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This story is a sequel to 404: Romance Not Found

Twilight buys Rarity the perfect gift to celebrate their relationship.

Too bad it's cursed.

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Fun story, good speech by Twilight about why it reminds her of Rarity, even if we got it twice.

The best way to deal with a ghost is ALWAYS counciling.


So, can Twilight get her money back? I mean, the store owner was selling her a super cursed gemstone. That's gotta be mega illegal.

Mono confirmed to emit Raritwi radiation. I recommend lead shielding.

In all seriousness, lovely story. Not my preferred pairing, but still a wonderfully engaging read.

It's too late. We are all contaminated. Best to just let it happen. :pinkiecrazy:

I loved it, but I honestly think it was short and somewhat fast paced. I guess that's to be expected seeing as the the first story was so much longer.

I think you should expand upon this more. Maybe write a full fledged sequel that's as long if not longer than the first story

Kinda good but...is that it?

The old man waggled his fingers, eyes twinkling. “It is a special stone, they say. One blessed with the spirits of good fortune. Normally, I would be cutting my own throat just to sell it to you for fifteen-hundred. But I can tell, you mean to give that stone to someone extraordinarily special. For you, I can sell it for eight hundred.”

Go back to Ankh-Morpork, Dibbler. Leave the pony girls alone.

Hhnnnnngggg, I loved it! :heart:

Also hubba hubba, RariTwi in the tubba :raritywink:

One of these days you’re going to get your brother a toaster for a wedding present and it’s going to grow arms and legs and start assaulting the guests with burnt toast.

No, no, no, no, we put a warning label on it, we don't have any liability- aggh! Ow! Oh! :twilightoops:

why not more Raritwi?

All ship-fic authors should really ask themselves this question frequently :moustache:

This is incredible Raritwi :)

Normally, I would be cutting my own throat just to sell it to you for fifteen-hundred.

You motherfucker.
I highly suspect that if they returned to that location, the shop would no longer be there.

This little story is great. I love seeing uncommon ships done well.

It wouldn't surprise me if there was a box on the ground where the shop once was and it contains the $800 that Twilight paid for it. :trollestia:

Applejack shook her head, smiling. “The saying I’m trying to get at here is ‘Honesty is always the best policy.’.

Extra period. Also, I think the POV shift was abrupt and hard to follow.

Other than that, this was

c o u n t r y
l i c k i n g
g o o d

as was the rest of twilight and rarity's evening, I'm sure

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