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The world is but a burrito, and I am the one who'll eat it all

the type of booty I write


ER MAH GERD I'M ALIVE! · 8:17am Sep 17th, 2016

So, after I wanna say two years or something, I'm back. Basically I had some real life troubles with moving and switching everything and just generally getting my life back together, what with realizing I was trans, and bullies, and all that fun stuff, I had just finished season 5 last weekend and remembered that this site existed. So, now that I'm actually down to come back to this site, I guess I want to know what you guys would like to see me update most. So far these are the options I've

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Story series I plan on

So you wish to be of the hearing about the character of the body of the person by the username of tut895

Well here's the area of my user page.

Age: 17 I think. You tend to lose track of the days during Christmas break.
Height: growing still.
Sex: lots
I mean Male or Female: mostly females, sometimes males
let's just simplify this question. DO. YOU. HAVE. A. DICK: oh, yea
Ethnicity: Well, most of the times it's with whites, but I don't mind doing da dark chocolate booty sometimes
I mean yourself: And I just told you, doesn't anyone listen these days?
Fuck this I'm done: well I just lost my question asking guy.

Anyways, give me a second to get a new guy.
(five different words typed later)
Availability: taken
IQ: where do I take one of those tests anyways?
fuck if I know: I know how you feel acquaintance.
favorite frustration saying: son of a fuck.


Woo, I guess

Since people be curious, my top 5 ponies.





1: poo brained pony