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Trixie's line of work is dangerous. But she's a careful showpony, and that's why she's only died a few dozen times in her career.

She thinks this is normal.

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This was a funny little story; great work.

Thanks! This was just a funny little idea I decided to crank out while taking a break from a bigger story.

This reminds my of an episode of 'Highlander'.

i think i need to see when trixie dies and come back from her point of veiw

Heh, nice. It's good to see the finished product lol

“I just assumed everypony comes back. It’s not like I ever stayed around long enough in one place to keep track of ponies reviving. So you’re saying I’m the only one who comes back to life?”

“As far we know. Are you absolutely sure you don’t know why you can cheat death?”

“…I’m actually great and powerful?”

Trixie's response to that question was the only response.


Heh. Trixie's both really fun and really easy to write, as the dialogue kind of just comes naturally.

Love this story. It's a perfect ludicrous story that got me smiling and laughing. Definitely going in my "Stories that Made Me Smile" shelf.

So... What happens when she gets old and repeatedly dies of old age?

You don't die of old age, you die of all the health issues that keep stacking up as you get old and frail. So the question is if these health issues are fixed the same way as the crushed by a cart health issues. (As in undone) in which case she might die more often than in her youth, but not constantly.

The description alone should earn you a thumb up!

Although, I'm not too surprised, it was neither Just nor Heroic, of coruse she would come back!

LOL and LOL again. :yay:

Great and powerful.

This is one of the most interesting Concepts for a short fanfiction I've seen in a long time and you definitely did it Justice with the story

Local Magician finds out she's FUCKING IMMORTAL

my god I can see it now

Just, Goddammit Trixie.


Honestly, I was expecting something about "Wait, you weren't planning to get yourself permanently eaten by a manticore?"

So Trixie finds out she's resurrects after death and the only thing she can think to do with it is include it in her act? Not quite Robert Angier level of deranged but it's up there.

Though on a lighter note I'm also reminded of this particular act.

Only difference is Trixie can do it more than once.

Are you kidding? That is EXACTLY what Trixie would do! Plus it would allow her to TOTALLY one up Twilight. I mean seriously, what other POSSIBLE use could she find for it? O.o;

Gotta say I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but I was certainly not disappointed! You definitely know how to write a Canon Trixie!
My only question is....what next?? O.O


I'm working on a pretty big story called Starcrash, if you're interested in that. I've posted a few previews on my blog.

This is ridiculous, absurd, nonsensical, and exactly what Trixie would do.

Oh My God! They kill Trixie! You bastard!

Oh My God! They kill Trixie! You bastard!

You should make that into a fic dude

Trixie:"Hey! Being eaten by a manticore ****ing hurts! I should know."

Does this mean that Trixie could have killed somepony because she just thought that they would come back to life? Disturbing.

Trixie dialogue comes naturally to you? So you’re telling us you’re actually a boastful showmare who always talks in third person?

Dang now that's a turnaround time from idea to project lol

Congrats on the feature, man :pinkiehappy: By the way, I kinda expected Starlight to be immortal as well (since she never died, she wouldn't know). Also, I wonder if Trixie can run out of lives...

And for my text trick

Should be "next".

Looks like Trixie's parents went to some Cult of Chtulu meetings.


If you understand the reference, I love you.

That does explain alot about Trixie.

Welp, Trixie is the new Squee, it seems.

They had free beer.

Or maybe the trick involves a text message. :)

Top of the Featured box and over 200 likes and it hasn't even been 12 hours. nice.

Now someone just needs to photoshop Trixie's face onto Mysterio and I'll be happy.

Short, sweet, original gag, and runs smoothly through the potential of the anomaly.

Epic level crack fic here, the only thing it's missing is a small dose of Pinkie Pie.

She got killed by a text message? I wonder if any horror writer ever came up with that.

This is a wonderful one-shot, and hits all the right notes in the characters and working out the idea. You capture Starlight's reaction to her friend's death well. Trixie might want a little more Trixi-fying, though as written it's a good "backstage" persona for her.

Some specific comments:

Trixie walked by the tree, a half-finished sandwhich floating in front of her.
“Hi Glimmer,” she said.
“Hi Trixie,” Glimmer flatly responded.

- That's an excellent deadpan reveal, even though you know it's coming.

“Hey!” Trixie protested, “What are you doing?!”
“We’re going to Twilight’s and figuring this out.”

- After all, Twilight's the expert on not giving up -- until she explodes in flames. :twilightoops:

“…I’m actually great and powerful?”

- Should capitalize it as Great and Powerful, just in keeping with her character.

Trixie kicked the lever, and all the weapons around her fired at once.
She was killed instantly.
The crowd went wild.

- ... until a day later, when it became clear that Trixie's act had finally bit the dust. :twilightblush: (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

the next day she revives young again

what if she gets younger each time she revives?

That would be awesome! Literally dying yourself into eternal youth.

I think this is a great premise. I really like this idea of returning from the dead and think that Trixie is a good character to channel it given that she has a dangerous job and moves about enough that she could concievably have just assumed that that's how things go. And for your short story of almost 2,000 words, I think you did it quite well.

I do kind of wish more was done with this though. Not to say you should make more chapters or a sequel or anything like that - I understand that this is just a quick fun idea you had as a distraction - I just really like this premise and want to see more. It doesn't help that even for a 2,000 word one-shot, it's really short.

Twilight grabbed another clipping. “Magician bites it by swallowing swords?”

The picture depicted Trixie’s corpse on its back in the middle of the stage, ten swords lodged in its mouth.

“Should have stopped at nine.”

That reference to Tarot made me geek man. I was already enjoying it, then you drop that and I start going crazy with the sheer awesome.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Well, this is a thing. A fun thing, but still, wat.

Some corrections:

Between the shock, grief, the first seeds of an evil plan being hatched to abuse time magic and reverse Trixie’s death, and more grief, it took Glimmer a good ten minutes to process who’d she just talked to.

"who'd she" -> "who she'd"

The grief in her heart melted, replaced by pure joy. Her vision became blurry, and her heart nearly jumped into her threat as she ran over. Trixie only noticed her at the last second, and the surprise from Glimmer’s sudden bear hug made her drop her sandwhich.

"threat" -> "throat"

I wonder what Celestia and Luna would make of Trixie. I really wanna see more to this!:twilightsmile:

Well, you can't deny she's devoted to her act at least :twilightsmile:

After three years of inactivity, I apparently can still write decent horse.

Maybe they died a few times as well?
And they are surprised to find another pony to be able to return?

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