This is a group for people who generally dislike clop-fiction but are not dicks about it. We acknowledge that, while disgusting, clop takes a certain level of writing prowess to do properly. We also recognize that the clopfics that you enjoy might very well be good stories, or that you might even enjoy them. We still will not read them, though.

I don't care if this has been done before or whether or not this group becomes popular.

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found you guys by accident "looking for people ranting about why clop is <insert negative adjective>, and i found it:derpyderp1:


The premise of this group is disliking clopfics but not being 'pissed off' about it.


I have not paid much attention to the actions of any of the members in that group, nor do I care if the members of said group are 'tamer' than they used to be. The premise of your group is being 'pissed-off' about the popularity of one-shot clopfics. The premise of this group is disliking clopfics but not being 'pissed off' about it.

Therefore, this is a version of your group that has been stripped of the extremism.

What extremism? My group is more tame than it used to be, for sure.


This is your group, minus the extremism.

This is basically my group. And you promoted it on my group. Please explain why you would do this.


Perhaps if you prove your mettle. :duck:

I don't get it.

I am so on-board with this.

Do I get to be an admin since I'm the first member to join? :trollestia:

- NATOstrike - Lord and Master of the MDA and Professional Inane Rambler

  • Viewing 1 - 12 of 12
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