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A story in which Twilight Sparkle proceeds to die.

Several times.

For science.

Featured July 1st, 2020!

StraightToThePointStudio did a reading. Check it out here!

Chinese translation here.
Russian translation here.

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Er... Jinzou, you sure this doesn't deserve the "Dark" tag? Like, this... this isn't Kerbal Space Program, Jinzou. :pinkiesick:

Eh I was considering since it's kinda light dark comedy and nobody fully gets hurt, dark might not be fitting. But if you think it's a good idea I'll add it.

I mean, it is light, I'll give it that. But the weight of cadavers piled up in a fifteen-feet-high tower is just... it's slightly overwhelming, at least for me. But then you're the author, you decide whether "dark" is fitting for this or not.

Ended too soon. I wanted more.

Pretty funny (and accurate) the way Twilight reacts to her alicorn inmortality. Great story.

Yeah no, I added the tag. You're right.

Honestly, I've been trying to finish this since late april but I just couldn't think of how to end it, or add more without it feeling off. :twilightblush:


This is hilarious! 10/10 would read again!

Glad you liked it!

This is exactly how I have imagined Twilight reacting to immortality/respawning!
Good piece of morbid comedy!

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it!

Bad Twilight! Traumatizing Starlight lime that.

My only complaint is that it's too short

Features on July 1st, but today is June 30th. I think I have found where my dimensional teleporter went.

Come on Twi. Your a princess. If you are going to defenstrate yourself either open the window or find a dramatic balcony.

You know, it probably says something about how long I've been around this fandom that one of my first thoughts about this was "I wonder if Shining and Cadance use this to experiment with necrophillia?"

Wait...do you think this is the reason they're so protective over Flurry Heart? A run-a-way Flurry Heart is not a mess I want to deal with if I was them. She dies, then respawns in the dragon lands? Or Appleoosa? OR CHS!?!?!? :twilightoops:

Can Alicorns even spawn in different dimensions????? Ooooh, poor huMane 7. :facehoof:

....actually...following that thought...what if Flurry ends up respawning with Human Cadence and Human Shining Armor??????? :rainbowderp:

My head hurts.


Yeah, I get that. But in my defense this has been in writing purgatory for two whole months, stressing me out. It took my that long to end it with help. If I went with my original plan to make it like 4k words, it would probably never get finished.

Actually it's 0830 on the first here, so you're just too far in the past. :twilightsmile:

No time for theatrics! We must kill ourselves as quickly as possible... for SCIENCE!

And hey, if one isn't in the mood, a quick spell to heat the corpse up and boom. :pinkiecrazy:

That... could be an amazing sequel.

"Where in the multiverse is Flurry Heart?"

Oh, this is going to lead to all sorts of complications...

"Trixie,no! You can't gain Alicorn powers by eating an Alicorn!"

There is always time for theatrics! Also cake.

"What do you mean get alicorn po- I mean yes, that's what I was doing. Totally. I could have sworn it would work!" :trixieshiftleft:

There's always time for cake. :trollestia:

"Of course, Princess Luna always refers to it as 'respawning'."

Of course she would, hehe.

Overall, a nice little quick read, but I wanted it to be a liiiittle longer. Just.... Think of the potential, as Twilight would say.


Thanks, and yeah, like I said earlier this has been in writing purgatory for two whole month. If I went with my original plan to make it like 4k words, it would probably never get finished.

Eh, TDR's done it a ton of times in Twilight Gets A Puppy.

"Nah, let's let this sink in first. We can kill her later."


Course Twilight Can't find Starswril he's in limbo not dead! The Pragmatic Mad Scientist reaction is pure Twilight, she instantly forgets to be horrified when knowledge can be gained! Ok I get Fluttershy's reaction, to feed the extra twilight corpses to her animals, and the Cupcake reference from Pinkie.. but why was Starlight so gungho about getting shovels?

I always blame time zones for this. They make for a useful cover-up.
Did you see me yesterday? I have to decide later today whether tomorrow I should visit you yesterday.


She wanted to be away from the giant pile of rotting corpses.

I love the references to Cupcakes.

Glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiecrazy:

That's how you know the Six are BEST friends. They will not only help you hide a body, they will help you hide a mountain of YOUR bodies.

I’m so glad I found this. This concept is ridiculous. In a good way.

“Oh that’s quite alright, Twilight.” Fluttershy smiled. “I know what to do with bodies.”

Faint, and then help. Fluttershy at her best. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh, hey, it's you.

“Muffin button?” Pinkie offered.

I'm lost. What does this mean? Edit: Apparently it's a Cupcakes reference or something? Never heard anything about a button in that, though. Also not read that directly.

Anyway, on to the story itself.

An elegant solution to the immortality problem, though personally I'd have left the notion of what the afterlife is more vague. Then again we really only see how Twilight sees it. Still that makes it harder to make her visiting her friends later a happy experience as it is a relatively limited form of interaction. Also working the afterlife out also has scientific possibilities.

Also the timing is a bit unclear. Presumably Starswirl is still in limbo, but it's been awhile since she ascended, and Starlight's there, so Season 6 or 7?

There is the slight problem of additional matter apparently coming into existance as well. Even with a small number of alicorns dying a relatively small number of times, eventually the additional mass would alter the relative interactions of the celestial bodies. Mind you this problem is reduced by them being controlled, but also consider that the resulting proliferation of biodegraders could well choke out other forms of life... and also the biodegraders once all the alicorn corpses are broken down.

While the dissolving of the old body into the aether WOULD be a convenient work-around, the scientific possibilities would also be greatly altered. Also could still cause problems if you could kill yourself and return quickly enough, but there may be a minimum possible time, possibly related to the speed of Magic in a vacuum. It also raises questions of what happens when the universe they are in dies, but then again, if the afterlife really is primarily purgatorial, it could be that when the universe ends a different one takes its place, as in the case in some eschatologies. At that point, no old universe to go back to when dead, and the Alicorns can just trot on over to the new one.

...Now I'm tempted to write something about this.

Off-hand I'm going to guess you've not done research work, though don't be offended if you have. I say that because in order to ravel this theme out any longer, one would need a pretty clear idea on how to design and implement an experiment, and that's something one kinda has to learn. With your permission, I just might slip this idea into a series of short stories I'm working on about Mad Science!!! Probably as an omake, though, as otherwise it makes one I already have underway not work.

Honestly, I think this was a good length. It was long enough to make me laugh (actually laugh, not just snort in amusement) several times but short enough that it didn't drag. And "Pinkie, no!" was the perfect note to end it on. I approve. Have an updoot and fave!


My friend, you are in for a treat if you have not seen Dragonball Z Abridged!

I'm pretty good at ridiculous.

Gotta love that determination.

And oh hey, it's me.


Wow, you went really into detail about this. I'm impressed. :rainbowderp:

Yes, this is set during season six, and yes, I didn't really study anything. This was just a silly concept I got stuck in my head and it wouldn't leave.

Go ahead with the story.

And the muffin button is a reference to this. Not cupcakes.

Well thanks! I'm really happy you enjoyed it!

That's directly where I got it from, that series is amazing.


Also I'm stuck at home and thus bored, and my own research-y abilities aren't getting used irl right now, so I ramble about pastel pony physics instead of real physics. :P

Oooooh. I've seen it but I generally watch each episode once, when it first comes out. I retain a good third or so of it that way, but I do forget some of the smaller gags like that.

“Oh that’s quite alright, Twilight.” Fluttershy smiled. “I know what to do with bodies.”

“Yeah!” Pinkie agreed enthusiastically. “Now, where do you keep your shovels?”

And I was so sure Fluttershy would mention either black market contacts or her numerous carnivore friends.

"You see, my little pony," Celestia crooned. "It was as I said Princess Twilight.

Celestia addresses Twilight twice here.

What it's missing is Spike. ^^;;;

With a proud smile, Celestia snapped her dear pupil's neck.


Look I am not one to question your preferences but, you do remember that you can teleport, right?
Just saying, it is not really any longer than respawning at the wanted location and you do not leave a body for others to find.

But it takes more energy and concentration! Jumping out a window is so much easier! :raritydespair:

What Fluttershy was thinking of is up to you. Only advise I have is... stay out of her shed.

I'll fix that.


I don't think she can freely teleport from Ponyville to Canterlot though, as we basically always see her taking the train. Maybe that's because her friends are with her? I mean, the Starlight mind controlling her friends episode kinda messed with that, but my headcanon is that her magic isn't powerful enough to accuratly teleport herself that far.

Plus Twilight is known for getting caught in the moment and not seeing sense. Two perfect examples? When being chased by the hydra in season one and in the spider web in Scare Master. Sure she teleported eventually in that episode, but she could have prevented the run-in from getting so close if she had thought of it.


Yeah fair enough.

On another note, I wonder if Twilight will ever try to reanimate her corpses and engage in necromancy with all the material she has or can simply make herself. For science of course.

YES!!!! Great read. Well done!

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