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I love Science and Ponies! But I'm a Business Major...
Me too! Huzzah!
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Founder of BRONIES WITH BLADES, a group dedicated to the study, collection, and usage of blades, swords, and knives, both human and pony.



If you enjoy the collection, discussion, writing about, or crafting of blades, knives, swords and all other such pointy things, check out this group! :rainbowdetermined2:


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I'm Terrible At Keeping Promises...Also, An Ugly Truth About Me · 2:57am Feb 15th, 2017

Ugh...I really suck at this whole keeping promises thing. But I'm going to try to shed some light on why and how things went so awry the past few years. What's changed since I stopped cranking out over 50k words a month from 2012-14ish:

For one, I graduated in May 2013, diving head-first into the realm business-first small, and now corporate level.
Ever since then, it just seems like different things keep popping up and distracting me from this whole writing thing.

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Loved your story helped me go tough a Hard time in my life but sadly i now move it to the dead folder hope you have a good life and are succesful on whatever you are doing now, and thanks i might not be here if not for your story

will you be continuing blue angel?

this is a last ditch effort before i stop following you and your story.
are you going to come back and start writing?
or just list your story's as canceled????

tick tock tick tock

Happy new year my guy, nearing a year since we heard much from you.

Yo buddy, you still alive?

2425429 that was a hell of a boss fight XD

2338389 LOL wtf. How did I miss this?

Just heard about your granddad from Biker Dash. I wish I could think of something to say that's better than I hope he pulls through and thank you for trying to keep at writing in spite of all the shit you're going through.

Bro... this vid is for you. I'd like to see Volare go up against this badflank boss!

  • Viewing 318 - 327 of 327
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