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If I call you a mudpony, ain't nuthin' to it, my little pony made me do it


A month late on my one story a year dig, but it beats nothing · 4:44am Jun 18th, 2016

I finally arsed myself to write poni again, just a warning that I was partially peer pressured into doing this on a whim, so don't expect much, but it might make someone laugh at how ridunculous it is, at least i tried to do some editing but nothing thorough, oh well g'day mates, see you for breakfast tomorrow to see how it ended up

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Hello there readers, this is my user page where non friendship related magic happens, and many facehooves and tiepos xist!
Just a bit of a heads up: don't expect me to update often, I used to have an editor, but we kinda had a falling out, and I don't have much talent, but I am getting better!

I like crude humor, comedy, feels, adventure, pretty much everything except clop, as long as the desc interests me, I will probably read it.
Rarijack is best ship!

I can't wait to chat with ya, so see ya in the comment battlefield


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Thanks so much for the fave on "Can Ya Fix Her?"! :pinkiehappy:


weren't nothin mate

Hey, thanks for the follow yo.

Thanks so much for the favorite! :twilightsmile:

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