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Damn, I wish I could read.


“Dashie, you can talk to me about anything. Problem at the academy? What is it?”
She looked him squarely in the eyes. “Soarin, I’m really not sure if this is normal… and I don’t want to sound stupid… But…”

Just because you're friends doesn't mean everything works out all fine and dandy. What happens when a unforeseen hiccup puts a new strain on Soarin and Rainbow Dash's relationship? An old acquaintance with only the eyes for a certain blue flier enters town? An early and unexpected meeting with a certain parental figure?

Issues, that's what.
But hey, what's life without a few curve-balls every now and then?
A sequel to 'Friends have Benefits'

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Can't read now, but I WILL read it when i can

A sequel?


Instata Lightning Dust Fave and also because sequel to a great story. Hope you don't make Lightning Dust evil, she's my favorite pony.

It's here! It's here! It's here! Oh I've needed something like this to cheer me up, and this does not look like it will disappoint.

‘I love you Soarin.’

...Is Thunderlane in love with Soarin now...? Could explain why he can't keep a girlfriend.

And now Lightning Dust is back...the awkward levels are off the charts...this is going to be interesting.:rainbowkiss:

acting like an dick (a)
Well, that’s not entirely they sent the letter. (missing 'why')
a large brown object fell from the sky (Unless I missread that part, I think you meant 'dark grey' not brown.)
Because you’re the lucky fellow because Rainbow Dash paired us together today.
When I was in a cadet (What the buck was he doing inside a cadet?!)

Congrats on the box, my friend. However, go ahead and capitalize that H in have!


(Also I think I will put this on read later.)

Yep. Lightning Dusk is going to go after Soarin when Dash is away.

Oh lordy, Soarin is in for one heck of a ride if I'm reading this right. Lightning Dust and Thunderlane wanting to jump his bones when Rainbow's away?

Fave'd and eagerly awaiting updates!

So its a love Rectangle?

Anyway great work looks to be a very interesting story. So thunderlane is exploring his "other" options?

Oh snap...

Homo Thunderlane? Yes please.

Sequel? :fluttercry: thank you! Thak you so much!

This chapter you described Thunderlane as Brown
\/ \/ \/

“Sorry.” Soarin giggled insincerely. Karma wiped the grin off his face though as a moment later a large brown object fell from the sky and collided with him, knocking him flat to the cobblestones.
“Opps, I messed that up a little.” Thunderlane said in what Soarin thought was a probably the biggest understatement of the day. “Thanks for the soft landing by the way.” Thunderlane rumbled, clambering off of Soarin and joining the little circle of ponies without a trace of concern for the still dazed Soarin.

Here you describe him as Grey
\/ \/ \/

“Winter. Cold.” Thunderlane said. “However did you come up with connection?”
Doc hushed the grey stallion and moved towards their usual table where Rainbow Dash waited with unusual patience.

Here's what he looks like, he kinda looks black to me

Hey, this made it to the Featured List if you didn't know!

Must read moar. liked and fav'd

You characterize Dash and Soarin very differently then most, but you do it so well that we can see exactly how they got to where you place them, part of the reason it's so great.

The start of the story with Hurricane was brilliant, a perfect introduction to scatterbrained Soarin, which led to the delightful breakfast banter which was highly entertaining. This led to a well thought out gift and cute scene with Soarin preparing the I'm sorry gift.

Bringing in Lightning Dust was a good move, especially after how you set up Dash in the last fic with a flight or fight attitude when she's threatened, and Lighting is very threatening. Very interested to see how this plays out.

“Spitfire may’ve been more agile, Fleetfoot may’ve been faster and Surprise may’ve been more… well… surprising...

Surprise being a Wonderbolt? :rainbowhuh:


I had totally forgotten about the previous story. This one was pretty decent, a few minor mistakes here and there. You're big plus from me is using Lightning Dust. She has never gotten the attention she deserves. pretty much a Gilda without the fan-backing. Can't wait to see more.

Oh sequel :pinkiehappy:
I am so reading this :rainbowkiss:

Between Dash asking for help unexpectedly and:

“Alright. Fine. Whatever.” She mumbled, sinking even lower into her chair. “Soarin…”
She screwed her face up and sighed explosively. “Actually forget about it, probably not a good time.”

Wild ass guess: she's pregnant. Probably wrong though, since I'm not sure how that works with her quitting to go full time at the Academy.

That moment before you go to bed, you see this story and you are the first one to give it a thumbs up.

It then gets featured.


I don't get you people and your SoarinDash pairing.
Whatever, it's probably for the best that I leave you to your thing. Avoid any nasty incidents that way. :twilightsmile:



Thunderlane is very dark shade of grey. I made an error when calling him brown, mainly because I was working off my memory of him from Hurricane Fluttershy and didn't check my facts

I remember doing that in original as well... so... some things just don't get better with time.

Evil? No. Malicious, cunning and devious? Maybe...

I love you in completely platonic way. No homo/hetero,

Bi-curious, you might say.

Boi! This peace is what all true Warriors strive for.

Neither do I understand your fascination with commenting on a multitude of stories that involve that pairing rather than just straight up avoiding them.

To be fair though, I applaud you not liking something and not being a dick about it.


This image brought to you by leather glove tassels. Because nothing says 'manly superhero' like tassels.

so we have
SoarinxDash with Lightning Dust falling for Soarin
and Please dont put thunder lane falling for Soarin Please don't this is of to a great start please don't put that
loving the story btw :D

You can blame the feature box for me being here. I saw it and then this weird commenting tic I have took over. Got me into trouble more than once, I'll tell you that.

To be fair, I did try to write this pairing for a story and it was pretty fun. Granted it ended with Soarin getting PTSD and becoming a zombie, but that's just me.

And I thank you for also being polite in responding to my comment. I love chatting it up with people on this kind of thing and polite responses makes me want to be polite in return. :twilightsmile:

So yeah, while I'll definitely won't be reading this, I still wish you good luck with this and any other stories you may make.


I can't read now and if set to read later it may become number 76 and may forget it. So I will just fav since I LOVED the first one and this sequel was made by one of my fav writers. :pinkiehappy:
(No I am not trying to be a suck up. I just being honest applejack)

Very nice!
I'm super curious as to what Rainbow was going to tell Soarin'.
She can't have been breaking up with him, as that card was played plenty in the first fic.
It's gotta be something big though! :duck:
I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

This is kind of the reason it bugs me that they made the Wonderbolts a MILITARY outfit. The military is way too hardass for a rebel like Rainbow Dash.

"I love you, Soarin"

My stomach imploded from laughter.

I'm sending you my medical bill.

Oh goodness that heart message.
And then suddenly all the crashes and drunken professions of attractiveness suddenly take a new tone.

Aw yeah! Complications! Time for more of the Soarin'Dash story that got it right. :pinkiehappy:

This has to be like the fifth time a sequel to a story that has sat in my Read Later list for months has cropped up. Now this can join them and of course, its predecessor.

Now you don;t know if I'm being serious or not.


Just as planned...


Well, You DID use an Applejack meme...

And Rainbow Dash is starting to get angry VERY quickly...


Didn't waste any time them if it's true.
Though stress will make any sane girl into crazy-bitch if the timing's right.


i have never posted a video as a reply to a commend so there (also its almost 1am so my brain is set to stupid)

Heh... After reading several stories with Dash and x (Big Mac, another Soarin, annnnd somepony else), I had to regear my brain to this sequel, remember things from the last story....

BUTANYWAYS! I like this. Is good. You should continue. Please.

But I have to ask...... Why did you make Rainbow Dash more.... I don't know... violent? Abusive? There's a word to her attitude.... But here it's not like in the show... How come?

PS: Oh, are you going to throw in a little Rainbow Dad?


But I have to ask...... Why did you make Rainbow Dash more.... I don't know... violent? Abusive? There's a word to her attitude.... But here it's not like in the show... How come?

I think she is well within her right to be a bit cross at Soarin/ Lightning Dust. I don't recall making her being actually violent, just very hacked off. She didn't part on good terms with the later and the former was late. Very late. Maybe I did take it a little far but I think he frustration and anger was well justified.

Just trust me, I know what I'm doing. (I hope!) :twilightoops:

You should continue. Please.

Nah I'm just going to throw out the next 4900 words of chapter two I've been writing over the last two weeks as I think this story is stupid. *Snord*


Alright, alright, alright. Makes sense. But I was thinking from the previous story as well. She seemed to want to punch Soarin every time they met....

People here are more confused than I am when I try to be nice:fluttercry:

Pregnant, sexual tension, and forgotten guilt. Good on you.

I’ve always been open to having little shits… I mean, kids.

No, you were right the first time!!

Everything about this is screaming "this gun be gud"

I am happy to watch this slow motion train wreck.

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