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"Cathredral bells struck by lightning, and in the clamour, hear their name." — Aragon

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I don't think about anything.

Words of unparalleled brilliance gush forth as soon as they hit my brain.

...just fine...

...something on your mind?

Then it's fine:twilightsmile:

When exposing them to media, I would recommend Static Shock and the original Batman before moving on to the Shadow and Solomon Kane to inoculate them against the Naruto's

  • Viewing 79 - 83 of 83
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Updates on stories · 12:53pm February 6th

For those of you that don't know, I'm what's known as an organic writer. That means I don't use an outline...I write as I'm inspired to do so, and the need to do so waxes and wanes. You all should also know that I'm under a doctor's care for BiPolar depression, which affects my mood and in turn sometimes disrupts my ability to write. So know that the long, long hiatus between chapters is due largely to these factors, and that I haven't given up on any of my popular

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