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"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach...then up and to the right."


Pinkie Pie. The ultimate party pony. Loved by all, and loves in return.

But sometimes...sometimes, in the dead of night, after all the decorations are taken down, she feels a darkness welling up inside her. A darkness that threatens to overwhelm her in the form of a voice that whispers unspeakable things.

Pathetic. Loser. Let me out.

Let me hurt them

Let me hurt you

Written for a beautiful friend who is having a rough time.

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Comments ( 8 )

Bless you for writing this.

Damnit... She's fighting me again... How about you don't give her any comfort! I'm out, and I'm STAYING out...

You can't win, Pinkamena. We love Pinkie and we'll never give up on her. NEVER.

You are beyond welcome. I hope it helped.

Given how many people read to escape their own problems, and to seek solace and maybe even advice, this story indeed has a wonderful purpose. I also appreciate the solid grammar and spelling, as well as the fine formatting. Sadly that's something more and more stories here lack--or so I feel, anyway. The only thing that bugged me while reading this was Twilight not using her magic to snatch the knife away immediately, but that's just a minor nitpick. Thank you for this read!

And thank you for reading!

That's a valid criticism, and all I can say is I didn't think of that. So in a way, that can be reflected in the character: she didn't think of doing that, all she wanted was to immobilize her friend who was trying to harm herself.


Yes, that sounds like a plausible reason. After all, people tend to behave (slightly) irrationally in stressful situations, which this one definitely was.

This was a nice read; very thought provoking. Some parts were a bit rushed and could use some more description/editing.. but the overall story had a lovely message. :twilightsmile:

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