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Hello everybody/everypony!

Calling all willing writers who would be interested in adding to the Equestria Girls/Yu-Gi-Oh Duelists of Canterlot High anthology!

Duelists of Canterlot High (or DCH) is a sort-of midquel between Duelists of the Autumn Crown and Duelists of the Friendship Cup by DrakeyC. With permission; I established a loose-in-continuity anthology of one-shots set between these two stories. As such, consider it a form of arc leading up to Duelists of the Friendship Cup where Sunset Shimmer in this continuity earns her redemption, all the while unlocking the Harmony Guardians that she would come to use in that story.

So far the only entries are;
Light up the Night! Ultra Athletes vs. Ancient Gears (by yours truly, Rainbow Dash centered)
Green Legend Applejack (by Brony-wan-Kenobi, Applejack centered (obviously))

Anyone willing to contribute can pitch their own one-shots. The guidelines are simple:
- The one-shot must be in continuity with Duelists of the Autumn Crown. (Consider reading it before pitching, and knowledge on Duelists of the Friendship Cup helps too.)
- Duel Monsters duels are a central theme to the story.
- Cards used must be from the official Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game.
- Due to this being set before Duelists of the Friendship Cup, the EqG Main 7 are limited to using their established decks from Duelists of the Autumn Crown and Duelists of the Friendship Cup
- Canterlot High students are mostly limited to Fusion monsters, but there can be exceptions, such as Derpy (Junk deck) or if they are those who did not enter the Autumn Crown Tournament
- OCs are permitted in stories, so long as they do not take center stage or one-up the Main 7 (Me and Brony-wan-Kenobi have both used personal characters.)
- Duels are to be written in a format similar to DrakeyC's depictions.
- Submissions are to be sent to me via messaging for proof reading and approval. Preferably in doc format

If you have any ideas; please feel free to share, and happy writing!

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