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Who the Hell is THIS moron? o.O

AHOY MATEYS! Welcome to the user page of MrAskAPirate, or just Pirate for those of you who prefer a less syllable-intensive workout.
I came here to write pony fanfiction and celebrate the magic of friendship become popular read other people's stories and weep how much longer can I keep making lame MLP references? just generally have a good time, so lets get to it, shall we?

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Under the category of 'Too Perfect Not To Share'... · 2:21am Sep 7th, 2018

For all you Dazzlings fans:

Stare at this...

While listening to this...

... Right? Right?!

EDIT: artist is raika0306.

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Author Interviewer

He does indeed have much to answer for. XD

Because I'm a lame-ass who got sucked back into the world of Dungeons & Dragons now that it's popular again, and for some reason no one else in my current circle of friends knows how to DM.

Basically, blame Matt Mercer, :applejackconfused:

Author Interviewer

why ain't you finished Taco Quest yet? >:B

Lol, I'm fine; thanks for asking. Just kind of fell out of the pony craze and go caught up doing other things, though I'm still keeping up with some stories here.

  • Viewing 214 - 218 of 218
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