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A collection of stories about our Favorite Pony!

A few simple rules:

(1) Be nice to one another! Pinkie likes it that way!

(2) Post any stories with Pinkie in them. She doesn't have to be the main character, but it doesn't hurt!

(3) While Pinkie is the ultimate party pony, some fetishes are NOT allowed in this Group: vore, scat, diaper, rape, foalcon.

(4) Forum threads are MLP and Pinkie-related topics ONLY! Please limit personal topics to your own blogs. Examples include asking for writing help, self- promotion, (except for posting your own Pinkie stories, those are welcome!) or other similar off-topics.

(5) Have fun, make Pinkie smile!

And a Group about Pinkie wouldn’t be complete without this:

Featured Story

Every year in the late fall, Pinkie Pie indulges in a tradition that the others have grown quite tired of.
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Hiya! I can't wait to see what you can do in this group! Hope you make everypony smile!

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