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Perfectly Insane

I've been writing for, like, 8 years, and I still don't know what I'm doing. https://ko-fi.com/perfectlyinsane



No one gets along with Pinkie better than herself. This only proves further true when she meets her human counterpart, and they form a kinship comparable only to the love they both have for their families.

However, they inevitably come to learn the relationship they have for their respective families may be more different than they would have guessed.


Preread by the lovely David Silver, the amazing Lunaria, and the wonderful RB.

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:pinkiehappy: Read it, Loved it, and would have had a hot cocoa with it. Awesome job.

Poor poor Pony Pinkie. Pretty pertinent pointers procured personally.


Holy wow. This is adorable. Thanks!

Perfectly Insane

This is some wonderful praise, and just as wonderful alliteration.

so true bestie spit your shit indeed (good story)

Feel like the main reason Pony Ponk's family life is worse is because ponies seem to strike out on their own a lot earlier than humans do. Seriously, it's like Pokemon over there with Applejack leaving to live in the big city at what is presumed to be around ten years old. I just always assume Pinkie did similar and, shortly after getting her mark, left the Rock Farm around the age of ten.

So you have Human Pinkie, who's been living with her family all the way up to the present with her being eighteen, and Pony Pinkie who left them when she was still a kid, so of course Human Pinkie is closer to her family, she's spent more time with them. Plus, in this case, Human Pink's "cutie mark" story was directly related to her family where Pony Pink's cutie mark came from an event outside of her family.

Always interesting to see stories focus more on the differences between the two universes and how lives would have to be different. The one where human Pinkie's mom died of cancer, which is a easily treatable disease with magic in Equestria is a good example (shame that story got discontinued and removed.)

This was a very good fic. You subverted my expectations immediately thinking it was going to be Human Pinkie with the problem, but it was Pony version instead with a very grounded problem that could be canon to boot. Nice attention to that detail.

I enjoyed my time with it. Have a like and a favorite.

At the beginning it is very unclear which Pinkie Pie is which and whether you're referring to Equestria or whatever Equestria Girls world is called.

Pinkie's family has been on my mind a lot lately, nice to see a fic featuring them

This was a lovely read! Feels like pony-Pinkie would struggle with this just the way you wrote it. Well done! :yay:

Awww really loved this!

I never knew how much I needed this.

This was a great story, indeed. And if I think there's something holding it back from being better, it's the fact that It doesn't do enough tomake clrear of which Pinky is talking about at certain times, and that got annoyingly confusing.

I wouldn't mind reading similar stories, starring the other girls/ponies.

Really glad you got to hit number 1. So well deserved.

That was a good story.

Perfectly Insane

Yeah, apologies for that. I tried to comb through before publishing and make it more clear whos who, but I suspected that it would still be an issue for some people. In that regard, and probably in all others, Numbers has me beat. I'm still quite proud of how this turned out though regardless.

Can definitely see why you're a star writer at this point, the effort you've put into your craft, especially the dialogue, really shows here. I think more than anything you could probably point to the sheer technical fluency on display, tho my nitpickier 'Gordon Lish' side would have hacked away a good chunk of the exposition here and there.

That being said, it's not the the technical prowess that impressed me here, but the rawness of emotion. Writing a 'talking heads/subject dialogue' is hard to do in a way that's accessible to a wider audience, and i think the framing device you used as well as the heavy emotional punch near the beginning of the story do a good job of getting reader engagement before going through the heavy-handed mulling over that the majority of the fic consists of.

i'm always here for a socratic inquisition of sorts, but i found myself wondering what the larger metaphorical implications of this device were as they applied to the meta-fiction of the story itself: does two Pinkies represent something inherent about the psyche? Does the 'flat hair Pinkamena' alternative suggest a more complex web of overlapping spheres of influence? And is the notion of a mirror-self dialogue itself indicative of a deeper split than the Cartesian duality we're most accustomed to thinking in?

It'd probably require a higher level textual analysis to determine those things than i currently possess the energy to output, but i'd encourage anyone else who's similarly curious to scan deeply and share the results.

last, i do have some more critical remarks, but they're so specific and subjective in most cases that i won't put them here, and will instead leave them for a conversation at some point if you want. in particular i have something to say about parataxis.

congrats on the feature and keep on shooting for the moon


i need a sequal where both full family member meet up at some point

Intelligent pinkie conversations are good to read.
Another side to Ponk that we don't usually see.

“M-Maud, air.” Pinkie managed to squeak out, tapping her sisters forearm in a bout of desperation.

I feel like it's really rare when Pinkie says that.

“You’re my sonic rainboom.”

I'm stealing this. (I'll say this to my best friend)

This story made me realize how much I need a Pinkie in my life.

Incredibly sweet exploration of the divergences the worlds must have and the consequences those differences entail. And yeah, this must have been a stunning experience for pony Pinkie. Great work on this one; thank you for it.

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