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Twilight thought she'd had enough excitement for one day after meeting her human counterpart. Or so she thought until she was met with the uncanny feeling that Pinkie Pie was acting, well, a bit too equestrian.

Small oneshot based on the Official Equestria Girls blooper reel where it's implied the Pinkies from the two universes have traded places.

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She ain't from 'round here, she's from another dimension!

Oh. Sorry, I had to do that. Anyway, cute story!:rainbowkiss:

I was waiting for this since I saw it, this is amazing. :rainbowkiss:

7187696 Oh my fucking Celestia yes.

Rarity's reaction at the end, though. :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah I think the idea had been sorta done before but I think you are the 1st person to do it after the blooper reel showed what It did.

Haha, this was funny. It took me a second to figure out what was going on in the last block, but once it clicked, I chuckled. Good job :yay:

For a smart person twilight sure is dumb XD this isn't time travel this is parallel world travel.

Amazing!!! Only Pinkie would try to pull off something like this :rainbowlaugh:

Cute. Potential it has, properly exploited it must be!:pinkiecrazy:

And then pinkie caused the space time continuum to fall apart which lead to a doctor whooves fan fic featuring the mane 6

I daresay you could actually expand upon this to be a few chapters if you really wanted to.

Pinkie pie soo random XD the story is amazing

That was a pretty cute story. The ending made it great for me because of how perfect those last couple lines were. Pinkie and Rarity are thinking two completely different things, but it's correct no matter which perspective you imagine that from.

Ya this idea was done before in another fimfic for Friendship is Overpowered Equestrian Girls but not in this much detail.

Bad Pinkie! Go sit in the corner!

"Let me take you to my universe.... And then we can go through the mirror portal, and I can can show my home!"

And I am now imagining Human!Rainbow trying to talk her pony counterpart into switching for a week because flying is so incredibly awesome I can't stand it I need more!

You may not be the first, but I say run with it. Pony Rarity must go to the Equestria Girls universe!

Figures that the Pies would switch and no one would notice, as, well, both are pretty... unusual. Pinkie suddenly talking about her limbs would be pretty normal for her, no matter what the world.

Anyway, at least they swapped so there's still only one Pinkie in each world. If both of them were there in one world for too long, think of the possibilities! :twilightoops: Actually, Twilight should worry more about keeping the rest of the Humane Six visiting Equestria too.

Don't listen to Rarity, Pinkie. You know you must take her through the portal.
She would love the challenges of a different fashion culture, anyway.

THey'll all randomly swap universes and then there will be CHAOS! No one will know where anyone is, ever! Discord can retire!

Ahem. Also, I feel obligated to voice my support for you writing Rarishimmer! Do your thing, queen!

Human!Pinkie and Pony!Rarity were so cute and silly at the end! :rainbowkiss:

Once Pinkie... once the Pinkies get an idea into their heads, there is really no stopping them. Worse, these aren't the one-note clones from 'Too Many Pinkie Pies' but the fully-functional originals!

A nice idea and I agree that this bit in the blooper reel needs to be made canon!

You'd think periodic trips every thirty moons would be enough to satiate EQG Pinkie's curiosity of watching a glass of water float around.

"Please no.":

This was funny. ^^

...Not how I would have done it but I like it.

This has officially made my headcanon that the two pinkies switch back and forth every now and then...because "FUN!"

Pony!Rarity is not impressed. Scared possibly.

before whispering, “I’m going to take you to my universe!”

I'm pretty sure everyone has always thought Pinkie had to be from another universe anyways..lol.

Cute and simple story, enjoyed it.

Do it! Bring the girls to the other universes! HYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Why do you think you need glasses and I don’t?”

Popular theories include Twilight wears contacts, to a comedy where she refuses to admit she needs them.

Pinkie Pie did take a peek inside the portal before. And if any could adapt quickly, it would be her.

Pft, that was beautiful. Just the thought, of while PonyTwi is talking to PonyPinkie, HumanPinkie comes running back thru the portal, dragging Pony Rarity with her, catching the ones at the picnic off guard is just hilarious to me.

Very cute, I love human Pinkie's reactions to Rarity.

Cute story. Loved it! :pinkiehappy:

7187696 Pinkie Vs. The Forces of Evil!

I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU WROTE THIS. This is fantastic! Pinkie was wonderfully in character! Both of them! I feel like I can relate to Pony Rarity the most in this fic.

that "please no" at the end :rainbowlaugh:

7190056 Perhaps both? (And the one that just appeared from a portal on my ceiling.)


If only that would happen to me, maybe it would revitalize my faith in humanity and the universe, maybe.Maybe.

7191311 *Sends the portal to you through the use of Derp-Mail*
*An endless stream of ponies begins to rain out of it*
*After a day all of Equestria is contained within your bedroom*


Lol too funny need a sequel .

Silly Pinkies! :pinkiehappy:

A very enjoyable bit of fun, especially the ending. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:


Buuhwwuuuuh :derpyderp2:

this is an intrigued buuhwuuhh not a skeptical one

Without caring for Rarity’s reply, Pinkie Pie rubbed her hooves together — taking a brief moment to excitedly point out she had hooves — before whispering, “I’m going to take you to my universe!”
“Please no.”

I Don't think they are on the same page on what she means by "my universe" hahaha

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