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Do you think your story needs a push in the right direction to get you, the author, back on track and make a better story altogether? How about a place where you can share your story (or stories) in peace? If yes, then this group, The Equestrian Sanctuary, is the group for you! We hope to stay as an active group for as long as possible and we accept stories from both new and current authors.


Here at The Equestrian Sanctuary, we respect authors and stories of all types. Please read the rules found below.

1. Absolutely no hateful comments or bashing of any fic. This group is meant for support and helpful criticism. You can be stern, but please be respectful at the same time

2. Verbally abusing any author will absolutely not be tolerated. We are all people on the other side of the screen

3. When submitting fics, please make sure that they follow the site rules and are placed in the proper folders

4. Most importantly, have fun! We are all here to help each other so don't be afraid to ask questions or chat!

(More rules will be made as the group grows in size, feel free to offer your own input.)

Any violation of rules one or two will come with consequences. (Yes, it's the Internet, but please, don't be an ass to others)

A proper banner will be created soon in order to properly promote the group.

I am also looking for people to help me run the group, so if you feel you have the skill, feel free to head on over to the forum where I have a thread for becoming an Admin/Critic

Founder: The_Shadow

Current Admins/Critics: N/A (Currently recruiting!)

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Hey, uh. I accidentally submitted my story into the slice of life folder by mistake! I can't seem to remove it from that folder. Is it possible for you to take it out of that folder? Very sorry about that!

I seem to notice there is a HiE folder but not just a regular Human folder

Of course, that's why we're here to use those reasons and turn a fic into something worthwhile or even better if possible =)

Tired of wondering why your fic is being bashed?

Probably for very good reasons. :trixieshiftright:

Thread is up, feel free to check it out!

Looking for admins, a thread will be created shortly for the qualifications needed to apply

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