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If there was something that broke Rarity's heart more than seeing her best friend getting stood up, it was seeing Twilight go back to the library with a matching broken heart.

Luckily for Twilight, Rarity would be damned if she let that happen.

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That is the absolute most perfect picture for this

Oh Twi, you just have the best friends in the world.

And, of course, the best maybe-girlfriend now~

Yes! More RarLight! Great story, by the way :pinkiesmile:.

Let the endless cavalcade of Rarilight continue!

Very enjoyable, thank you for writing this.


After reading, I have to agree.

~Skeeter The Lurker



Thank youuu! I'm glad you liked it!

Continue it shall! o:

And thank youuu! I'm glad it was a nice read :D


This is going to sound hilarious, but I started writing something with almost the exact same premise yesterday.

So if you see that show up in the new stories ticker, I promise I didn't steal your idea.

I am calling the idea theft police right now immediately this instant right now

Don't worry about that! I'm sure it'll be different from mine in its own way so everything is good o: Thank you for letting me know, though! :twilightsmile:

I want to put this in the RariTwi group shipfic folder BUT IT'S NOT REALLY SHIPPY?? It should be in the friendship folder??? Damn it.


That's friends for you

In my head this is omniship, with extra Rarilight.
Site needs more omniship.

Oh my goodness, I haven't seen that meme in forever!

Like, "not since 2007 when it was new" forever.


I do believe I might be the oldest one in here....

A cute RariTwi friendshipping story? Excellent. I shall read forthwith.

Rarity is the best tease ever.

The point where the rest of the girls show up warmed me up though. :twilightsmile:

I kind of wonder now, though. Maybe the date really is at home huddled on a bed, looking at a little dress she planned on wearing, hyperventilating because ohmygoshTwilightSparkledate whatdoIdoIgottagobutohmyCelestia.

What kind of monster are you leaving us with simple friendshipping? I demand more sweet nothings and love nuzzles! This is an adorable travesty and it requires compensation.

O captain, my captain, let the good ship RariTwi sail steady and true.


Not really. Its still heavily implied.

~Skeeter The Lurker

"In fact, tomorrow morning I'm lending you this wonderful book by Dusty Hooffull called 'Both Sides Now' and—"

Hey, a reference to another amazing Rarilight story! Though I believe the author's name is spelled slightly differently.

Both that story and this were incredible reads, and now they're both in my favorites! Thanks for writing this great piece, Monochromatic.

When is a romantic comedy not a romantic comedy? When not even the characters can definitively determine its genre.

A delightful blurring of the line between love and friendship. Thank you for it.

Too adorable, I want a refund.
I guess you'll just have to make another story for us to read.

There's our Rarity!
She can brag and tease and lead people on but she always has her friend's feelings and best interests at heart. :raritystarry:

Absolutely darling, I was completely sideswiped by the sextuple date idea, so it was a delightful surprise.

Adorable as always n_n

Great story mono. Loved it!!


Instant Favorite

That was cute

"Pardon me, Twilight Sparkle, but I can charm anypony I want!

well rarity just proved this at the end

Rarity doesn't want Twi sitting around moping... instead she'd rather she herself be all her lavender friend can think about.

Yep, that's Rarity :raritystarry:

I really enjoyed it!

Especially the "I am Spartacus Twi's Date!" scene!

Not 100% RariTwy? The rest of the gals get involved into a date? What's happening?!

Aww, that was a real sweet thing for Rarity to do, and I like how it ends on a ponderous note. Rarity/Twilight... Or not?

A pleasure, as always. Raritease is the best of them rares!

Another great TwilIty by... Monochromatic!!!

I'm with Pinkie and Dash on this one.

Fantastic story!

I have to admit I didn't see this story developing the way it did when I was reading it. Actual friendshipping between the two with the hint at romance to come. I feel like I constantly want to chant for sequels to all your stories, but then you would never have the chance to do different scenarios like this one. Wonderful as always.

I was going to read something else before I went off to work this morning, only to discover that you posted this onto the site. You fiend! :flutterrage:

...It was very good, though! :twilightsmile:

This was amazing, I honestly choked up a bit when everyone showed up to Twilight's date. They are truly great friends :fluttercry:

Ah, I can't stop grinning.

Y'know, I think if I'm ever feeling down all I have to do is just pick a random story you've done and read it and I'll feel worlds better. They're all delightful and heartwarming in different ways.

Nice little fic here. Who was the intended date though?

You see, people often wonder why I don't get bored of RariTwi, but this was my secret. I don't just like RariTwi romantically. I will ship them as friends, as mortal enemies, as soul mates, childhood friends, I'LL TAKE EVERY FORM OF RARITWI I WANT THEM ALL ALL OF THEEEEEEM

This was actually based of a similar real life situation I had oops

Omniship is always really good. Rare, but good.

lmao I couldn't resist

I hope you liked it! o:

Rarity teasing Twilight is legit my favorite thing to write ever.

B-But, sometimes being different is good! Not everything has to be romantic, and I mean, we don't really need Twilight going back home and being so conflicted over Rarity's attitude. We also don't need Rarity coming home and jokingly pondering the idea of dating Twilight, I mean, maybe she's never really thought of dating mares, but Twilight's pretty cute and they can have very lenghty conversations and she IS adorable when she gets excited and oh god maybe she has a crush?

I mean what.


Oh! Well, actually I tried ponifying the name :twilightblush: But YES IT IS A VERY GOOD RARITWI STORY A+

Ah, thank you, I'm glad you liked it! And yes, I was trying to aim towards this nice balance between friendship and more, so I'm very happy to hear it worked!! :D

...Who was Twilight supposed to be dating though?

I think the best thing about your stories is how heartwarmingly fuzzy yet real they feel. I don't normally like shipping, or at least I don't like how it often leads to forced romances. Your writing never feels forced even if RariTwi seems an odd choice to me.

Thank you! I'm glad you think so!

Thank you! And I... don't know? It can be whoever you want, really!

Ahhh, thank you, Dark! It means a lot, and I'm very happy to hear my stories cheer you up so much!! <3 Thank you as always for your support :3

I'm glad you liked it :twilightsmile: I really love the BFF relationship between the M6 so I'm happy I was able to portray it here o:

I regret nothing.

Also, thanks! I'm glad you liked itt ^u^

Oh gosh, White, I'd love to make sequels for all my stories, but yeah, I think that would be a bit too complicated ooops Though I'm glad to hear you liked it! :heart:

Thank you!

Thank youu! I'm glad you liked it c:

Raritease is legit the best Rarity o:

That's for me to know, and the readers to ponder forever :trollestia:

No, friend, don't be alarmed, just accept the wonders of platonic RariTwi o:

Thank youuu, Hale! I'm glad you liked it! And yes lmao I had a lot of fun with that last scene o:

Rarity could probably charm her reflection...

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!


I guess I'll just have to KEEP WRITING MORE FOREVER :trollestia:

Thank youuu, Wubs! Glad you liked it! :D

Eee, thank you, Ferret! I'm really glad you liked it ^u^

It's always really fun for me to juggle her own self-love and her love for others o: She's just a very inteRESTING CHARACTER, I LOVE HER A LOT -sobs-

I am working on a refund right now immediately

Whoever you want! o:

also I still love your username

Thank you! That's very high praise, especially since I care a lot about the general feel of my fics! As for RariTwi being an odd choice, you think that now, but stick with me, Zero. Stick with me, and let me guide your towards...

the rarilight.

I'm never gonna get tired of that pun.

You have guided me to the light indeed. RariLight was my side pair with TwiDash being the main but with each story it has ground down the competition into a fine powder and sprinkled it onto the victory cake

Unnamed mare is worst pony!

Cute af

Cute. Could use a bit more shipping, though. :twilightsheepish:

So, um...

How the hell did all of them afford that meal?

So, does this mean you're secretly old, or secretly a meme yourself?

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