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Twilight was bored, alone and with nothing to do. One particular alicorn's carelessness in the handling of forbidden books was about to change that.
Most ponies would have probably discouraged her from playing with magic she didn't understand, but she wouldn't have listened to them either way. She had to admit though, maybe starting with the most complicated summoning ritual she could find hadn't been her best idea.
The good news was there weren't many left to complain.

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This is great. Nuff said.

Discord is going to save every single living thing one by one, and he is going to rub it in their face every time he wins. This is glorious.

That was so random it's almost realistic. Almost.

But a mystery remains why this story didn't make it to the Feature Box, because it's really good!

And who will manage to fix everything in the end?
1. Twilight fixing everything somehow.
2. Starlight taking Twi's wings and fix it herself.
3. Discord winning Equestria back piece by piece.

Celestia shook her head. "I worry too much. What's the worst that could happen?"

celestia, celestia, celestia
You, more than anyone, after discord, should know better than to try fate so

"He appears to be playing chess with the creatures. Although I don't remember chess involving dice rolls or composable pieces that can attach to one another."


"No idea, but I really wish we hadn't." Twilight used her hoof to remove some of the white sticky substance around her mouth.

For a moment I thought ...

The unicorn turned back and sat down on the sofa beside the others, grabbing a slice for herself. "You really have to stop with your experimenting Twilight, I'm tired of having to fix the world every week."


I imagined that it was not the first time that twin destroyed equestria, more serious how many times did this happen?

"I'll steal your wings and powers and then I'll leave you to rot away in Tartarus."

starlight can actually do this if it wants to by changing the timeline

The draconequus snapped his talons, sending the mare away with a flash of light. He turned back to the otherwordly creature, repositioning the pawns on the chessboard. "Another round?"

Can one save one by one?
And who did he bet first?

Good story, full of chaos and fun. Though there is one thing:

She almost picked a worn out green tome entitled 'Peaceful Charms'

'Peaceful Charms' eh?

Assuming you made this comment because you got the reference, you might want to check out Things Change, Seed of Doubt and "Ice pack please?" by this same author. For different reasons, but all of them are related to that story.


By breaking the world it will allow Megan Williams to rise again and fix things...and then afterwords put those two brats in time-out.

Where they belong...

Silly Book-Horse.

Still, maybe she'll luck out and those eldritch tentacles will end up being pals with Hermeaus Mora and she'll get to hang out in his "Library of Everything."

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