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Blossomforth and her friends are just wrapping up a nice day at the amusement park, and stop by the souvenir shop on their way out. Blossom comes across a conundrum.

Written for One-Shotober.

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thought he was an old goat.

3398889 Except for Greenhooves isn't used all that often. Blossomforth is.

Edit: Loved the story, by the way.

Upvoted for the level of meta.

I agree that there should be a Blossomforth tag. We need to make this happen.

This story is just amazing!

"Hey, it could be worse!" Flitter said with a frown. "The only tag my sister and I have is one of our names together! What happens if one of us wants to do something by ourselves?"

"Uh, Flitts?" Chaser said. "We barely ever do anything by ourselves!"

Cloudchaser is a Wonderbolt Cadet; Flitter isn't. Boom, characters separated. :derpytongue2:

This was an enjoyable read, if only for the meta antics that you managed to pull off. My only contention is that you use nicknames too much. It's alright if the characters refer to each other by nicknames, but in general, the names don't need to be shortened. :duck:

Also, while a Blossomforth tag would be alright (and I know at least a few people pushing for it), I'd also like to see Snowflake, Button Mash (who is not an OC), Chief Thunderhooves, Twilight's parents, and Donut Joe. :eeyup:

Bloody brilliant.

"I guess I'm just a winning pony," Kicker said with a grin.

Nice touch.

~Skeeter The Lurker

There is message hidden in this story. I just can't.... it's so close...

Surprised this made it past the mods due to the blatant meta, but I'm glad they let it slide because I liked the play on the souvenir shop. Everyone has that friend who can never find that key chain with their name on it because their parents gave them an uncommon name. Unless I order it special, I'm never going to find my nephew's name on one of those fake license plates or one of those shot glasses that light up when you pour liquid in them.

As I read the discription, I thought, "No, she didn't just write a story about that." This is just plain wonderful. It's funny, clever, and well written. Thanks for the laugh, I needed it.

You got this after reading my Blossomforth with all your might, didn't you?

All the truth. Poor Blossom.


It was opening day for Cloudsdale's most famous and popular amusement park, Cloudy Canyons.

It's the most famous and popular, but it hasn't even been open for a whole day yet? Is it the only one? Or just the only one of its scale?

Blossomforth, Flitter, and Cloud Chaser were the founders of this little club, as they had been friends since they were fillies and had been going to Cloudy Canyons together since then.

So it's not the first day? Does the park shut down for the winter or something?

3402887 Possibly opening for the season. Six Flags shuts down and opens up. We refer to that as opening day

Oh, this is so meta. :derpyderp2:

Harshwhinny don't have tag too! xD

Well played, author. Well played.

It's a meta fic but fun even without that. The stuff with the theme park leading up to the "Bort" moment was pretty cool with some good world building. The ride names were cool.

The Flitter and Cloudchaser thing was a little too meta but that bit at the end with the "Other" tag made up for it.


I love you for calling it a Bort moment :pinkiehappy:

My best ship isn't between Thunderlane and Other! >:(

3398889and hayseed turniptruck ... unless he has one already dont actually know

This was very clever. :pinkiehappy: Nice job!

Poor Blossom. You'd think that name would be more popular.
But meta overtones for the win. :raritywink:

I tried buying one for a friend named Mallory, and I found NOTHING. There was one for Emile, but not Mallory. No offense to anyone named Emile, but that's way less common than Mallory.

This was silly. Thinly veiled and still managed to be funny. Good job.

Very very clever story. Only the silliest of hats will do for the hat connoisseur Thunderlane.

My god do I sympathize with her. I have only found my name spelled right on two things. A glass and a pack of stickers.

Hah, that was fun.

How delighfully meta XD:rainbowlaugh:

Someone needs to ship Blossomforth and Filthy Rich. Clearly those 'OTHERS' were meant for each other.


But of course, Filthy Rich has that irresistible charm.

"Most ponies call me Rich...but for you gorgeous, you can call me Filthy."

A-men, in short.
Soon, hopefully...

3781236 I have yet to find mine, in either the short version or the long version.

"And I wouldn't mind one of those stuffed clouds," Cloud Kicker said.

Who wouldn't want one of them?

4853709 +1 Internet for you :moustache:

The meta! I love it!

Heehee! I enjoyed this. :pinkiesmile:

I'd be tempted to give this a like anyway for being that rare thing, a OneShotober fic that I actually enjoyed! But when you add in the fact that it has one of the most gloriously terrible puns I've ever seen (Flume-ulonimbus! Genius!) it pretty much demands an upvote. So here it is. :twilightsmile:

As an aside, I wonder whether a story like this would be passed these days, now that Fimfiction is tougher on meta stories. I hope it would.

I totally sympathize with Blossomforth here. My family travelled a lot and it took five years to find a tag with my name on it, which is ridiculous because my name is one of the most common names there is. When we did find on with my name on it... it was a nickname, go figure.

With the latest admin poll, Blossomforth is getting a tag.

We did it reddit Fimfiction!

I can't wait to see Other getting a tag after all this time!

6603513 Flitter still has to share though. :rainbowlaugh:

I don't understand why this is such a big deal with admins, if the site is programmed in any sane way it should be as simple as writing the name and picking a thumbnail. I'm pretty sure Knighty is sane too. So what's up here?

6795051 they used to take a lot of character requests when fimfiction was just starting up. Then idiots spoiled it by kicking up a shit storm when their self-insert MarySue/GaryStu OCs (thankfully) didn't get a tag, or even "bandwagon" oc characters like Nyx

6795061 it would probably be easier and more effective to just set up a tag system like hash tags alongside the official system, and then just make the most searched or used tags into official tags. I don't know how that would effect performance though, or how much coding that would take.

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