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A close encounter with a category three Kaiju leaves Midsummer Night, a Mark-II Jaeger, in the inky depths of an unknown ocean. With no communications or navigation available, the pilots, Shane and Michael O'Connell, are well and truly out of their element.

Good thing they accidentally brought something with them to liven up the party,

Pacific Rim crossover

Art by: Zeiram0034.
Edited by: Pixel brony.

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Chapters (28)
Comments ( 1898 )

sweet a pacific rim crossover.
hope you do it right.

One or two spelling mistake, and I think you missed out "years" in

the Jaeger four ago,

, but having watched Pacific Rim, I think this is gonna be a great crossover :pinkiehappy:

Yay! Pacific Rim crossover! And good one! Fav, bro!

So what about all the Kaiju-Blue the fight spilled over Manehattan? Is that going to become a plot point in later chapters? Ponies, or even the Rangers for that matter, aren't exactly going to know how to safely handle the stuff.

Welp, I guess I need to watch PacRim now...

nice use of Shakespeare in the name, hopely its not as gay as the Shakespeare one.

I'm fairly sure Rangers would have a working knowledge of Kaiju blue and how to either combat or prevent it.

But yes, that will become an issue later on,


Not necessarily. They're there to pilot the Jager, not to clean up the mess they made fighting the Kaiju. Sure, they'd be trained to fight to avoid spilling as much as possible, but they wouldn't automatically know "Ohh hey if you pour ammonia onto this shit, it neutralizes it's toxicity within a few minutes." And actually, for that matter, it seemed that particular bit of knowledge was either something developed relatively late into the war, or something that the Kaiju body part dealer was keeping close to his chest.

Then again, to be entirely fair, given what we know of pony biology and how balls to the wall insane it is, Kaiju Blue might be completely ineffective against them.

That part is simple chemistry. Acids are neutralised by bases. I'm sure they could figure that part out.fairly easily.

It'd be the bits like preventing the spread and treating the symptoms they'd be a bit less knowledgeable about.

Fun fact: I did consider having the ponies being immune to KB but I thought that'd be a bit of a a cop out.

Yes! A Pacific Rim crossover.

I saw the pic of this and went in my head Transformers better than jaegers.

Really well written, liked and fav'd, waiting for more.

A Pacific Rim crossover with the title coming from a well known Shakespeare play...sounds interesting.


Great, great start.

Gripping, exciting, and thoroughly enjoyable.

100% would fav. Actually, gonna do that now.

Hey, hey, this looks pretty interesting... Going to keep an eye on this and see how it develops from here.

3141065 LORD POPO APPROVES OF THIS STORY! PRAISE POPO! UPVOTE THIS STORY! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Loved it. :pinkiehappy:

One thing that did stand out:

“A Mark 1 holding against a CAT 4? Incredible. I thought those Chinese pilots were toast.”

“They would be if those other two Jaegers weren’t there.”

“Striker and Gipsy? Yeah, great show by both of them.”

Not to be nitpicky, and I could be wrong here anyway, but didn't gypsy danger die fighting the largest CAT 3, before any CAT4s had shown up?

This awesome play doesn't deserve it to share its name with a crossover of such an awful movie. No offense, but Pacific Rim is such an awful movie that I can't but complain about this choice.

I love Pacific Rim! It was amazing and IMO ground-breaking setting a new scale for action films. I grew up with Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, and the whole gang! Pacific Rim was like reliving my childhood moments of utter awe at Godzilla films. Hopefully, we get a sequel. This story is awesome and does PR and MLP justice within the first chapter! Keep up the great work!

I absolutely adored Pacific Rim! You've crossed it and MLP quite nicely so as a result, have a fave and like from a fan of both universes!

Spamming this gif around more. Because best Jaeger.

According to the background material, Gipsy, Striker Eureka and Horizon Brave are deployed in Manila to counter a CAT IV in 2019. Knifehead emerged in 2020.

Knifehead was the biggest CAT III on record, not the biggest Kaiju.

This was goddamn wonderful, and its nice to read a crossover fic where the author did their research

Did anyone else catch the Portal 2 reference?

3141414 I stopped making toast to read this story.


This is an interesting setup. I am looking forwards to seeing where you take it.

M'lord... you DO like this story...


I was thinking this was a crossover of the Shakespearian play, I appear to have been wrong.

3140992 I have this feeling that your gonna be on the featured page.

half way through I just imagined dash piloting a jaeger.
it was.... magnificent...:eeyup:

3141423 Someone here needs to learn the pecking order!


This was one of the best stories I've ever read.Thanks for writing and I can't wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy:

3142330 Behold!! The Jaeger of Loyalty!!!! Lightning Dash!!!!!!

Yay a Cross Over not caused by Twilight's Magic!!! :twilightblush:

Pacific Rim did get the rights to use the Voice of Glados for the Jager's A.I. system and Portal references was made in the movie.
So why not here? Ellen McLain Does the "Glados" voice in Pacific Rim. The Internet Movie Database lists the Jaeger A.I. as "Gipsy Danger A.I.

3141417 Nope, just put in a metaphorical coma.

3141998 how are you using big font??(lemme guess? laptop? mobile is bad :*( )

Don't worry. I have plan for you...

... more pain.

3142454 I have a plan, its not a good plan, but its a plan and....
wait what?

3142447 There's a few options about text choices above the text box. One of them is an A with an up and down arrow. Click it and you can choose a font size.

3142517 This is nice :D i approve. thanks.

I want another chapter.


3141113 A Jaeger would mess up a transformer sooooo easily.

Haven't seen Pacific rim yet. Can't wait to read this.:pinkiehappy:

3142520 There are other options, like italics, bold, underline, and crossed out.

Damnit! *needs to hurry to his parts where giant robots are made*

hot damn how long did it take you to make this you ended this chapter with a cliffhanger of sorts and i cant wait for more sweet jesus this is great

Sweet mother of Celestia! :twilightoops: This is AWESOME!!!! :rainbowderp:

This is like the Reeces Peanut Butter Cup of cross-overs for me. Pacific Rim was the best movie this summer for me. Giant stompy robots punching giant stompy monsters in the face.

I really like how you italicise the jaegers' names, like they are proper ships. Brings a tear to me eye.


Listened to this while reading for extra amounts of Win!:

Of all the Pacific Rim crossovers I've read this is by far the best, great story:twilightsmile:

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