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Quoth the raven: "CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW" (Patreon)

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"Aragon is someone everyone should know, but also deny ever having heard of."
-- Professor Plum

"Short, dark, and handsome. [...] Has a delicious accent."
-- Swan Song

"Aragon. You are what Hunter Thompson could have been, if he'd done less drugs and more hentai."
-- Bad Horse

"I'm pretty sure you are the abyss Nietzsche warned us about gazing into."
-- FanOfMostEverything

"You know how Douglas Adams described flying as throwing yourself as hard as you can at the ground and missing? Aragon fails up."

-- MrNumbers

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Permanent Index: "It Feels Rapey" -- A Caustic Guide On How Not To Write Romance

I'm an idiot who doesn't know anything about romance. And I lost my computer for two weeks. I had nothing to do, so I took out my phone and, perhaps naïvely, I thought that reading some fanfics would be a good idea.

So I spent two weeks reading shitty romantic fanfiction over AO3.

It was the mental equivalent of feeding my balls to a baby whale.

This blog series is a chronicle of the many, many mistakes I found during those two weeks, and also a shopping list of all the ways I can tell the Internet to go fuck itself.

Part One: "It Feels Rapey" -- Three Horrible Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Romance ("Why are they in love", "That is not how humans work", and "Why are they acting like children").

Part Two: "It Still Feels Rapey" -- Common Mistakes When Writing Romance (The "Twilight Male Character" stereotype).

Part Three: "It Feels Rapier than ever" -- Another Horrible Mistake To Avoid When Writing Romance (The "Tsundere").

Part Four: "Hell is Empty" -- Another Mistake To Avoid When Writing Romance (The "Filler").

Part Five: It Feels Rapey, and it Breaks My Heart: The Greatest Mistake when Writing Romance (The "Harem Comedy", Part One).

Part Six: It Feels Rapey: Harem Comedies, or How I Hate your Waifu (The "Harem Comedy", Part Two).

Ongoing, though right now it's on hiatus! Sorry for that.


Aragón at Bronycon 2019 -- Day Four · 11:20pm Saturday

Bronycon 2019 lasted four days. The show lasted nine years.

This is how it ended.

Smile, kid. The world’s looking at you.

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That Raven quoting thing reminds me of something I read on a long abandoned website back when I was a wee lad...

You are awesome. That is all.

Fun fact: A Shake Shack recently opened near my office. You'll be pleased to hear you ruined it for me before I ever stepped inside. :raritywink:

I feel like you'll appreciate this picture: derpicdn.net/img/view/2016/3/22/1114166.png
artist is tegechu

  • Viewing 132 - 136 of 136
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