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Thank you very much for the follow I look forward to your thoughts about the stories that I have posted as I also look forward to reading your own stories once you have posted them. :twilightsmile:

2293120 Ohhhh, I'm such an idiot! :facehoof: Sorry, it's been a long few days, and I've been fielding one thing after another. I got you mixed up with the other person who messaged me recently.

Anyway, yes, I loved it! I showed it to Greenfinger as well, and he was really impressed with it too! I was actually going to put it in a blog post of its own over the weekend, but I got bogged down with the other response (it came just before yours) and didn't respond earlier. Sorry for getting turned around, but it seriously was an awesome picture. :heart: I'll send you a proper response via PM in a bit, but - in the meantime - I hope you'll forgive me for being a little absentminded. :twilightblush:

No, no, I definitely saw that blog. But that's not the message I'm referring to, because I wasn't the one who asked the VA question. :pinkiecrazy:

I'm referring to a different message I sent, linking to a drawing of Turing Test that I wanted to show you. Don't tell me it never made it to your inbox!?

Aw, shucks. :twilightblush:

BTW, did you get the PM that I sent you the other day? Was just wondering if you saw it or not.

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