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god gives her hardest battles to her silliest of girlies


A simple declaration between Sci-Twi and Sunset Shimmer kicks off a silly argument. Who's taller?

Sex tag for minor sexual references.

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Pffft. Oh Twi, you worry about the silliest things.

If you had switched it around, you could have used this as cover art: http://pastelbuttons.deviantart.com/art/The-Baes-570442966

Yaaaassss. This made me smile :pinkiehappy:

“Well whatever,” Sunset dismissed. “In Equestria, we would have been the same height. All the mares are the same height.”

Not entirely true, Alcorn Twilight is taller than the rest of the mane-6, and some ponies like Fleur and Sassy Saddles are taller than others.

Oooooooooooooooooh! Nice one Sunny. Gosh I love those two together. Funny story, have my like and fav.

Sunset hummed. “And what about your chest size?”

Really? Sci-Twi is worried about her chest size and decides to make it up in height? Makes sense. Good job, this was a good fic.

7087580 Shh... Sci-Twi doesn't need to know that. :trollestia:

Clearly Sunset and Twilight have reached the point in their relationship where they start to resemble each other if they're both this petty.

Hehe... this was short and sweet and super cute.

An adorably silly, light read.^^b

“I am perfectly content with my height, Sunset. Thank you for asking.”

Sunset hummed. “And what about your chest size?”

Don't get cocky, kid.

Because I can;

Sci Twi; I-I.. that is.. I just... Don't care to talk about one...

Sunset; And I have just one question.. How much smaller are they?.... One way to find out.. Pulls up shirt... GAH!!! T-Twi.... Today's just not my day!!!... How can you be bigger than me when you had me thinking you were smaller?

Twilight.. Sorry it really was about my height.. My mom is a good foot taller than me...

Lesson is.. Never underestimate those nerdy types...

But seriously it was a funny little story. Nothing stood out but it was a fun quick read...

I liked it. Fun read!


Ah think you're getting your genders mixed up there. :ajsmug:

Oh, hardy-har-har.

Cute, fluffy, and pretty damn funny. Have a fave.

7089209 races. Kid's a young -goat-

And that's why short girls are awesome. They usually make up for their lack of height in other areas.


7089209 Well played, my friend. :ajsmug:

That was a cute read~ :twilightsmile:

I laughed a lot. This was so great!!! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss::derpytongue2:

take my like. just take it.

That was disappointing. Even if the ending made it worth my time to finish reading, everything leading up to it was so inane that I stopped.


The flat will inherit the earth :twilightangry2:

I wouldn't mind having more of this.
I think you did a good job at writing their characters.
And it was really cute and funny.

7091289 Sorry you didn't like it. I can't really offer a defense either since the entire story revolved around how ridiculous and petty the argument was. What I'm wondering is what came off as disappointing? The only thing I could think of was that it wasn't shippy or romantic enough, but that wasn't the point of this story.

This was meant to be a shallow and silly short story, and I think I accomplished what I set out to do while having fun.

Once again, I'm sorry you didn't like it.

Sunset hummed. “And what about your chest size?”

Hahahaha, turn down for what!

That's kind of my hang up. I don't see them being petty about minor physical differences. If it was both Twilights, I'd give it more leeway. Plus, I see Sunset as taller than the rest of the cast, save Celestia and Luna (at least in the EqG verse) because I think she's older than them. And I just really disagree with the approach to Twilight's character here.


Short and funny c:

Short, sweet, fun, all that jazz.
Something nice to read of an evening.


It didn't bother me, but I'd say you're right that this kind of argument is out-of-character. Execution aside, it doesn't really make sense for them, at a conceptual level. Even though I enjoyed it.

Also, older doesn't necessarily mean taller, but headcanons are headcanons and can't be argued with, so I guess I see your point on that one.

The last line... yeah, I suppose they couldn't have this conversation without that coming up.

Edward Elric would have a field day with this :rainbowlaugh:

Now to explain why Sci-Twi is skinnier than Princess Twi.

Ok, upvoting just for the execution of that last line. That made me go "snrk."

Is this your fetish?

Eh... Whatever. Favorited and upvoted like a kitten factory.

7239625 The sheer number of things in this fic that could be taken as a fetish is pretty alarming. So in the interest of being funny, I'll just say all of them are because no one will believe me if I say otherwise. :derpytongue2:

This story made me think of the Tallest from Invader Zim :B

I like this one. It's just a couple goofing around, and certainly could happen if their relationship became that close. Nice job.

my headcanon is this takes place in the same universe as the sunlight series

Sunset hummed. “And what about your chest size?”

I never say this but I will now: SHOTS FIRED!!!!!!

8002984 and i shall say it now. everyone in eqg is flat. and it looks dumb.

Your avatar matches this well.

We all know Sunny has the biggest boobs of them all, lol

That was very clever, great story!

“In Equestria, we would have been the same height. All the mares are the same height.”

I realise this was written before the movie, but Tempest Shadow would beg to differ.

“You could try to stand on your toes and kiss me.”

Power Move: Pull her down by her collar.

We don't talk about Tempest.

(She disappeared after the movie; So she doesn't count :ajbemused:)

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