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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


This story is a sequel to The Masks We Wear

Flicker Nicker has joined the Rat Catcher's Guild of Canterlot, the unsung heroes that keep Equestria from the plague. Changes are upon the horizon as disease becomes an ever increasing threat, and new enemies lurk in the deep, dark places where the vermin hide.

But Flicker isn't too worried about creeping death, the appearance of new enemies, or the coming of new plagues, just so long as he can wear his mask—the mask makes the pony, after all.

An entry in the Weedverse.

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This story is 20% cooler!

Plague huh? Should I read this Weed story and those affiliated, or just not even give it the time cause it will never have an ending for it. Seriously, Kudzuhaiku. You have WAY too many unfinished stories. I can understand that actually picking a story and finishing it can be a bitch, especially when you're not in the mood for that one. You've overburdened yourself with soo many topics to choose from, I can't even imagine what this is doing to your health.

(From a concerned person)

P.S Love your work and I'm glad you've been giving PLSS and The Chase a bit more attention lately.


Several stories have been finished just recently.

he made it his life’s mission to please the older stallion

Knowing what I know about Flicker's...disposition... this line made me snigger even though it wasn't funny. I'm so immature.

But on a more serious note, I'm glad we get to continue flicker's story. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of personal growth he experiences (per the Weedverse rules) and who he turns out to be.

Unmasked, Flicker Nicker was just another somewhat confused colt that wasn’t sure of his place in the world, a colt that didn’t quite fit in with other colts his age, a colt riddled with doubts about his own identity. But the mask fixed all of that, it took away his need to think, to reflect, to worry about who and what he was.

This here is what has got me invested in Flicker. This chapter paints a vivid picture of who Flicker wants to be. What he wants his detachment to be like... and this line exposes just how fragile it can be, as well.

It seems like he hasn't really integrated what his cutie mark destiny is with who he feels like he is most of the time, so now the mask is another persona of his.


He's a very black and white character. Something is or it isn't. We're going to see a different side of him in the next chapter.

I love it, it's like he views his mask as the part of himself that holds his confidence.

I would kill to be able to buy one of those flea candles! I also assume they kill eggs, larvae, and pupae too.

Somehow we ended up with demonic poison-resistant fleas inside our house. It's disgusting! Even the most expensive poisons don't work anymore. My dog is a refugee and has to live with my mom now... What I would give for magic candles! :fluttercry:l

So long as Flicker doesn't encounter someone like Batman, especially since one of the latter's villains is ironically named the Ratcatcher, aka Otis Flannegan.

Also I'm very much anticipating The Perilous Gestation of the Royal Swans most patiently.

7729223 ? I haven't payed much attention. I really only read your blogs atm.


Tea tree oil dissolves chitin. Soak your carpets with diluted tea tree oil and allow to dry. It'll stink a bit, but it helps. Check online for how tos.

7729262 Every poison seems like magic until the targets develop an immunity. Unfortunately.

Very promising. And that Nightlight character tag intrigues me.


It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

The movements described were hypnotizing.

The beginnings of a good story. Tracking.


Now he needs a terrier as a pet to help him go ratting! And to teach him how to care for creatures too!


He has a pet, but it isn't a terrier.

Good start. However, I'm currently thinking, "oh, this isn't going to end well." Because, what's the point of having it end well? Where's the story in that? I don't trust the yet-to-be-dispatched rats. They probably have Elder God Plague or something similar sounding.

Flicker, as portrayed here, reminds me a little of Rorschach from the Watchmen. In a good way, mind. I'm also put in mind of Ratter from Ogres and Oubliettes.


Good news everypony, somepony dies in this story!

Interesting, I look forward to reading more about our young death dealer. :moustache:

Ooh. Gives ya the chills.

7729219 This comment, made me laugh. You sir, don't know the half of it.

7729721 Son of a- *sigh* This shit again? No no, let me guess, a rat becomes a character for good and then dies heroically. Or, it's going to be Heli again. Oh, oh, the Candle maker. Or, whoever this villian of plauge is(I'm still not sure if it is Grogar).


No, a major character is going to die. It is going to be a focal point for the story, triggering growth through loss.

7730292 It's going to be the sister isn't it. Either that or the parents.
Though if it's a main character... Love interest? I don't actually know the main characters yet besides Flicker so I'm just taking crapshots.

After playing both of the Dishonored games, reading this is strangely satisfying...


Doctor. He is going to die. That's my current bet.
And no! Why would anyone want to think about that thing more than when it is relevant?
And yay~ Tarnish, does so much crap! And wands sounds like a sure fire way to help people out with that Horrendous Hypothesis issue.


Wands work by leaching ambient magical energy away from other sources temporarily.

7730467 it adds to the problem? Great.


If used by everybody, yes.

It would make the problem worse, robbing Peter to pay Paul.

But when given to certain individuals, certain professionals who need them for their job, they can be useful in a pinch.

Spud does need fanart.

I just realized that Heliophant is a play on heirophant. D'oh.

These names, the tech level, and the urban atmosphere is making me think of this as a sort of Dickensian Western. I dig it.

And now the journey begins where we discover if Papa Nurgle can learn the magic of friendship. :scootangel:


This makes me wonder. What is the source of ambient magic on the planet?

I did not know how much I wanted a Dickensian Western. How much I needed it. But now it is at hand! Oh frabjous day!

Maybe I play too much warframe, but as you described Spud all i could think of were the Hyekka from that game.


I guess one could say, that this story...

is sick.

i like the way it is going, the wand part made me think back to harry potter... here harry... your first wand even that you have one sticking from your head :derpytongue2:

anyhow, hope to see more of rat's death even that now he will be more of a general death
7729229 aye, you are... never mind "his" disposition (considering it wasn't introduced yet in the fic) he is his mentor/father figure... that is to be expected
7729254 think of it as "dual" personality, one of the reasons many people "wear" mask in life, with "us" being internet based masks, for him it's a way to shed his "own self" when he becomes "the plague doctor" he gains respect, he gains a purpose and all colt like things in him go to the background

7730228 the best name for the work

I like this, when FN puts on his mask it reminds me of Bucky making his armor on the isles.
And the deathly candles definately sound like something Winter Worx would make, only their would work on Mirror Travelers.

So many dots of light, fading, fading, fading, gone.
Oh hey Ash Tanto, how's it going?

Hm, in the first story I assumed they were funded mostly by the public, since so much of their good is captured by the public. But then last chapter he cleansed a private vessel, and I thought that might mean they get paid good money to clear the ship for use again. After all, Canterlot may feel obligated to treat ponies, but there's no need for them to pay to clean a ship that primarily benefits it's owner. Which was why I was surprised to see in this chapter they have a patron. But if his intentions are to expand the guild to deal with new threats, that would require a big investment.


There is also the cost of equipment, enchanting specialised equipment, etc. All of that is very, very expensive.

In the real world, some guilds were subsidised by wealthy patrons to keep the cost of services down because it benefited everybody.


His magic is too weak for his horn to be that useful.

7730957... horn "strap on"/"case"
Put the horn in the wand


Eh, I'll be going into more detail on how the wand works. Later.

What would happen if Sumac powered up Flicker?

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