favorite too(I just call it sunlight cause that sounds cuter to me) also StarTrix is adorable as fuck! Lol I was thinking of doing a fic for them but haven't been sure how to go about it. Romance is my specialty kinda and I wanna make it good you know?

  • Viewing 25 - 29 of 29
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