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With her ascendance into an alicorn princess, what Twilight Sparkle thought would be a simple royal summit to the Crystal Empire goes horribly wrong when Celestia's wayward former student Sunset Shimmer steals the Element of Magic into another world. Equestria's newest princess must hurry and get back her element before nefarious forces within this new world can use it to wreak havoc.

Forces that go beyond the notice of this world's inhabitants, bound within a game tied to the very history and fabric of this new world. The name of the game is Duel Monsters.


An alternate Yu-Gi-Oh take on Equestria Girls. After feeling uneasy about using someone else's established setting for my previous anthology, I decided to put my own spin on the concept, and thus we have Equestria Girls: Duel Monsters.

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very nice i especially like that catchy song at the end did you write it yourself?

That's the English translation to the first Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters opening. If you click the note at the start it takes you to an instrumental of the song.

"Quickly! Spike. To the twi-brary!" Ba-da-dada-dada-dada Ba-da-dada-dada-dada, Twilight!

Ok we got our first full duel. On the plus side, it makes sense Twilight would lose since it's her first time as well as there being a crowd. Another good thing was Flash's deck. Never seen someone give him that one before which is something I like. The only issue I have is that Twilight should have at least spent more time going over what her cards could do first

Well at least Twilights making friends. Still why give Scootaloo a roid deck? One of the worst decks out there?

Well you have to understand that this is playing more off the absurdity and metaphysical like the anime and manga instead of what's 'meta'. I don't play Yu-Gi-Oh outside of Pro on occasion for the exact same reason that you can't just take a deck you like and make it work; there's no fun in it.

Well, you dont have to do meta decks. Just find a deck that fits her and write the story well.

For example, in my Yugioh stories I give Scootaloo a Gusto deck. It's an older deck and I dont think it was ever tier 1. HOWEVER, it was still a fun deck with cool wind monsters that can give people a run for their money.

The other issue I have is that droids dont really fit Scootaloo on any level. Their slow and, well, uncool in both appearances and effect. I honestly cant see her playing them.

So the prophecy deck is sunsets when she first came to this world that she abandoned?

I was really crying while reading this chapter. It’s so good!

What an emotionally invested chapter this is. Brilliantly written.

Twilight now has three on her side. Two are left. And it seems Rainbow will be the more difficult one to reconnect with.

Just want to know are they the duel disk from arc-V

It's more like a blend: The tray is reminiscent of the one from the original series, i.e. two halves than combine into one, but it doesn't have defined monster slots similar to the trays from the Arc-V model, whereas the overall device over the wrist is meant to be circular like on the original again, only it has a touch screen, again similar from Arc-V. So at best you could define it as the classic duel disk, only with the touch screen feature and them being color coordinated akin to Arc-V.

Wow! Nice Pinkie/Futtershy teamwork. The problem with tag-team dueling is your partner likely having an incapable deck with yours. Snips’ Ojama deck with Snails’ worm was like mixing water and oil. Snips might of had a better chance of dueling one of the girls by himself. I just hope Sunset has other minions than those idiots. And better duelist.

I've been watching Yu-Gi-Oh GX and I have to say, the Ojima Trio are one of the best parts of that show. So seeing them here is a real treat.

Looking forward to Pinkie and Fluttershy's official make up, as well as Twilight and Rainbow's soccer match duel.

Ahh, Ojama Blue summons all Ojamas from your hand when summoned

Yes, I got Ojama Blue's effect wrong; he adds two, no one Ojama card to the hand and Ojama Red can special summon four Ojamas to the field when summoned. Just had to change it to Snips deciding not to use the effect.

Archfiends noooo! Why does second best deck go to such a TERRIBLE villain! Sunset you monster!

9579278 If she combines it with shutdown cards like Yatagarasu she will be a terror on the battlefield.

*Cries cause Summoned Skull and his family are gonna be used by a total bitch*

9579515 I ran a Harpy deck at one point and they were shut down by that combo.

No shocker. Archfiends wreck house my guy.

9579521 In every duel I've had against the guy that ran it, I've only managed to beat him once with said harpy deck.

Maybe get a new deck? That's still brutal though BTW.

9579528 It was years ago, I run a Spellcaster and a Zombie Deck. And those are separate.

Shame. That sounds like it could synergize pretty good.

Not that I really, really wouldn’t mind figuratively tearing Sunset Shimmer a new (Eff!)ckhole either.

Pinkie Ishtar.

For the record:
Bee & Miller Inc. is a reference to the real-life weapons manufacturer Beemiller Co., and the 'Bee & Miller Mk. 36 festivities launcher' is a reference to the Illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator from Loony Tunes.

so Twilight is using a Spellbook/Prophecy deck and Flash is using the Heroic theme; ...not the most original, but I can still get behind it

Applebloom with a Naturia deck and Scootaloo using -roids; ...yeah, I can see it

Applejack with Sylvans and Rarity with a Gem(-Knight) deck; ...not the first time I've seen this concept, but I can still get behind it

not a bad chapter; also, here's what I think of the featured decks and how they match up with their owners:

  1. Snips: Ojama: ...yeah, I can see it
  2. Pinkie Pie: Madolche: ...not the first time I've seen this, but seeing how it seems to match her personality, I can still get behind it
  3. Snails: Worm (Insect): ...having seen Buckball Season, I feel like there were other options here, but otherwise, I suppose I could see it
  4. Fluttershy: Beast-theme: ...not the most original idea, but I can't help but get behind it every time I see it

overall, the only thing I can think to say is, "good job, Night-Quill: have a cookie"


Originally I was thinking of giving Flutters a Ritual Beast deck. I just decided that I balance it out that two have Synchros, two have Xyzs and two have Fusions (later on).

I know it’s just the first victory to the Boss Rush, but still.

So I take it you were inspired by Duelists of the Autumn Crown?

Pinkie’s eyes started to squint as her voice grew increasingly raspy, “So now I can actually do what I was gonna do originally and use my puffy pink pussy…”


Was Reaper of Prophecy in Defense mode when Pinkie attacked it? If it was, then Safe Zone cannot be used on it because it only targets attack position monsters.

... Aw crap. I'll just change it to Negate Attack.

You can thank Team Four Star and giant monkeys for that one. :rainbowlaugh:

Double abridged series references.

"Thank god, I thought he meant penis!"

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