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How does a hamster write fanfic?


Twilight Sparkle lives a weird and interesting life, which occasionally includes getting turned into a baby by unlicensed zebra potions. The rest of her friends have had enough and leave Spike, Starlight, and Trixie to deal with this latest craziness. Oddly enough, of the three, it's Trixie who has the most foalsitting experience.

Is she going to measure up to Cadance, or will the Great and Powerful Trixie throw the baby out with the bathwater?

(This is intended to just be a little two chapter quickie. It mainly arose from a random comment I made on Derpibooru and my working through some Twilight/Trixie stuff in my other story.)

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“That would mean she’s not a virgin anymore. Oh, fizz!” She stamped her foot. “That’s another thing she beat me at!”


Nice job so far with this story! It really felt in character and was pretty funny. I can't wait for the next chapter!
:moustache: Have a moustache!

Salty Spike is salty. Honestly, I don’t blame him.

If I were Spike, I would be raging across town. Yeah, Twilight had just finished randomly enchanting them with magical sneezes, but they noped out of there in no time at all.

I am treading on dangerous ground here, because this is an age regression story that mentions that babies are kind of gross. I have to be really careful not to make it a fetish fic.

It mainly arose from a random comment I made on Derpibooru

Really? What was that comment?

It was just something I said to Eroraf86 for a posting of the scene of Twilight turning into a baby. I said that having Spike, Starlight, and Trixie taking care of her practically wrote itself. He replied along the lines of "Story. Now!" and I said it would be something where Trixie would start out being very sarcastic and teasing Twilight, and end up being very protective at the end.

I like age regression stories, but mainly as a way for characters to explore aspects of themselves that they might not be able to as adults. In this case, it would be Trixie suddenly being thrown into the position of being a caregiver for a helpless Twilight and confronting her general inferiority complex.

You did really great job with this one. It may have been a quick one-shot but it was so well done!

You gave a a sweet exposition and made everything flow smoothly and cutely! :twilightsmile:

You should add on to this with the rapidly aging Twilight, but that's of course up to your leisure and it won't bother me if you're not up to it! :twilightsmile:

Thanks. I wanted to leave the story open in case I ever wanted to add onto it (Because really, the idea of Twilight having to grow up again with Trixie now kind of taking the place of Cadance is ripe with all sorts of possibilities), but I mainly did this to workshop some ideas I had for Twilight and Trixie in my other story. The notion occurred to me that Trixie's reticence to open up to Twilight could be explored if she could somehow talk to Twilight without any fear of Twilight understanding or remembering it.

If I ever continued this, Twilight at the end would see Trixie completely differently, since she'd have a whole bunch of new memories of Trixie being a part of her life from infancy up to adulthood. Also, I have a feeling that around age 12 or so, she'd want to go to her own school for a week and be friends with the Young 6. In my mind, she'd be aging about 10 months a day, So, there'd be like a week where she'd go from age 12 to about age 15 and she could experience being one of them.

There might be a school dance. It'd be very cute because Twilight's mom would show up early and want to encourage her daughter to try a bunch of things she missed the first time around.

*Sees Twilight, Starlight and Trixie story* :twilightsmile:
*Sees no romance tag* :rainbowhuh:

:trixieshiftright: four weeks and I'm rolling in bits
:moustache: four weeks and I'm a mess
:twilightsmile: four weeks? So Trixie's my mom?
:duck: Just don't use the shampoo

Cute this is so cute .............. That is all I have to say

Oh, Trixie. You really can be such a wonderful person when you want to.

At least in my version of her. Glad you enjoyed it.

A nice take on Trixie. I would be interesting to see how the next four weeks go and/or how Twilight will act if she remembers everything that happened and what was said to her, All her friends running away and leaving her as a helpless foal? What Trixie said to Twilight and thanking her etc

Like I said earlier, I have a feeling that Twilight at the end of the four weeks would see Trixie a lot differently than she does now. But I doubt she'd remember anything that was said here, or how her friends all noped out when the change happened. Knowing Twilight, she'd forgive them.

I’d love the “sequel” idea you’ve set up. But it’s all up to you, just know that there are people who would like to see it.

If you decide not to do it, it’s completely fair and I would respect your decision. Have a nice day :)

Thanks. The thing about continuing the story would be that I'd have to think up some reasonable emotional conflicts to hang the plot around. This little story works because it sets up the conflict quickly (Trixie has a need to win Twilight's approval), explores the reason for that conflict (Twilight is what Trixie aspires to be, but can never really achieve), and then resolves it (Trixie is finally able to safely confess her feelings and manages to impress Twilight with her magic). Falling action, curtain falls, end. Simple, efficient, very cute.

For Twilight growing up again, I'd want to avoid having 28 chapters of "And now Twilight is XX years old, and here's some cute things that happen to her." I have a feeling that the key would be involving Twilight Velvet and having her encourage her daughter to try a few things differently this time around that she missed out on when she was growing up the first time. So, maybe have her go to a middle school dance and kiss a boy, only it'd have a twist. Something like that.

It'd probably inevitably approach the point where Trixie will fear what will happen when Twilight gets her full memories back and remembers how she met Trixie the first time around. That would make for some good drama.

Yeah I see your point. Thanks for replying so quickly!

I had to bite my lip to keep myself from squee-ing out loud :rainbowkiss:. A very sweet story, I always enjoy how authors such as yourself can take characters that are unpleasant to down-right evil in canon and turn them into relatable and admirable characters (and vise versa for heroes turned villain). I want to see Obab Scribbler turn this into one of her audio-reads, I loved all the little burbles and coos that you had, it made for a very sweet head-movie if you will. Anyways, I am with everyone else in the comments thus far, we would love to see you come up with more chapters and or a sequel that covers the four-week regrowth. It's your decision though, and I will respect it. One other thing that I just now thought of, I cannot remember which story it was, but I remember a direct quote or internal thought regarding a similar situation and the character in question shivering at the thought of having to go through puberty again.

Loved your short story here, adding it to my bookshelves.
Best wishes, BirdsBooksBrownies

There's also the question of how much of her memory has been retained with her regression/progression (magically created as it is), and how previous memories might be overlapped, overwritten, or combined with new information gained during her four weeks of accelerated maturing. Equally interesting to contemplate is how Twilight Sparkle might end up different than she was prior due to having new formative experiences affecting her overall psychosocial development (unless they end up not counting for some reason).

This was a fun story, by the way. Your characterization has a very naturalistic feel to it, particularly when it comes to Trixie and her interactions with infant Twilight. Spike and Starlight feel true to character as well in terms of their reactions and responses to the situation. I truly do hope that you find a way to continue from the sequel hook you put in, as I'd be interested to see not only how the Twilight-Trixie relationship is affected by her four weeks of growing up, but also Twilight's relationships with the Mane Six (who abandoned her with Spike), Spike (her surrogate brother/son), Starlight, the CMC, her students, and others she encounters at different ages. Will Twilight look at them all the same as she moves from being younger, to the same age, and potentially older, or will her view(s) and memory change along with her own shifting perspective, and how will she reconcile that potential cognitive dissonance? These are fascinating questions to consider based on the premise you've set up here.

Once again, I highly enjoyed this little "quickie" you put together, and hope it's helped to get your creative juices flowing again. While I do hope for a sequel based on the possibilities established, I enjoyed this short story just fine as a means of seeing that's there's more to Trixie than there often appears to be. Keep up the good work!

Wow, this was great. I kinda want to see a continuation of this.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. The great thing about infants is that they can act as both props and characters in a story. Assuming you don't go with the over-used trope of writing babies as little adults with a speech impediment, they can allow an existing character to break out of their usual routine. Baby Twilight here acts mainly as a mirror for Trixie to work out her issues, since she's now helpless and utterly dependent on Trixie for everything. For someone as insecure as Trixie, seeing her rival reduced to this state is liberating.

Of course, she immediately goes for teasing and insults, but my head canon for her is that Trixie is probably a very nice girl who hides her massive insecurity behind a lot of bluster. And so, left alone where no one can see her, she can drop her act and show her softer side. I explore a bit of this in my other story, although I give Trixie a much sadder backstory there.

As for any continuation or sequels, I'll think about it. Readers here seem to really like this setup. As far as going through puberty again, I think the main problem with puberty is that it takes a while and leaves you feeling awkward and angry. In Twilight's case, she'd go through it in about four or five days, and she'd probably have her awkward stage happen overnight while she slept.

While I don't know about Trixie being a "very" nice girl, I do agree that her bravado probably hides a sensitive character. As for the overnight aging straight through puberty where's the fun in that? (:rainbowwild:) teasing aside, I'll be happy if you decide to continue this, and if not, well we still have a very sweet silly story of Equestria's most unlikely babysitter.


There's also the question of how much of her memory has been retained with her regression/progression (magically created as it is), and how previous memories might be overlapped, overwritten, or combined with new information gained during her four weeks of accelerated maturing. Equally interesting to contemplate is how Twilight Sparkle might end up different than she was prior due to having new formative experiences affecting her overall psychosocial development (unless they end up not counting for some reason).

My head canon for this story scenario is that Twilight has been reduced to a six month old (Seeing how she has only a single tooth, and babies get their first teeth at 4-7 months), and that she's probably about 24 years old at this point. So, if she grows at a constant rate over 4 weeks, that's about 10 months a day. Every day, she'll regain whatever memories she had up to that age, So, Trixie and the others have a few days before she'll be old enough to really start asking obvious questions, like why she isn't home and where her family is. That's why I'd have to bring Twilight Velvet into the story, since you'd want to have at least her mother there to reassure her.

As far as her new memories overlapping with the old, I think her old memories would be more profound and emotionally affecting, but the new ones would also be clear and give her different perspective. The experience of this second childhood would be clear in her mind, and by the time she reaches about age six, she'd understand what's happening and look forward to being a little older each day and remembering the things she's already learned.

And the thing is, once it's made clear that she doesn't have to spend all her time studying, since she's already put in all that work and all that knowledge and experience is coming back to her on its own, it's going to be incredibly liberating. Because Twilight pretty much sacrificed her childhood in order to become Celestia's prize student. I think Celestia and Twilight Velvet will both realize that this whole crazy situation is a happy accident that can let Twilight have a second chance at her childhood. In fact, when Twilight reaches the age where she began her studies (and naturally starts freaking out about disappointing Celestia), I'd have Celestia show up to set her straight and pretty much order her to just enjoy being a little kid for a while.

So, there's a lot that could be done with this. And as Twilight grows up again, there'd always be this sword hanging over the situation for Trixie, who will worry that she'll lose this love that Twilight now has for her when Twi's memories fully return and she once again remembers things like their first meeting and the magic duel.

I'll tell you what: let me get the first part of Rebuilding finished (It should just take a few more chapters),and then maybe I can consider working on additional chapters.

I think my version of Trixie is very snarky and mischievous. She's a bit cowardly, but that's mainly due to her insecurities. We saw in To Where and Back Again that she'll go into danger and even sacrifice herself for the greater good, and that's heroism that you don't often see.

I have a feeling that Twilight was one of those girls who never really had an awkward phase through puberty. She was always just very cute and even tempered, and dealt with everything through aggressive studying.

That said, I have an idea of what would happen if she decides to experience Friendship School with the Young 6 for a week. She'd end up having her first kiss come from an unlikely character.

I rewatched a couple of Trixie-centric episodes, including her debut Boast Busters. I think your vision of Trixie might actually be pretty close, and how it seemed that had it not been for the down-right rude and somewhat self-righteous behavior of AJ, Rarity, and RD (but mostly the first two). Twilight might have enjoyed Trixie's show for what it was, and perhaps they could have become friends or at least friendly rivals, I feel that Trixie might not have even brought up the whole Ursa thing had the girls kept a lid on it. I mean I know she was a bit obnoxious (particularly later on in the episode) but from my pov, they were the ones who started it, what did they expect anyway? "Hello, my name is Trixie Lulamoon, and I want to perform a few boring totally not noteworthy magic tricks if you don't mind?" and if anyone is to blame for the Ursa incident, that would have to be snips, snails, and Spike to a degree now that I think about it, he's the one who all but said to them "prove her story is true".

Exactly. One of the things I plan to bring up in my other story is how Twilight used to be very judgmental about others and not even think about her rivals once she'd beaten them. The whole incident with Moondancer suddenly brought home to her that she used to be incredibly uncaring about how she unthinkingly hurt others.

With Trixie, it was entirely misplaced anger. Twilight was only trying to fix a problem no one else could, and accidentally showed up Trixie's lies. The thing is, Trixie ran off, humiliated and distraught, while Twilight just sort of wrote her of as "Well, serves her right for lying," not even considering that all her possessions were now smashed and she was alone and homeless in the middle of the night. That first season Twilight was still very socially inept and lacking empathy. Season 8 Twilight probably would have run after her to see if she was okay and offer her a place to sleep for the night.

I honestly feel that Twilight and Trixie just had really terrible luck with their first two encounters, and would have been friends otherwise. In a perfect world, Trixie would have been her first student, and not Starlight.

I'll get to reading your other story sometime today most likely, As for Twilight, I think you are right, but in the episode Boast Busters, I don't think she considered Trixie to be a rival at all until the others were practically "oh lookie there Twilight, there's a unicorn loudly purporting to be good at magic, how dare she, what are you going to do about it." which made Twilight distinctly uncomfortable, she tried multiple times to hush Spike up (okay so maybe I can understand from the angle of a little kid protecting their sibling) And I'll even partially forgive RD because that's part of who she is, but AJ and Rarity have no such excuses that I can see, they came up to a magic show and all but stepped in front of the crowd and said "Boo, this is a fake, Boo". Sure, as you mentioned, Twilight most likely didn't give her a second thought after passing along the message to Princess Celestia, but most of her anger at the end was directed to the bumbling foolishness of Snips and Snails. As I said before, I think that if AJ and Rarity had kept a cork in it, Twilight would have enjoyed the show for what it was worth, maybe apologizing on behalf of Spike's behavior at the end, but otherwise, no harm no foul. Maybe she might have even asked her some questions about her show and started a potentially friendly rapport with her. Sure boasting is not good, but if I ever have kids I think I would want to point out the difference between Trixie's initial boasting (come one! come all! poof! bang! whizz!) and the boasting later on (anything you can do I can do better) Also, off the top of my head, I'm fairly certain we've seen examples where the Mane 6 act somewhat like Trixie about how special their talents are and stuff, maybe not quite as loudly or in such a showy fashion, but being boastful nevertheless.

Season 1 had...problems. Both Trixie and Gilda are presented as having been entirely in the wrong, ignoring obvious problems with behavior from the Mane 6. But Trixie did nothing wrong in Boast Busters aside from exaggerating her magical prowess and being a jerk. Gilda was at least shown to be a bully, but she was also there to see an old friend, and Pinkie kept trying to horn in on it.

Yeah, looking back at S1 can be painful at times that's for certain, but you bring up a good point, that numerous times throughout the history of the show, the very things that are made out to be lessons for personal betterment can be from a slightly changed pov be seen as the very things they are teaching against. I think it is this very paradoxical thing that makes this show special when compared to a lot of other children's entertainment (although granted it's been a while since I've watched much else besides mlp) but from my recollections a lot of other children's shows aimed at younger audiences tend to be way overly sweet or way overly pretentious. The other thing I love about the show lies in the vastness of the fandom. I used to be a big fan of Angry Birds, and while I enjoyed the games, and I did get a little bit of rapport from Rovio, the overall fandom was pretty limited, there is only so much you can do with the concept, and almost all the fan-content was either the characters in some costume or another or based on the ab theme song. In the FiM fandom, you have stories and content extending through pretty much the entire gamut of human experience and emotion.

Another good story very entertaining I hope you will be continuing Rebuilding again in the near future keep up the good work

I will. I promise. I pretty much wrote this one in an afternoon to get my creative juices flowing again. Believe it or not, this story is practically a first draft.

I wouldn't have know you are very skilled your stories and chapters flow so well together keep up the good work

A story with Starlight and Twilight turned into a baby?
You trying to make your own "Daughters of Glimmer":trixieshiftright:

Nah, but what an open ending, I can see potential for some something heart wrenching stuff if she continues to not have her memories and grows up with them, and the person they 'raised' is just gone when Twilight comes back.
Or some funny stuff with shenanigans of Twilight demanding to be treated normally with her full memories.


A story with Starlight and Twilight turned into a baby?
You trying to make your own "Daughters of Glimmer":trixieshiftright:

Oh, hardly, if only because this won't traumatize all involved.

Nah, but what an open ending, I can see potential for some something heart wrenching stuff if she continues to not have her memories and grows up with them, and the person they 'raised' is just gone when Twilight comes back.
Or some funny stuff with shenanigans of Twilight demanding to be treated normally with her full memories.

Well, as I described above, my concept for it is that Twilight will regain any old memories she had up to her current age as she grows. So, once she hits 6 years old, she'll have regained her memories up to age 6. I wouldn't aim for any gut wrenching sadness, but it would be an opportunity for her to gain experiences that she missed the first time around.

Decent story but I could see a sequel being done with maybe a chapter for each of the 4 weeks

I can sort of see that. Week 1 would be Twilight's mom arriving and Trixie wondering if she would even be needed anymore. It could end with Celestia ordering Twilight to relax and just enjoy growing up again.

Week 2 could be Twilight hooking up with the CMC and having little kid adventures. Trixie would end up being her sort of cool aunt/foalsitter friend who gives her advice. At the end of this week, she'd be about middle school aged.

Week 3 would see her wanting to go to her own school, where she could hook up with the Young 6 as her group of friends. It could end with a school dance. There would be surprise shipping.

Week 4 would see Trixie dreading when Twilight gets all her memories back and remembers how much she disliked Trixie. There'd be a final resolution between the two. Then, I dunno... End with a dance party or something, since all children's movies seem to end that way these days.

Well done job of giving Trixie a more thought-out background than what the show gives us. I like self-aware and more sensitive Trixie.
Also, so cute to see her take care of Baby Twily :twilightsmile:

If you want to make a character seem nicer, just show them being nice to a baby or a small child.

That said, have you ever seen how people behave when they're alone with an infant? They often have these long conversations, playing off every gurgle and burp. Babies make great props for monologues.

“That is devious and unethical and I could kiss you right now!”
-Starlight Glimmer, directed at Trixie

Aww, this was really cute (and gross, can't forget that), and a nice rendition of Trixie. Even after all these seasons, authors are still digging deep into her psyche and pulling out all manner of interesting nuggets.

Characters come, characters go, but Trixie still remains!

So this was one of the most adorable things I've read on this site. Do you plan on following this up with Trixie "raising" Twilight over the next four weeks? Because I can only imagine it being as adorable and funny as this story was.

I'm strongly considering it, but only after I get my other story properly restarted. I imagine that Twilight and Trixie would grow pretty close because of this, and they'd end up seeing each other a lot differently.

Well one would have to imagine right? Hm. . . I actually don't think I have seen that kind of relationship before and how it would evolve. Usually it's the other way around. Regardless I wish you luck in the story your are restarting and if this little plot bunny of yours pays off for ya.


The notion I have for continuing the story is that Trixie sees Twilight as this lucky little rich girl who's had everything handed to her in life, while Twilight sees Trixie as this irresponsible egotist. This little interlude would let Trixie see how hard Twilight had to work and how she sacrificed her childhood, while Twilight would see her as a caretaker and confidant as she grows up again.

I'd also definitely involve Twilight's mom, if only because it would be kind of necessary and also for her to give Trixie some perspective on what it was like to raise Twilight. I like the idea of her bonding with Trixie, as well. She'd naturally be grateful to her, since Twilight Velvet would mainly know Trixie as one of the heroes that already saved her daughter and her son's family from the changelings.

Was wondering if infant Twilight will meet up with Flurry Heart. Then again I don't think Cadance can handle TWO alicorn infants at once.


I don't think there'll be time, since Twilight will likely age out of her infancy in 3 or 4 days. I actually charted out her growth, and she'd be 5 1/2 by day 7. Basically, the way it would work would be:

  • WEEK 1 - Infancy through pre-school age. (6 mos. to 5.5 years)
  • WEEK 2 - Elementary school age. (6.3 years to 11.3 years)
  • WEEK 3 - Middle and high school age. (12.2 years to 17.2 years)
  • WEEK 4 - Early adulthood to full adulthood (18 years to 23 years)

In story terms it might be:

  • WEEK 1 - Mommy and Trixie are my best friends!
  • WEEK 2 - The CMC are my best friends!
  • WEEK 3 - The Young 6 are my best friends!
  • WEEK 4 - Trixie and I now have a newfound appreciation for each other.

To be fair, Flurry Heart was easy to handle once Sunburst figured out how to suppress her magic surges. Twilight has the advantage of being calmed by Trixie's presence and rapid maturation.

it was heartwarming and on the first read, I couldn't stop laughing for the majority of chapter 1. Good job.

Thanks. I think my favorite image in chapter 1 is Trixie asking if Twilight was hiding a pregnancy by standing behind furniture as she stuffs dish towels in her ears.

That's where i started laughing.

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