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*Sneaks Stealthily In* · 6:16pm Jul 11th, 2020

Fimfiction and the Blue Angel Story:

Haha, pretty much.
Sooo.....guess who's still alive?

Ok, goofy humor aside, I'm here to report on my ups and downs of the past two years since I last made a peep on this site, as well as made promises that I obviously couldn't/didn't keep.

Some life events since I was last here:

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SO glad you are not dead. Sounds like you had a rough time, but I'm glad you're back even if it took a while. I absolutely cannot wait to see where Volare's story goes..



Thank you all very much :heart:

Good god that just means Volare has survived through another catastrophe geez he better watch his back Lady Luck must be catching up to him for payment ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
But in all seriousness glad to hear from you and that youโ€™re doing alright man hope things work out for ya weโ€™re all cheering for you and Volare!!


'Rona couldn't kill me in February

Hold up! Are you saying (you believe) you got it in February!? Damm, well I am supper relieved you lived to tell the tale.

Very excited to hear from you V-Pony, even more excited to hear you are poking at re-reading Blue Angel. Hope you and everyone you know stays healthy through this tough time.

Haha yeah I'm still alive.
The 'Rona couldn't kill me in February :rainbowdetermined2:
Just been doing what I can to stay sane haha.
Currently in the middle of a complete re-read of the story so I don't mess up and repeat myself :twilightsheepish:

How has life been for you V-Pony?
I would ask the question about Blue Angel, but I assume the answer hasn't changed. Still, I look forward to seeing the new update, whenever that may be.
I hope you're safe, you beautifully captivating author. :raritywink:

The watch is appreciated!

Cheers, luv!

I'm still alive and kicking!
I appreciate the check in and replied to your PM. :)

  • Viewing 335 - 344 of 344
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