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"Aragon is someone everyone should know, but also deny ever having heard of."
-- Professor Plum

"Short, dark, and handsome. [...] Has a delicious accent."
-- Swan Song

"Aragon. You are what Hunter Thompson could have been, if he'd done less drugs and more hentai."
-- Bad Horse

"I'm pretty sure you are the abyss Nietzsche warned us about gazing into."
-- FanOfMostEverything

"You know how Douglas Adams described flying as throwing yourself as hard as you can at the ground and missing? Aragon fails up."

-- MrNumbers

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Permanent Index: "It Feels Rapey" -- A Caustic Guide On How Not To Write Romance

I'm an idiot who doesn't know anything about romance. And I lost my computer for two weeks. I had nothing to do, so I took out my phone and, perhaps naïvely, I thought that reading some fanfics would be a good idea.

So I spent two weeks reading shitty romantic fanfiction over AO3.

It was the mental equivalent of feeding my balls to a baby whale.

This blog series is a chronicle of the many, many mistakes I found during those two weeks, and also a shopping list of all the ways I can tell the Internet to go fuck itself.

Part One: "It Feels Rapey" -- Three Horrible Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Romance ("Why are they in love", "That is not how humans work", and "Why are they acting like children").

Part Two: "It Still Feels Rapey" -- Common Mistakes When Writing Romance (The "Twilight Male Character" stereotype).

Part Three: "It Feels Rapier than ever" -- Another Horrible Mistake To Avoid When Writing Romance (The "Tsundere").

Part Four: "Hell is Empty" -- Another Mistake To Avoid When Writing Romance (The "Filler").

Part Five: It Feels Rapey, and it Breaks My Heart: The Greatest Mistake when Writing Romance (The "Harem Comedy", Part One).

Part Six: It Feels Rapey: Harem Comedies, or How I Hate your Waifu (The "Harem Comedy", Part Two).

Ongoing, I try to post a new one every month or so.


Preach Electric to a Microphone Stand · 12:15am May 7th

I have entertained the idea of doing story reviews many times – mostly because there are a lot of talented people in this website, and I always thought that spending twelve thousand words relentlessly sucking King of Beggar’s cock in public sounds like an ideal Saturday. Sadly, I never started that project. Instead, I chose to befriend King of Beggars, and then proceeded to relentlessly suck his cock

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I thought of you for some reason. Surprisingly less so the name than the concept.

You're much more entertaining than a funeral.

Author Interviewer

"It's fun when I get to be small and also better than other people."

You were right, Natsuki's path is hilarious.

It's not paused or anything, just low-priority. Co-author is a bit busy lately, and I don't want to update without him on board. IRL stuff, and so on.

I have written a couple more chapters? But they were mediocre, so I tossed them out the window. I assume sooner than later we'll update, but as I said in that story, it was sorta sporadic and not really a continuous thing. Project-between-projects, and I'm doing a lot of stuff at the moment. But yeah, don't worry -- it WILL be continued.

But hey, if you still want to handsomely gift me, by all means do so. I'm handsome myself, so that's at least one thing you got right for sure.

Are you open to continuing "Mad, with Power?"'

I will gift you handsomely.

  • Viewing 108 - 112 of 112
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