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A broke, anxious mess with a sweet tooth. Usually tired or hungry.

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Not dead · 2:20pm June 16th

what's up y'all?

i'll start by saying that school has kept me from you for a long while now, and even though i am currently in the throws of 4 summer courses, i'm itching to write more for Family Tree, and some of my other stories too, but mostly FT.

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that was a mobile thumbslip, my bad, i hardly follow people. but I am reading Awkward Celebrations right now and tracking that, good fun read so far c:

Thanks for the follow. :pinkiehappy:

glad to have you on board! i don’t know exactly how many chapters are left, but the story is fully planned out. if i had to guess, maybe 10-12 more chapters, just spitballing

i do all the editing, that’s the way i like it. im too much of a control freak to put it in someone else’s hands (ha)

very nice art! also, if you like my writing i have a one-shot called “Now Hiring” im pretty proud of, and folks seem to like it c:

i love keeping up with your stuff, honestly dont know why i didn't do it sooner. c:

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