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Twilight crosses the mirror portal to pursue Sunset Shimmer after the theft of the Element of Magic. She finds herself in a world of odd two-legged creatures, and for some reason they're all obsessed with a card game called "Duel Monsters." Twilight soon learns that the only way to get her crown back is to win it in the school's semi-annual duel tournament, of which Sunset has been the reigning champion three rounds running. The tournaments have divided the school, and split up a group of five friends similar to Twilight's friends in Equestria.

Twilight now faces her biggest adventure yet. She must master Duel Monsters, reconcile these other versions of her friends, and defeat Sunset to win the Autumn Crown. And she has only three days to pull it off. It's time to duel!

Pre-read by The Albinocorn and RTStephens. Cover art by EGStudios93

View Twilight's deck here. View Sunset’s deck here.

Reading by Martialartfruituser here

Artwork of the Harmony Spirits by Ajustice90. View them on DA here and here.

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Is it wrong I sorta hope RD and Gilda are tag team duelers?

I'll do my best not to quote endless Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged jokes. But I can't promise anything...

First reaction- yay, new DrakeyC fic!

Second reaction- Huh, never expected a MLP/Yugioh fic. How long until you reference the heart of the cards? :moustache: Wonder who Twilight's first opponent will be. She'll probably need at least a few practice runs until the Tournament actually starts. Well, once she reads up she can probably understand strategy. When the holograms show up, that's probably going to give her a fright.
EDIT: And Twilight's description of Spike is perfectly accurate. So this is the fic you were talking about.

This is going to be fun! I loved playing Yu-Gi-Oh as a kid. Even if I don't collect the cards anymore I still watch every series. This was a good first chapter and I can't wait to see the first official duel of this story.

Card games are involved. I'm all but contractually obligated to read this story. Definitely looking forward to more. Twilight's either going to complain about magic not working that way or break the game in two. Possibly both.

Well that was fast! I wasn't expecting this for another week or so.

7461739 I fully intend to quote Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged when possible. I encourage you to join me.

7461831 I like to get first chapters out quick to build hype. Probably won't be updated until the end of the month to let me get a head start with chapters.

Hurray for children's card games!

Can't resist:

Sunset Shimmer theme right here.

I think I will see where this goes. Hopefully this story will keep me interested...
Bet you ten bits Sunset has been using Yu-Gi-Oh "Shadow Magic"

Well, you beat me to it. Let's see what you got kid.

Well, this is gonna be a fun ride. :moustache:

Teach Sunset all about the Fart of the Cards, Twilight! :trixieshiftright:

So, Snake Staff's similar story has stalled, and this one shows promise. You have my attention.

It's a good start. I follow it for now. I use to play Yu-Gi-Oh , but now, Not a whole lot. I have two boxes of monster and magic cards but no traps cards. Also , two of the younger ids that live with us keep stealing them from under my nose, mostly waiting until I leave. They have been caught and punish but they keep doing it. I'm starting to run out of hiding places for my cards.

I recommend an old strong box. It can be locked, and you can easily keep the key with you.

Interesting start. I must ask, will the cards used be legit or created, and what level of extra deck involvement will there be? (Fusion, synchro, xzy.) also, as a side note, if the decks are story exclusive, will there be opportunity to contribute deck concepts?

so is Twilight using an existing deck or is she going to use fan-made cards for this? I have a good Xyz monster that may work with Twilight.

Do not use fan made cards.

It's gonna ruin the story.

7462452 Twilight and Sunset will be using made-up cards whose effects have already been written down. All other duelists will be using real life decks. Gameplay will not involve the extra deck heavily (so far all of the confirmed characters to duel don't really need the extra deck for their themes) but will be limited to Fusion should it come up.


Thats all I can say really. That, and I just hope it doesn't turn into a "Twilight-wins-every-match-via-topdecking" story.

Edit: As an aside, depending on how this story goes, you might actually start a trend for other TcGs like Cardfight Vanguard or Buddyfight to have stories in.

Interesting start. I remember being completely uninterested in Yu-Gi-Oh back in the day, but this looks promising. I like your style. Tracking.

7462667 Nooooooo! Just give them a spellcaster deck!

At least have SOME of the cards be real.

Actually, it'd be really cool if you gave Sunset Yugi's deck.

A while after reading this (and really, I should have remembered it back when you were first telling me about this story), I remembered a photoshop I did a couple years ago that's relevant in this situation. Enjoy!


7462790 How about letting him write the story the way he wants to write it since it's his story and not yours, huh? Think you can maybe do that instead of complaining about it not being just the way you want it?

7462790 While not a big fan of how you worded it, i have to agree that a spell-casting or magic based deck or whatever would fit really well with Twilight.

7462801 It's not like he's gonna listen to me anyway. When has anyone ever changed their story cause one guy complained vs the 20-something that support him?




7463049 shoot, i was going to make that joke

“My…” Twilight began to panic. Think of something, I’m not disabled, what would Spike help me manage? “Anxiety!” She blurted out. She paused as she registered what she had said. At her feet Spike stifled a snicker.

So accurate it's scary, :moustache:

(ATK- 1500 DEF- 2000 LV- 4)

Looks interesting. I'll be keeping an eye on this fic.

hmm. welp, there's my mode from years of Yugioh going off. I wonder how this is going to turn out. oh which cards will be seen... hm...

7463240 The same reason you complain about your job but still go.

7463756 You're a whiny little shit?

7463786 ...How does that relate to the job part?

7463756 I don't have a job. I'm 14 years old, and go to school. I enjoy it very much, too.

The point is, I don't complain. Unless, of course, I'm doing so insincerely. Besides that, I don;t complain. If a 14 year-old can do less complaining than you...

Well, good luck out there, pal. :twilightsmile:

Ha! Ah man, I started at launch and quit at Dark World. Maybe it's time to get back in?


So none of the pendulum summon nonsense? Thank God

Oh no, the world is in danger, quick, play a children's card game.

On the one hand, this is funny. On the other hand, I'm slightly disappointed. The title made me expect this to be Dragonlance reference and I kinda really wanted to see that.

I think this will be the start of a very interesting series. You can count on me to continue following it.

7463786 You are compelled by the way we've set society up to choose between the daily grind and starving to death?


Wheee! New chapter!

“Not really.” Rainbow tossed her hair. “Saying she’s a rival would mean she’s a challenge. As-if! I mean, what kind of wimp runs Plants?”

*snicker* I get the feeling someone's in deep denial mode here....

“Didn’t she knock you out in the quarter-finals last year?” Pinkie asked.

“We don’t talk about last year. This time, things are gonna be different.”

Heh, yeah, that sounds about right.

Each player begins the duel with 4000 Life Points,

Are the cards in this setting rebalanced for the low starting LP? If not, yikes, those are going to be some scarily short games. So many burn options suddenly turn from 3/4s of a kill before you lose to spectacular OTKs galore....

“Monster cards also have effect types, like Ignition, Trigger, Continuous, Quick, and Flip.

Huh, not including the flip monster streamline? I suppose if the goal's to confuse Twilight, every little bit counts, but since I was under the impression everything else is up to date, it came across as a bit odd.

A Counter Trap is speed three, so it can chain to anything, but Quickplay Spells are only speed two, so they can’t chain to Counter Traps because they’re a lower spell speed.

:twilightoops: Oh God, this game never got rid of interrupts. At least it uses the stack and not batches.

The girl laughed. “Of course not. You’re too pathetic to even stand a ghost of a chance against me.”

In a stunning twist, this is actually just the evil purged from Sunset after Celestia mind crushed her. Or possibly a gay clown.

In any case, Twilight should actually look at her deck at some point. At least then, she'd know which rules she wouldn't have to worry about as much. And, you know, know what the crap she's working with. Still, at least she's found a friendly opponent for practice. And she's probably going to need it.

It will be especially interesting to see how or even if Twilight unifies the school. It's one thing to bridge divides Sunset deliberately made in the student body. It's another to remind them that fun exists when Twilight needs to win a competition. Just a smidgen hypocritical. And that's saying nothing of a student getting special privileges for winning a card game tournament, but this is a Duel Monsters universe. Card games are one of the most important things life has to offer in this worldline.

I'm glad you're not going to go into syncho summons, I lost track after GX (fusions I can understand, I got way confused after that). Though considering fanon often has Sunset riding a motorcycle, I'm slightly disappointed that... no, probably better not to bring up that joke. :moustache:

I'm almost reminded of a recent race episode, but considering the Humane Five's fractured state, that kind of jerk behavior would be normal actually. Nice to see things still lining up with the first movie but with a twist (probably no cafeteria dance number, but even with the rivalries, I can see the school cheering for anyone to topple Sunset). Guess now it comes down to Twilight picking up the basics fast, but unless Fluttershy goes Best Night Ever, this should be a good learning experience for Twilight. I'm curious to see what kind of deck she has.

this is the internet!


And technically the second-to-last one is illegal, but everyone does it anyway.

HEY-O!!! :rainbowdetermined2:

I mean, what kind of wimp runs Plants?”

I lol'd way harder at this than I should have, :rainbowlaugh:

Shhh... we don't talk about the clown! :twilightoops:

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