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j'ai ete desole, mais je suis deteste Mon Petit Poney.



This is a lipogram. It will contain no 'E', apart from that symbol said prior and what was drawn upon in titling this story. I will not touch that symbol in this writing at all, nor will I allow it to subsist. Thank you.

This story has many background inhibiting individuals with various dispositions and actions. This group consists of Raindrop, a stallion-hog; Milky Way and Thundy, two pals who fight for Raindrop's adoration; Starburst, a kind, familiar stallion; and Cloud and Flitt', two disgusting twin girls.

Now with a continuation! An Additional Story With a Lack of 'E'

What FIMfiction accounts say of it:
"Sometimes I wish I wasn't in the military cause I'm starting to feel that the brony community has some crazy good drugs' -USMCbrony0311
"NarwhalUnicorn...is a good work...guy..." -Twinkletail
"Excellent example entailing excluding E!" -Europa
"I used to hate experimental short fiction, but this story has shown me how amazing it can truly be." -Azusa
"This is f**king cool, good sir. You deserve applause." -Alicornium
"... I don't know how to respond to this. This... This... I... I don't even... How? What?" -Classy Toad


...Okay, this is a discontinuation of my bragging.

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Damn, this must have been hard to do....

He checks out, guys. Totes legit. Nice job.

Ah, a companion in this art. How happy I am! I tip my hat off to you, for I know what hardships laid in wait for you in writing this.


I'm a lazy bastard who's putting this on his read later list, but upvoted for now just cause these are fucking hard as fuck to do and apparently you did it.

3757646 I would 'shame on you!' but I can't because I would then be hypocritical

It's been almost two years since I've seen a story like this here. If you're curious:

The difference is he didn't use nicknames.:rainbowwild:

Very impressive.

3757684 The thing is, I wanted those characters, but they JUST HAD TO HAVE AN E IN THEIR NAMES!!! :flutterrage:

(Just kidding I would never actually get mad at Flitter or Cloudchaser, they're too awesome)

Bravo, good sir. An upward thumb is yours, for truly this task must... ummm... have requir deserve be recognized


You did good, kid.

3757730 images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/30200000/Taylor-Swift-Laughing-Gif-taylor-swift-30258989-500-245.gif

That, good sir, allows yours truly to laugh. (Oh no, I think I'm stuck on using no 'E's!)

This is fucking cool, good sir. You deserve applause. :moustache:

Yeah, you succeeded in writing a story without the letter "E", which was difficult in its own right, but it was extremely difficult to read this. The closest thing I could compare this to would be if there was a Korean knock off of My Little Pony: FIM and the guys doing the "Engrish" subtitles suddenly had a keyboard breakdown and no store was open at 2AM and it was their deadline day, they'd somehow get something like this fic. If you thought reading Lovecraft was hard, then give this story a try, you'll be begging the use of big words, long drawn out sentences and pretentious dialogue.

3757843 Yeah, I know it's pretty lame writing, but with the handicap I had, I'm surprised I even managed to actually finish it, regardless of quality. In normal work, I wouldn't use...

big words, long drawn out sentences and pretentious dialogue.

Thanks for the insight

(I think I'm just going to go throw up from a lack of vitamin 'E') :pinkiesick:

Fimfiction Hard Mode Activate! Now write a five thousand word story without the letter 'E' and without repeating any word more than five times!

3757888 What was that you said? Challenge accepted? Good to hear it!

I'm giving this a thumbs up simply as it is worthy of such for having that much audacity for not having E in it at all.

And after trying to write without using E in the above sentence, I know from experience that you sir, are a genius. :moustache:

3757909 In true fashion of Murphy's Law: Timed mode engaged.

3757967 This alone took me over 3 hours to create, and I made a vow NEVER TO DO THIS AGAIN!!!

It's for my own greater good. XD

3757977 Bah! You can do better! Now type everything in reverse and in iambic pentameter in under 90 minutes!


... let alone sonnets ::fluttershbad::pinkiesad2::raritydespair::twilightangry2:

Now please allow me to wallow in.... WHATEVER IT IS PONIES ARE SUPPOSED TO WALLOW IN!!!

Oh look at me, I don't even know what I'm supposed to wallow in!!!

I used to hate experimental short fiction, but this story has shown me how amazing it can truly be.

Excellent example entailing excluding E!

3758103 You mocked me! :flutterrage:

(That was a funny comment remark statement... utterance retort..


yeah, you're hilarious. And I'm suffering from a lack of vitamin E :pinkiesick:

Good job, dude. You've got a ways to go to beat Gadsby, but it's a start!

3758154 :unsuresweetie: I am positive Gadsby is the work of witchcraft

Actually, the work of a thesaurus and tying down the "E" on a typewriter.

3758191 I am all too aware of that. XD

Yeah... not so easy to do with a keyboard! DX

3758203 I'm never letting go of you again, E!

(I feel as if I just got back together with an ex after writing this) :rainbowdetermined2:

3758009 I think it's either mud or endless shame. Take your pick

NarwhalUnicorn...is a good work...guy...

I sure hope somepony gets that reference.

3758246 I shamefully don't!
...and would also like to clarify that my gender is, indeed, female :rainbowlaugh:


Whoops, sorry!

It's from a Simpsons episode.

Mr. Burns: All right, let's make this sporting, Leonard. If you can tell me why I shouldn't fire you without using the letter "e," you can keep your job.
Lenny: Uh, okay. I'm a good... work... guy...
Mr. Burns: You're fired.
Lenny: But I didn't say it.
Mr. Burns: You will.
[He pulls a lever, dropping Lenny down a trapdoor]

3758268 hilarity... so... much... of it!

I really enjoy how challenging this must have been for you to write. Substituting H2O for water was a very smart move. :moustache:

You know, this does seem like a good kind of fanfic to write for a beginning author. It forces him/her to learn alternatives to conventional language choices, which could lead to more interesting writing practices.

I'm extremely impressed. The most commonly used letter in the English language and you managed not to use it.

You have earned every goddamn mustache that has ever existed and will come to exist.

Truly, this story had an odd syntax but was still a fascinating show. Also, this quip in totality was hard to do.

He can't have mustaches they have an e...

Not saying a specific letter in this manner makes people sound like assholes.

If I had to pick a singular word to sum up this story, I would say: bodacious. This work of fiction was simply brilliant, and was built with high amounts of skill, this much is obvious. Bravo, fair author, for your work is grand without doubt.

An impressive feat but it forced the dialogue to be very stilted and weird. Still kudos :moustache:

Losing the most commonly used letter somehow made everyone sound like jerks and smart-asses. You should be proud. :pinkiecrazy:

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