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“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.” - Patrick Rothfuss


Some realize that Trixie is not the first to bear the title of The Great And Powerful.

Few realize that it is less a title and more a curse.

The one who kills The Great And Powerful shall ever after be cursed to become The Great And Powerful.

On a related note, Twilight Sparkle is having a very bad week.

Featured, 12/04/19-12/06/19, and 12/09/19-12/12/19!

Reviewed by PaulAsaran, with a rating of Pretty Good!.

Also reviewed by Titanium Dragon with a rating of Not Recommended.

Listed in Equestria Daily's 21 of the Best Trixie Fanfics for Trixie Day on 10/31/2021!

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Well, that's a heck of a start... looking forward to more.

You have my curiosity peaked. Have a follow and fav

This looks like it might be horrible in all the right ways. :pinkiehappy:I will get to it soon.

This is a very interesting start. :)

Interesting start. I don't typically read incomplete fics anymore, but the description caught my eye. Looking forward to the rest.

This is definitely going into my favourites right now

Before I read this, I must know: Why would Twilight kill anyone?

Oh this is gonna be good... hopefully. Interesting start anyway.

You know what what they say: you keep what you kill.

Man, there is no demise more shameful for a magician then to have it come from a failed trick.

Can't wait to see how this goes.

poor Trixie. I hope twilight give a great grave stone with cuite mark on it.

The fact that there's a link to The Great and Deathless Trixie in the Similar column is either hilarious or utterly tasteless. Either way, eagerly looking forward to seeing how Twilight handles her new Great and Powerful mantle.

Well, at least Trixie got to go out in a spectacular way. In front of a crowd, no less. I think she got to go out the way she always wanted.

....The Trixie Clause starring Twilight "The Tool Mare" Sparkle. Yes, I am that old. XP

I still considered myself young until I read your comment.

It's not the Flim Flam Brothers for selling her that contraption?

Well, damn.

I'm curious.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Well. That was horrifying. :twilightoops: But sure, I'll keep an eye on this, see where it goes next...

Either that, or Trixie's lack of real magical ability finally caught up with her. Could be either one honestly.

Oh God. This is horrifying. I’m tracking this, in the vain hope there’s a happy ending. I can’t give you a like just yet. Poor Trixie. :fluttercry:

Because Trixie stole her castle.

That wasn't a happy ending?


The Comedy tag is there for a reason, don't fret.

I do 'bittersweet' at worst.

Well that's... dark. :twilightoops:

Despite that, I'm interested to see more!

Been a very long time since I added a new author to my watch list. Curiosity piqued, please continue.

Personally I found it fascinating that when Kingdom Hearts 2 was coming out literally every person I talked to who was born after 1983 had never heard of Tron. Admittedly my sample size wasn’t enough to pass statistical rigor, but it made me feel a weird kind of age that conveyed that I was from a past era. I have pretty much accepted being old as a fact regardless of my age since then.

I finally got around to reading this.

I hope you continue this soon. I definitely want to see what comes next.

I'd like to extend an apology for that.

I believe I'm starting to accept my age the longer I witness current trends in pop culture.

This looks like it could be interesting to follow. I eagerly await for more of it.

Alright, sure. I'll follow this along.

It’s a failed Trixie stunt, and unintentional.

and a Twilight in the front row that was flush both with embarrassment and annoyance. Which made Trixie even happier.

A Twilight? As opposed to what? Multiple Twilights?

The spoiler tag exists for a reason, people! Use it!

If you have to ask that question, you've obviously never read these:

TTwilight's Rage
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The spoiler tag exists for a reason, people! Use it!


THanks, now I have to watch Riddick again...

You got my curiosity


It was at this moment Trixie knew, she fucked up

Looks interesting.

Itt: Young folks realizing that age exists. I'm here for when they think back on how they looked at older people and the soon to be growing terror of how younger kids will soon look at them.

And the cycle continues.

A small teaser for chapter 2:

There was a long pause. "So a curse to determine the strongest and most magical of all unicorns." Another pause. "So how did Trixie get it?"

Occasionally a comedy fic comes along that hooks me in with a particularly hilarious line. And this one...

It was overcomplex, sharp in all the wrong places and radiated a vague menace just by existing.

...was brilliant. I’m excited to see where this goes!


The most ancient way of course. It starts with riddle games and ends with "What have I got in my pocket?"

... the Banana Boat song was probably not appropriate listening material for this piece of literature.

I don't suppose the words "Lucius the Eternal" mean anything to anybody?

Knowing Trixie it probably involved a tornado displaced house and the last Great and Powerful being in the wrong place when it came down.

I just realised how much more darker this could go, then the movie this story is referencing/using. In the movie, everyone just thought he was going off / wrong with starting to act like santa claus. Here people are going to think Twilight is mocking Trixie's death, etc, especially Trixie's friends. That is unless this curse is obvious / made known

Goodness, I haven't seen you around in ages! Nothing to do with your comment, it's just nice seeing an old author I follow out in the wild :D


OK, interesting. Let see where this will go...

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