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  • Friday
    What I've been up to

    Hey. Been a while since I've posted anything. Lately I've been mostly just working, gotta make those bucks somehow. Been spending my downtime drawing and catching up on anime. I watched Demon Slayer, it was alright.

    As far as stories go, I had a few longer ones that didn't pan out the way I liked, so I'll probably go back and try to get a few short stories out soon to clear the air.


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  • 13 weeks
    Allergy Season

    Pollen. I hate it.

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Read your CYOA and this video with Matt Barton's full Interview featuring R.A. Montgomery came to mind:
He's credited for a lot of Choose Your Own Adventure stories.

No prob! I really enjoy writing and I love to see others who do too!

Thanks for the advice! :twilightsmile:

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