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Original Yu-Gi-Oh Cards - Princess Twilight (Prophecy, Spellbook, Spellcasters) · 10:54pm February 25th

Spellbook of Sword
Normal Spell
Target one Spellcaster-type monster you control: This turn it can attack X the number of Spellcaster-type monsters you control. Other monsters you control can't attack the turn you activate this card. You can only activate 1 ‘Spellbook of Sword’ per turn.

Spellbook of Chalice
Normal Spell
Shuffle all ‘Spellbooks’ Spell cards in your GY to your deck, then activate one of the following effects:
- Draw 1 card X each 3 cards returned

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Thank you for adding my story to your shelves! :heart:

Thanks for Favoriting This One's for Earth!

It's an audio series. It's conveyed through voice-over and art stills.

I'm not asking you to continue them but please don't purge EG:DM from fimfiction , i happen to like the story , i can understand you not wanting continue it !!!!!

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