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While exploring Canterlot Castle, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash uncover a room filled with stone tablets connected to dials. Above each dial is the name of an alicorn they know.

These old things couldn't possibly control an alicorn's power, could they?

Only one way to find out.

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Welp, time to add this to the list of stories I need read later (I have over 1,800 unread chapters, please end me)

All at once, Celestia figured out what was happening to her. Someone back in Canterlot had found the alicorn dials and was messing with them. Darn that honor system of hers.


Glad to see no one turned the dials down. That would've less destructive, but also a lot less enjoyable for everyone involved.

In any case, very fun read. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

:rainbowlaugh: This was so funny! I want to know what happens if the diel went to 0 instead? :rainbowlaugh:

B_Munro #6 · Nov 27th, 2018 · · 1 ·

Two things:

1. The numbers on those dials are definitely non-linear.
2. Luna has much better control of her powers than the other Alicorns. No explosions, no changes in the nature of reality, no efforts to Know What Pony Was Not Meant to Know, just a little light ranting.

Luna's moment at full power was rather disappointingly uneventful, honestly. Can't say the same for everyone else, though. :rainbowlaugh:

Luna and Stargazer forever! :pinkiehappy:

Ok, you need to add a sequel with those deleted scenes. And like PlatinumPony said, I wonder what would happen when you turn it down instead of up (like maybe when they raise/lower the sun and moon)

Also, good job, Bolt. Today, you are best pony.:coolphoto:

9316326 This one isn't that long :raritywink:

Discord's dial
Because infinity isn't really a limit.

Light ranting.... right.... using her Canterlot voice. Time to replace all the water glasses, champaign flutes, and wine glasses, not to mention the wine bottles and all the wine in them within range of her voice.

Well a large portion of Luna's power is manipulating the dream realm. Considering what we saw Flurry Heart do there when her power was turned up, who knows what would have happened if Luna had been there. For instance, perhaps all dreams within a certain range of the princess suddenly manifesting in the physical world.

Also, kudos to Sunburst for being so calm about an otherworldly abomination spontaneously manifesting in the middle of The Crystal Empire.

This is hilarious! I love stories where Pinkie and Dash get up to mischief.

“Why sort of maniac would care about that? I just want a cookie, Spike.”

However, that should probably be "what?"

Well yeah obviously, but I mainly want it to see what their reactions would be and it doesn't necessarily have to go to zero, it could go to any number

Fools. Discord doesn't have a dial, he has a switch. It's either on full chaos or no chaos. No middle sliders.

If Discord was at full chaos, he couldn't have a stable form, since it is orderly. But he's not at no chaos either.

Until Pinkie asked, “What time’s snack time again?”

The guard replied with sorrow, "There is no snack time."

Pinkie cried out in abject horror, "Nooooooooooooooo!"


He deals with Flurry Heart on a regular basis. Eldritch abominations are a mere annoyance compared to that.

(Flurry Heart will destroy us all. Pass it on).

discord's dial reads infinity and infinity + 1

Considering she destroyed The Crystal Heart in The Crystalling and unleashed a flood of pudding in Best Gift Ever, I can't say you're wrong.

9316590 9316772 931660 9316803
Discord's dial is fixed and cannot be moved. However, it is the rest of the tablet which turns. Unfortunately, no one knows what it is set to, because it does not make any sense. There's a three and seven, the letters E and Z, the symbol for pi, symbol for omega, a horseshoe, a fish, and several other symbols no one recognizes.

Bah, a dial is starting to seem too simple... his power control is a slinky that keeps bouncing along a ball and if you shake it like a snowglobe he gets stronger but only if it is on a Tuesday.

Not Sunset though?

discords dial goes from 1 to ten but it's a button

That Bolt, know what I mean? Great wingpony, or greatest wingpony of all time?

Discord also has a power dial. One that goes on forever. He's always been stuck at "one", thankfully.

Noooo, you blew it! It's supposed to go to... plaid!

“Something wrong with the door, hun?” he asked good-naturedly.

Man, Shining is just so chill. :derpytongue2:

A loud clink sound told Shining the room’s normal door had been locked tight.

Smirking while nodding, Shining told her, “Now I think I get where you’re coming from. It’s been forever since the two of us had a nice afternoon nap together.”

Ah, I see you're a fan of the 'Shining Armour is a goddamn moron' trope. :rainbowlaugh:


+1 for Sunset dial, Starlight doesn't need one.

Either that or he's a master of subtlety, at least when it comes to innuendos.

When celestia was at 11 and All was gone. I was half expecting there to be the full stop to the story right there. And an Epilog as Discird came round as The Janitor to clean things up.

Because The Janitor has to clean Everwhere.:moustache:

Comment posted by NightEyes_5 deleted Nov 27th, 2018

Discord then is binary, 00 being off, then a button for 01 to 10.

Let me guess, did you read that awful OP Twilight story that got featured recently?

Also regarding author's note: One time Discord's knob got unstuck and just kept spinning. And that's how we got Diaries of a Madman.

Even more, Discord with his power maxed would cease to exist as person, as name, memories, personalities, character traits etc. are all orderly. He would turn into mindless chaos wiping all reality at instant

Darn those pesky Honor systems!

"Do not go above 5 unless in times of war. Or Yakyakistan holds another volleyball tournament."

I take it volleyball is not the Princesses' forte? More into Eating Competitions?

Id say one for both and one for trixie set to -5

he already does travel at the speed of plaid


Maybe one for Starlight to turn it down, then? She's already Alicorn-level! Trixie might already be at -5... she needs some help.


Or maybe that's why she's so strong?

Personally I believe trixie is actually alicorn or at least pre-alicorn twilight level in raw power but has no real understanding in how to use her magic hence her reliance on slight of hand, gimmicks and stage "magic" to compensate


I'm of the opposite idea. I think there are 'powerful' unicorns and 'skillful' unicorns. Look at Rarity, the feats she can do with her magic, fine manipulation over so many vectors, all the factors that she handles easily when operating an entire dress shop at once. That's skill. Trixie feels like a skilled unicorn, just not a powerful one.

Yeah, Starlight semi-breaks some things narratively. You can pass her off as another prodigy-level magic user in much the same vein as unicorn Twilight, and that excuse works, but only just barely - her power stretches credibility even then.

With Trixie, yeah, I think it's pretty well established at this point that she is very solidly above-average as unicorns go but still utterly left in the dust by anyone of true power. Ironically, she is a lot better when she leans into her own talents and augments her magic with copious stagecraft, instead of trying to match others blow for blow... something she never really seems to catch on to.

Ha HAH! Awesome story. Hope you'll write more!

Good one. Poor donut thou... Never saw it coming.
Also, yay:yay: Luna got somepony!

Amazing! I wonder what would happen if the villains had dials.

Starlight Glimmer has a tablet and dial, but it's still under construction. Celestia hides this under a cloth when Rainbow Dash asks about it.

It's been marked with a sign that reads "Project cancelled, subject too unstable."

There's also one for Sunset, which required calibration when she returns to Equestria. Hers also goes to 11.

mmmm.... If the author wanted to. They could very easily make a sequel to this.

I cared about canon until Starlight's second appearance, where everything kinda just went out the window in terms of consistency. Not that I'm a Starlight hater or anything. I'm just a bit salty that we lost that from the show.

She doesn't break anything other than a bunch of headcanons people had in terms of "power levels"

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