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Just a nerd who's ships have formed an armada. I like rare pairs, but the list goes on forever. Hope I can throw out a fic or two you might enjoy. The SunDigo guy.


After getting stuck together on a class project, Sunny starts to question her views of Indigo. The brash tomboy was very different when they were working together, and that just didn't add up. So it was time to do some digging.

Hints of romance in later chapters, this is basically the backstory for Indigo and Sunny's relationship. There's some threads to other fics, but they're really not gonna jump out until later.

I hope you enjoy, I'm no good at drama.

Art done by Ta'ruht Qarine a good friend of mine, her stuff is awesome and her commissions are affordable, check her out!

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Hm, interesting start.
I like that much of the girls agression towards each other is born from the assumption of their intentions, and how when they are taken away from the ambient of the school they seem much more relaxed.

Also, that message at the end, Indigo's questioning of her own work, and her restlesness has me interested in knowing more about her.

I hope you keep finding inspiration and time to write

Oh, thanks! I'm really glad I got that across. A lot of the story that I've noticed, as I don't exactly have it fully planned out, I typically just wing it and try to tie the loose ends, a lot of the story is based around what people think about them. I don't like just writing anyone as just one archetype. I like them to have depth and maybe some drama in their lives because honestly, no one has a perfect life. Even the kids who seem to have everything going right for them.

I'm like, really happy that I've given enough to make you wonder about Indigo. That was one of my bigger concerns, did I show enough of her behind the scenes actions? Well, more of her quirks will be explained in the next chapter. Gonna try and get going on the 4th chapter, I've got two more ready to drop on this one...I really wish I knew how many I'm gonna end up with. :rainbowlaugh:

I fully support the notion of havign more complex characters, especially with stories that focus on their normal lives. And yeah, have, had, or will have bad moments in our lives.

I think you showed enough to peek interest without giving away the full problem.

I will be waiting for more. Good luck!

"I see?" Sunny asked with a raised eyebrow.

How is “I see?” a question?

"Dearie, right now it looks like you've covered one eye and the other is only half done. If you're having that much trouble with the project, you could just tell me." She asked, leaning closer in.

How did she go from talking about makeup to the project?

Okay, the I see was due to the way Indigo spoke about her family. Sunny was acknowledging the request, even if it was somewhat confusing to her.

And she went to the project because she associated it with Indigo not having the time to properly put on makeup. But that's a good catch, maybe it's something that in my mind makes sense as a logical step to take, but other people maybe not so much. :twilightsheepish:

Thank you for reading tho! I appreciate you asking, that makes me wanna edit that to flow a little better. :twilightsmile:

It would be a good idea.

I really like this story so far and I can’t wait to read more! Any idea when the next chapter will be up? (No rush)

I kinda wanna get chapter 4 done before I throw out the second, but I may drop it here in the next day or so. I've been excited to put out the second part.
I'm glad you like it! Thank you so much for reading!

"You're just gonna ignore that I'm one of the top students in the school too, huh?"

"And I'm sure whomever's work you pass off as your own is just as upset by that fact as I am."

Har har har.

'Where were the mistakes she saw? I don't understand.' She thought as her eyes darted across the words. There were no spelling errors, and Indigo's handwriting was really neat and tidy.

Wait, does she have indigo’s paper?

She hid her face behind her folded arms, resolving not to leave for the rest of the day. She couldn't afford her computer being broken, or any of her electronics for that matter.

Hide them

"I think so. Basically, don't judge her for being closed off because I can't know what she has going on." She sighed. "Well then, I'll just have to find out then, won't I?"

I don’t think that’s a good idea.

I loved it. Can’t wait for more!

I like to imagine the shadow bolts are the top students. There has to be a reason Cinch picked them, right?

Hmm. In order, Sunny has pretty decent memory and it wasn't that long ago that they were working together. Maybe an hour had passed?

Second, I dunno if you've ever been through some stuff, but hiding things doesn't exactly work when the person you're hiding them from is on a warpath.

And third, maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Guess we won't know just yet. :ajsmug:

Thank you! I gotta get the next one finished. I don't wanna run out of completed chapters before I wrap this up. :rainbowlaugh:

"Both of you." Indigo turned to the shell shocked redhead. "You were both out of line, and Ginger you'd better apologize to Zest too." She crossed her arms.

I probably would not have apologized.

"That's it! I don't want you to ever speak to me again, got it?" She asked, grabbing her by the collar. The girl looked panicked before Sunny shoved her back and turned to walk away.

Wouldn’t let that sh*t happen to me though.

She rattled off her notes, making a document with the text to speech function. "End recording." She concluded before her eyes scanned over the information. "They're wrong about you. I just know it." She mumbled.

How long was she recording?

Indigo was pretty intimidating. :rainbowlaugh:

Sunny also has quite the temper.

Not long, just speaking the information that she already had.

Listen, I don’t care intimidating or big of a temper you have, your gonna have to try a lot harder.

Also, what I for did she already have?

Gonna guess your question was "What info did she have"? All of her personal time with her. The few times they hung out and worked with one another.

Ohh, so she’s been recording since then?

Nah, more like she's taking notes to make a plan. She was just going over the personality that she heard Indigo had and comparing it to what she's experienced while actually talking to her.

Oh, so the recording was basically notes?

Ohh, I was thinking of an entirely different record.

Loving this story, do you know when the next chapter might possibly be up?

I'm trying to keep 1 chapter ahead of the posted fic. I'm almost done with the fifth chapter, then I'll release the fourth. I'm really happy that it's getting so much attention and thank you so much for giving it a shot!

I get it. So is it like once number 5 is done number 4 is released then when number 6 is done 5 will be released on so on? Sorry to ask i just get quiet impatient when it’s a story that I love.

That's it exactly. I understand the frustration, but I'm really trying to make sure I'm not just leaving a story unfinished. (I already have one I need to keep writing, this one just took over my creativity) :twilightsheepish:

I understand, I’m just really impatient.

Sorry! Just know that it is coming, I'm gonna make sure this gets finished. I'm really happy with how it's turning out. :twilightsmile:

Abruptly. Indigo appeared to be very flighty, especially when other people started to get close to her.

What does that mean?

"Wait, why would she-? Oh right Sour Sweet is the unstable girl, right?"

“Don't call her that!" Lemon snapped before taking a breath. "That's-, I dunno what it is fully, but she's doing better, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't say things that made her sound like she was crazy."

I mean, she’s not really wrong.

"Indigo just has that vibe, like she's never comfortable in one spot, I noticed she's always moving or itching to move. According to some of the recent stuff I've been looking into, those are signs of anxiety. Next time you get to talk to her, see if you notice any other signs. Now, what could she be anxious about? I don't have a clue. I just get that feeling that she's carrying a lot."

That also sounds a little bit like adhd, but I’m not a doctor.

"Good luck." Sour crossed her arms, and for the first time, she didn't hear the snark in her voice. The snark that she always automatically added to everything the conflicted girl had said.

That must be her sweet side.

"I'll bet she doesn't even know what she's doing could be giving away her restlessness." She thought back to their get-together, "Indigo did shake her leg for a good bit of the time."

She did?

Indigo pushed off the pillar near the stairs, glancing up at the girl in the afternoon sunlight. She felt something. She wasn't sure what it was, but her chest felt fluttery. The fact that Sunny was this dedicated to talking with her? To go out of her way to learn about her?

She shook her head, dipping back to sneak away. She had to get home. She spared one last look, Sunny was watching the clouds and Indigo's chest fluttered again.

How much did she hear?

1. Being flighty essentially means that you try to get out of situations quickly, that you can appear interested and disinterested in something just as fast.

2. Think of it more like your close friend had these problems and you always hear people insulting them, you'd get defensive, even if there was some truth to it, right?

3. Could be, I'm sorta rolling with things that I do when I'm getting anxious as hints :rainbowlaugh:

4. My interpretation of Sour Sweet is that she struggles between snapping and being nice. She rarely gets to be genuine because of her condition.

5. She did.

6. She overheard a good bit of it, enough to know that Sunny was trying to understand her better. :twilightsmile:

Being yelled at and put down for hours really made her not want to wake up today, but here she was.

Put down?

She stopped in front of the trophy case, seeing her tired reflection in the glass. Beaten. Bruised. Mentally and physically exhausted but, despite everything…

"I'm here." She said quietly. Her foundation was better today. The bags around her eyes weren't noticeable. She felt a twinge of pain surge up her side. It had been a while since he raised a hand to her, she didn't even remember what he hit her in the ribs with, she just knew that's what was hurting.

Jus out of curiosity,what would would her mother say and/or do if her father mysteriously disappeared?

"It's something I grew up with. I don't like them." She admitted. "If I try to force them down I'll hurl them back up."

Wait, if it’s something she grew up with, shouldn’t it be easier to take?

'This place just breeds misinformation.'

That’s high school for you.

Put down as in, being insulted and made to feel small.

I haven't said much about her mom at the moment, but I think she'd probably blame Indigo if something happened.

Hinting at things to come.

Yup. I think CPA is a bit rougher though.

Also, did you already create a sequel?

I had written that one first actually! This started off as a backstory to that fic and sorta grew into this long form mess that I have going right now. :twilightblush:

"You could try the end of the line?" Sour spat, Sunny gave her a look, but couldn't exactly blame her for being upset at her. Twilight was one of the reasons that Cinch put them on blast.

How is she the reason?

The poor girl turned, adjusting her glasses. "What did you say?" She asked. Everything about her screamed that she didn't want to be here. Sunny almost felt sorry for her, but being at the top of the school and not even wanting to help represent them? Who did she think she was?

Is that what they’re upset about?

"Just that someone as smart as you should go first." Sour mocked, sounding as kind as she could while still spewing venom.

Can someone snatch her by her hair and swing her around like a helicopter propeller?

When she finally made it on the bus, Twilight had taken a seat in the back, the rocker's headphones covered her ears. The music was loud enough for her to hear, but it blocked out any of the murmured insults. She frowned, was she too harsh on her? Lemon was pretty clever to use that noise to block out the rude students.

What insults?

She found herself teamed with Sugarcoat on a shop class build. They won with a two story birdhouse. The 'competition' was so pathetic that it fell apart when touched by the judge's pen. She sighed, also recalling how mean she was to that nerdy looking kid, and even Sugarcoat followed her lead, knocking his birdhouse part out of his hand. It was second nature to be cruel to them. Like it was the most natural response to gloat over them for trying their best and failing.

I hate that school with a burning passion.

"And who decided that? The principal who caused a student to be corrupted by magic for a stupid meaningless trophy?" Sugarcoat asked. "Screw Cinch. Make your own choices."

If only they realized this from the get go.

"Girls?" She started, as she closed her eyes, leaning against the arm rest. "We need to apologize to Twilight." She mumbled as she dozed off, Sunny kept a steadying hand on her arm, helping her from shifting suddenly when the bus turned. If this was what it felt like to have a friend keep an eye on you, she liked it.

This just made me realize, did they ever apologize to her in the movie?

1. Because Twilight is the best of the best academically, so Cinch holds her above them.
2 & 3. These were just scenes from the movie I included for the sake of canon. :rainbowlaugh:
4. Just the insults in general, no real particular ones.
5. It can be rough there.
6. Sometimes you need your eyes to be opened to some harsh truths.
7. I think they mentioned them talking to her off screen in between the movie and one of the specials.

Luckily they got reformed before it was too late.

I like Sunny's dad. I'm at the point where I'm doing more with him in the chapter I'm working on!

Been waiting for what feels like ages. Worth it though my favourite chapter so far, keep it up. 😊

Aw, thanks. Sorry! I'm caught up with work and youtube stuff, getting time to write is difficult. :raritycry:
But I'm glad you're liking the story. :twilightsmile:

I love it, that’s why I’m impatient with it. 😂

I appreciate that you're still invested, even if it takes me a bit to get the story finished, sorry for the waits in between chapters.

Minutes passed, Indigo was torn. She went through all of that for so long when all she had to do was say something? 'How fucking stupid am I?' She asked herself as she fought the urge to tear up. She was tired, hurt and ashamed. She was a fool to leave it for this long.

I wonder how many people feel this way.

"Cinch was fired for her hostility. Perhaps a few rants directed towards her students found their way to the board of education." The woman shrugged with a wry smirk. "It was quite sudden."

If cadence did what I think she did, I’m disappointed that she didn’t do it sooner.

The principal watched the girls argue for a few minutes, the students of this school were never this lively.

What does she mean by lively?

Time passed and Sunny got in contact with her parents as Indigo gave her statement. The police escort brought them both to the now empty home. After gathering her things, she found herself in Sunny's home.

Aww, I was hoping the parents would be there.

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