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Permanent Index: A Caustic Guide On How Not To Write Romance

A guide on all the common mistakes you find in bad online romantic fiction.

Part One: Three Horrible Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Romance ("Why are they in love", "That is not how humans work", and "Why are they acting like children").

Part Two: Common Mistakes When Writing Romance (The "Twilight Male Character" stereotype).

Part Three: Another Horrible Mistake To Avoid When Writing Romance (The "Tsundere").

Part Four: "Hell is Empty" -- Another Mistake To Avoid When Writing Romance (The "Filler").

Part Five: It Breaks My Heart: The Greatest Mistake when Writing Romance (The "Harem Comedy", Part One).

Part Six: Harem Comedies, or How I Hate your Waifu (The "Harem Comedy", Part Two).


Te Quiero, Yaya · 8:19am March 20th

Today at roughly 8am I got a call from my father. I've been up studying since 5:30am, so I didn't immediately react to it, I just picked up the phone and went "yeah? Hi, dad, what's up?"

He then told me my grandmother had passed away. Her condition had been getting worse lately, turns out, but they kept it from me. They didn't want to worry me and distract me from my studies, which I think is sweet.

No sense in keeping it a secret now, though.

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have you ever considered calling your fans Aragonaughts?

I don't know how, but I keep running into your stories today.
Oh well, I'm not complaining! I can connect with your stories on a spiritual level ;-;

I did! Sadly, I unpublished it -- I noticed that very large chunks of it (important ones at that) were unreadable, since it was told in pictures, and all the links had died and I don't have the original pictures anymore. So, seeing how I didn't quite like the fic myself (it was kind of old, and written back when I wasn't quite good at English yet) and seeing how the fic was completely undecipherable with such large bits lost to time, I chose to take it down.

Was a bit melancholic about it, and I'm sorry if you were a fan. You can probably find it in Fimfetch, but the Fimfiction version is simply not in a state that I'm comfortable sharing with the world. Hope you can understand.

Are you the one that wrote that story about fanfic characters gaining sentience and being annoyed with the fanfic writer? I’ve been looking everywhere for that story and I can’t find it. It’s one of my favorite stories.

  • Viewing 145 - 149 of 149
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