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The adventures of a man named Dan and all his friends in Equestria. This story is full of whacky jokes, dated references, corny moments and even a few songs and plenty of randomness to delight fans of MLP: FiM, Dan and all things related to them.

This is an episodic story written and updated weekly on Saturdays over the course of a nine-year period. Written by Barro the Broadcaster with help from some friends.

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Comment posted by CluelessDetective deleted May 29th, 2016

Oh, Dan! Never change! :trollestia:
Good chapter but there is a distinct lack of Pinkie. :pinkiecrazy:

3031393 I promise you, there will be more pony in this series than you know what to do with. But you'll find something to do with them. Probably party.

3031673 I'm only too lucky to have each and every like and each and every fav. But I'm most lucky to have that last thing you mentioned: a new friend. Yes, you.:heart:
Because friendship is magic.:heart:

dan having to deal with this crazy can make anyone mad. aw good old angry dan:heart:

This story has potential, but I am confused as to how we got both Dan AND Chrysalis here in the same story. It feels like there's some other story I should have read before this. Though it does have potential.

3034637 We're getting into the origin story, you won't have to wait long. I'm happy you like it :heart:

I love these videos. This has the potential to be awesome.:pinkiehappy:

:moustache:She messed up the disguise but got the personality down pat!

Huh, how did I miss this? I think I need to start following you so that I don't miss cool stories like this.:rainbowderp:

Edit: Ok, I forgot I already am following you. So how did miss this!?

Dans rage is more powerful than magic. only reason it partially worked was cos he was in a particular happy mood, so it made only his hair disappear. his rage will soon find those responsible and claim vengeance for his hair.

3136567 Undoubtedly... but will he ever get his hair back again?

For a second there, I thought Trixie made Dan's clothes disappear instead of his hair.(would have been more funnier.)

Trixie spun around and glared at him. "You might think it's fake but. This. Is. REAL MAGIC!
"We've seen it all before!" a random pony from the audience shouted.
Don't worry, at least I got the reference. :pinkiehappy:

3137506 Yes but clothes can be replaced easier.

3137990 At least somepony did. Was thinking of throwing in a more direct reference but I decided I'd let the audience decide if they want to imagine some other OCs in the crowd or not.

There exists a secret place, far beneath the sun soaked veneer of mortality, in the deepest recesses of my heart of hearts.

And you have made it laugh. :pinkiehappy: I had to favorite this.

:rainbowlaugh: Oh man that was a great chapter. Glad to see Dan with more emotion other then just being angry all the time. It makes him seem a bit more real and make the moments he does get mad all the more hilarious.:rainbowlaugh: Also Fluffle Puff adds a cherry on top to the greatest crossover I have seen on here in a long time.

So who's going to be the new Chris to help Dan get revenge against Trixie?

3144686 Cutie Mark Crusaders Instruments of Vengeful Wrath!:pinkiehappy:

I hope to see a bald and humiliated Trixie by the end of this LOL

Oh Ponyville, U so full of trolls.

3144686 Twilight I assume if this is based off the tumblr one since dan calls her, "New Chris"

Comment posted by Reisentanith deleted Sep 21st, 2013

I can't help but find this rendition of Chrysalis adorable. :twilightsmile:

I thought Twilight was more of a purple-ish color. Maybe a lilac at least. Anyways, Chrysalis definitely seems more placated than normal considering she went with what Dan was saying.

I like the fact that you aren't overblowing Dan's anger characterization, which tends to happen to most angry characters from tv shows and such.

So Crissy thinks that Twilight is pink? Not Lavender? Interesting. Also it seems that she is a morning person since she seemed more happy then normal. Also I am really liking your version of Dan. He is a lot more of a fun character if he isn't angry all the time. Makes the moments when he is, a lot more hilarious.:rainbowlaugh:

spike saved the cystal empire not twlight js

I must say that you do an excellent job at capturing Dan.


Umm... oops. I meant purple, not pink. Rewrote this one a couple times; original draft had Chrys turning into Cadence instead of Twilight but I wanted to make the reference to College Humor with the cheeto-dust bit.

Also, Chrysalis is the new Chris in this series.

How dare you!? How dare your fic have move upvotes and faves than my Button's Mum fic!? GRAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!! :raritycry:

Still, this was rather enjoyable. A treat, perhaps. So I'll let you off. For now. Provided you don't make any serious errors it looks like this fic is one of the best... Wait... Hang on...

Every single one of Twilight's friends slowly turned their heads to Twilight. The purple unicorn blushed horribly and smiled sheepishly.

The purple unicorn

Twilight goes from alicorn to unicorn between scenes. Dammit Barro! This is some McCarthy level shit right here! :flutterrage:

*continues reading* :yay:

Just then, something caught both their attentions. A loud creaking noise came from behind them. They both turned around just in time to see the tree house fall over on its side in a cloud of dust.

What did Dan do this time? :facehoof:

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