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After being sold a "magical" necklace from Trixie, Queen Chrysalis believes she is completely invisible, and begins systematically ruining the lives of Twilight Sparkle and everyone around her.

Sadly, Chrysalis is not invisible. Not even close.

Artwork by Ernestboy.

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That certainly was entertaining

Bizarre but fun. Bravo n_n You do write a great Chrysalis.

This is the Sketch Police! I'm calling a halt to this sketch, as it is too silly! Too silly, I say!

This was absolutely hilarious! I loved the complete randomness of it all!

Favorite moments:

She whispered to Twilight, “That’s Queen Chrysalis. She tried to crash your brother’s wedding a few years ago. She’s a changeling. That means—”

“I know what being a changeling means!” Twilight barked in return. “Back to my original question: care to explain just why that particular changeling is here? More importantly: why she’s huddled in the corner of my very own kitchen pretending like she’s not even there?”

I love Twilight's reaction here. She seems more indignant than anything else.

“What she’s been up to so far?” Twilight asked.

Spike read over his clipboard notes. “Thus far, invisible Chrysalis has trampled on all of the flowers in the backyard. Clogged four out of our eighteen toilets. Switched around the salt and pepper shakers. Spat in your personal coffee cup once. Washed it. Then spat in it again.”

“Hmm,” Twilight mused. “She sure has a lot of time on her hooves, doesn’t she?”

“Oh, and then she took all of your family and childhood photo albums and brought them to the livingroom fireplace.”

Twilight shut her eyes and exhaled. “She burned them all, didn’t she?”

“Nope. Actually, she just sat in front of the fire and flipped through them. I guess she likes remembering family and kids and all that.”

Boy, Chryssie really is helpless without an army of emotion-sucking drones, isn't she?

As if on cue, Chrysalis started creepily chatting to herself, “Same mane style eight years running? What gives? Twilight sure looked a lot slimmer back when she first fought Queen Chrysalis. Those fancy new wings of yours can’t hide all of that purple belly, Twilight!”

Twilight pursed her lips and grumbled. “Gee! I had no idea being invisible also meant no pony can hear you, too! Do we have a ghost in the castle or something?”

All ponies in the kitchen quieted. Chrysalis, too.

Until she returned with a ghost-like tone to her voice. “Oooo! Your castle is being haunted by an insulting ghost! Don’t have too much for breakfast, Princess! Otherwise you’ll break that chair underneath you! Oooo!”

Starlight rolled her eyes and faced Twilight. “Great. Now we have a ghost problem, too.”

Yeah, she's really run out of ideas.

In bed, as still as a statue was Spike, staring at the pair of mares with heated intensity. Wrapped around him, cocooning him almost, was Queen Chrysalis; all four of her long legs enveloping him tightly. Her peacefully snoozing face pressed up against his with a thin line of drool.

“Do… something…” Spike mouthed soundlessly. “Now!”

Twilight took a step forward, before an odd mental image popped into her head.

A sushi roll.

One where Chrysalis formed the black seaweed wrap while Spike acted as the filling.

I...I can't even. There are no words. I completely lost it at the sushi part.

Nice job! 10/10

Oh, Chrysalis :facehoof:

I'm busy wondering if Chrysalis wore the two eyepatches over both of her eyes or actually strapped the second one over the first one.

Sad yet hilarious either way.

Couple of typos:

Taping on his chin with a claw,

Reckon that should be "tapping".

it’s almost better that we know where she is and exactly what she’s doing oppose to having not a clue.

"as opposed to"?

insults of sass destruction

Don't mind me, just gonna be taking that for my own use...

Sooooo.... basically Pinkie Pie Infiltrates The Changeling Hive, but with Chrysalis instead?


No, it's "taping". Spike let Twilight cast Dazzler's Discombobulating Displacement on him once, and ever since his poor chin just hasn't been the same.

I think we can all thank Drax for this baby.

And he never let Twilight test a new spell on him again.

Replace the "s" in invisible with a "nc" and it's more accurate to Chrysalis. :pinkiesad2:

Chrysalis is truly an evil mastermind.

Rarity should totally 'design' the most magnificent dress in the world for Bug Horse Despot and tell her only wise people can see it.

She'll totally pay a million bits for it. :raritywink:

8941442 We must have something manly!

Organized drilling!

Enjoyably goofy, though I am concerned with Chrysalis's mental state.

Lemme first say that I love the picture you used

“And every time she came in a new disguise. Once with an eyepatch. Once with a fake goatee. And that last time with two eyepatches and a fake goatee.”

Oh look, Count Olaf showed up again.

Hakar #20 · May 23rd, 2018 · · 1 ·

And then it turns out the popcorn kernels were actually preventing the invisibility.

We once did that to a friend in a game, due to a bizarre chain of coincidences we got him to believe that if he stands at certain props he turns invisible for us and that it just seems to work if he does it. Somehow it got a bit out of hand and in the end half of the server joined in, pretending to not see him. It lasted for 3 days in which he genuinely believed that he was invisible to the majority of the players while standing on props like a fool. :rainbowlaugh:

“Thus far, invisible Chrysalis has trampled on all of the flowers in the backyard. Clogged four out of our eighteen toilets. Switched around the salt and pepper shakers. Spat in your personal coffee cup once. Washed it. Then spat in it again.”

In other words: Pure, unfiltered evil.

Trixie cocked a brow. “You two… wrote a whole book in just a day?”
“Well,” Twilight said, “Starlight did around eight pages.”
“And you?”
“Four hundred and fifty-one. Darn writers block.”

Darn writers block, indeed.

What!?” he continued to mouth but not say—although Twilight always was rather good at reading lips. “You can’t just leave me here! I swear, when I grow up to be twelve feet tall and breathing fire, I’m gonna roast all of your pony butts so bad, you’ll be—

One day, Spike. One day.
(But first you'll have to survive Chrysalis.)

Good story!
And congratulations to an well-deserved place in the feature box.

Chrysalis comedy is best comedy.

Trixie cocked a brow. “You two… wrote a whole book in just a day?”

“Well,” Twilight said, “Starlight did around eight pages.”

“And you?”

“Four hundred and fifty-one. Darn writers block.”

I can't tell if 451 was picked randomly, or if it's a nod to Ray Bradbury.

Also, I can't help but think Chrissy knew it was fake, and just wanted a couple days of getting free shots in on her enemies.

Fun fic!

Maybe that last defeat of hers really scrambled her brains more than we knew.

No. No, I think she's operating at exactly the level of intelligence she's always had, Twilight.

Do try to keep up.

Seems normal to me. A couple of steps from crazy cat lady status, but this will do.

So much 'what'.


a la The Emperors New Clothes?

Chrysalis insinuating that Twilight has a pot belly? That's almost on a par with Trixie calling Rarity's coif a rat's nest.

8943189 Random number, actually.

8942667 This made me laugh. Like out loud. Not the simple air exhaling nostrils type laugh, either. Thank you! :twilightsmile:

8942563 I suck at finding pictures, so I usually just google "Chrysalis happy" and use whatever's on the first page. This... was that one.

8942099 Chrysalis: "I have mastered the art of standing still. I become completely invisible."

Pinkie Pie: "Hi, Chrysalis!" :pinkiehappy:

Chrysalis: "Damn it!"

8941442 I guess that's just my style of humour. I'd write for SNL, but I suck at political jokes. :applejackunsure: "Trump sure sucks. Hahaha. Take that, Trump!" "Trudeau sure is nice. Hehehe. Roasted, Trudeau!"

I honestly just surprised you didn't use the exact same profile picture as I have for the story xD

8945213 It's not the plot of "The Usual Suspects"? :derpytongue2:

I didn't like this as much to be honest. Not as funny as your other creations.

Almost every joke in this fic felt like it had potential, but needed a bit more polish to get the wording and timing better. It was still a decent read, but was so close to being so much better.

IMO, the jokes were perfect.

Yeah, I'd say Chryssi cracked up a bit. At least she was a relatively harmless snugglebug.

Twilight lowered her head and chuckled bitterly. “Took me years to figure out that equation.”

Which is it?

Trixie is necessary!” And after rising off the bed, she added: “What a great t-shirt slogan that would make!”

Yeah! Buy that for a dollar

“Might blow our whole cover,” Starlight interjected. “Then she’d been on to us. Weird Chrysalis is one thing, but angry Chrysalis? Been there. Had it. Wouldn’t order it again.”

Every single line of the story is a hilarious classic!
Just was done with reading The Queen of Hearts... but is one hits the characters a lot better! Honestly. I wish this was an epsiode!

/).(\ facehoofing but I LOVE IT.
FAVE. FOLLOW! thank you! :yay:

Oh my God! Chrysalis has falling in love with Spike!!!

Why would you NOT want to snuggle up with a Chrysalis?!

Awe, I thought that at the end there Twilight had been replaced by Chrysalis, who had secretly been aware of them being on to her the whole time, and used it as a part of her master plan to replace Twilight.

naturalbornderpy: Now, BEHOLD!
Me: You supposed to write somethi-
nbd: Is Chrysalis not invisible?
Me: Yea- No.
nbd: WHY NOT?

I want to say 'Chryssi is best troll' but that would just be encouraging Discord to prove that wrong and I'm not sure Ponyville would survive that. Still, amazingly hilarious bit of fun.

I'd snuggle her so hard. Then I'd invite Cadance and Sunset Shimmer in on the fun before giving her the brushies.

Why would Chrysalis want to become invisible? She can shape sift!

“Just two. The one detailing the perfect dip to chip ratio and the one carefully explaining the difference between a chuckle and a guffaw.”

Twilight lowered her head and chuckled bitterly. “Took me years to figure out that equation.”

And as she did that, Chrysalis appeared behind her and guffawed, whispering into Twilight’s ear, “Princess Cadence is prettier than you… heck, even Shining Armor is prettier than you…

Sneaky author

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