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Pear Butter and Bright McIntosh have recently passed. What remains of the Apple Family find themselves caring for their newest family member. But they can't do everything to provide for the new foal on their own.

An ad is placed.

A position is filled.

But loss is a thing that affects each individual differently. And new faces can be both a curse and a blessing.

review by PresentPerfect

Royal Canterlot Library feature and an interview.

Featured in Twilight's Library for November of 2020, thanks so much!

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Interesting take on their parents' deaths, and honestly, this one sounds the most believable out of any theory out there, in my opinion. This is cohesive, well-written, and a tearjerker. Good work!

Powerful stuff. Have a fave and follow from me.

thanks so much! i almost didn’t write it cause it seemed like sad for sad’s sake, but i think it turned out pretty good c:

That... That was absolutely beautiful. Powerful stuff man. Not often I care for an OC this much, but... By god I wanted to give Rosemary a hug.

It's okay, I didn't need my feelings today. You can have them. Beautifully written, and a perfect example of bittersweet. Lovely work.

i’m glad she left such an impression on you, thanks for the compliments c:

i tried to make something sad, but special. glad it spoke to you

Just....whoooo....I need a minute after reading this one....

take your time, it’s heavy stuff

Thank you for hurting me.

*shakes your hand* thanks, i try

So sad...Rosemary apparently had a late/mid-term miscarriage...at least now it looks like she has another baby. Her new baby won't be Skylark, but hopefully it'll grow up knowing about it's big sister that it never met. I want a sequel now where we get to meet Rosemary's baby (Uh...not THAT Rosemary's baby...although it would be interesting) and Apple Bloom learns about the first pony she called Mama, and why. I like Rosemary as an OC. She's perfect because she's NOT perfect. She has problems. She's not an all powerful alicorn/unicorn or super fast pegasus. She's not even a super strong Earth pony (physically, mentally, she's incredibly strong). She's one of the most realistic OCs I've seen in a long time. Well written. I'd love more of Rosemary's story for sure, especially her life with the Apples, and, perhaps, how she became an Apple for real. Through adoption, or through marrying an Apple family member, making her new foal an Apple by name and blood. :heart::applecry:

im glad you liked the story c:

if i can think of an interesting enough premise, i could imagine a sequel, but it’d have to be something special

i think something that lends to Rosemary as a character is that i never gave her a physical description, so she’s all personality. you feel for her as a person (pony) rather than a “____ earth pony with ______ eyes, etc.” even i don’t know what she looks like ha

Welp I'm sad now

we aim to please

thanks for reading c:

Really beautiful. Well done.

thanks so much, glad you liked it c:

:twilightsmile: great story.

Congrats for being featured on Equestria Daily!

Oh man, this hit me like a freight train to the feels.

i didn't know i gotta go look this up

aaaaaaaaaa this is so nice
thanks for letting me know c:

No problem, good work gets the attention it deserves!

Just saw this on Equestria Daily, and after reading the synopsis, I am very intrigued with this story. Don't have to time to read at the moment, but definitely will in the near future. Congrats on the feature, though!

thank you c:
and i hope you like it once you read it, im glad so many people enjoy NH

Wow! This was very powerful. I love how Rosemary and the Apples, by chance, both came in contact with each other during their respective moments of grief, and how that allowed them to take their time in overcoming their grief.

At that moment when Apple Bloom called Rosemary, "Mama", my heart sank because I had a feeling about how she would react. But I loved how Applejack said basically said that even when family members die, they never stop being family. That was quite poignant.

Something that really caught my attention was this quote from Rosemary:

“One of the nurses!” her voice got angry suddenly, and she kicked the ground hard, sending chunks of dirt into the lake. “She had the nerve! The nerve to tell me that she was in a better place! … What about here!? With me!?” she shouted across the water. “What was wrong with me!? I would’ve loved her! I do love her! I…I never even got to say goodbye!””

I've always heard this being said when referring to lost loved ones, including a child, but the thought hadn't occurred to me that it could be interpreted in this manner. It is said to comfort, but I can see how it could do the exact opposite. Definitely something to remember.

Loved the story and glad I finally had a chance to read it!

Author Interviewer

Damn! I haven't seen a story like this before. This is how you write a sad fic, no tearjerking save what comes naturally from the situation. Damn, I can't get over this. :D

i tend to re-read my own stories about a dozen times, helps bunches with the editing process, and sometimes it makes me cry too. not a humblebrag, just-

i've often just laid there like "why would i do this to myself? why would i do this to other people??" too sad :c

but still glad i wrote it, and i'm glad you liked it c:

Brilliant work, letting us feel the characters' sorrow without wallowing in it. That flash of hatred at the start was a fantastic hook, and the ending was wonderfully satisfying. Thank you for a great read.

As a parent myself, this got me right in the feels. I think you got the tone absolutely perfect, and made something deeply moving without being mawkish. It's realistic and grim, and also sweet and uplifting. You don't pull any punches, but you also don't layer on the misery any thicker than is absolutely necessary.

One of the very best stories I've read on this site. Well done. And thank you.

quite the compliment! c: i'm glad you had such a good read.

i get a lot on this story about it being the right level of sad, not too much but still effective. it's a very nice thing for everyone to say, you included. im glad it wasn't too over the top from a parent's perspective, that was a worry of mine for a time. i didn't want to rub anyone the wrong way with Rosemary's hurt.

again, thanks for the lovely compliment 💙

I saw this in the feature blog and had to read it ASAP. The idea of bringing the Apple family together with a mare who lost a foal fits perfectly, and I like how the grief is kind of understated compared to other stories about this topic, yet it feels realistic.

Such a beautiful story.
An excellent take on that chapter of the Apple family.

I love your ending.
And how it inspires the imagination to create its own continuation.

This was a real fine story. I liked the fact that while it has an ostensibly happy ending, it also acknowledges the fact that the Apples and Rosemary won't ever get back what they had. Some stories seem to play up the "adopting a family member to replace deceased ones" trope a little too optimistically, so it was nice to see a story where a certain level of cynicism still remained.


Raw and devastatingly painful, yet as heartwarming as the hearth. Thank you for writing this.

thank you for reading! and for the lovely compliments c:

Love it, made me cry.

Thank you for this wonderfully crafted story. It's a aad, beautiful and bittersweet tale that brought a tear to my eye. Brava miss-cyan, brava.

Hit me right where it hurts. Thank you.

This story got me right in the feels

I haven't had a good cry in a while, but I guess I needed it. Beautiful story, very well done. Favorited. Keep up the good work.

thanks so much! c: for the fav and for reading. tbh, it used to get even me when it was first published and i’d do re-reads for editing, ha

I reviewed this story as part of Read It Later Reviews #87!

My review can be found here.

this is great! thank you for letting me know c:

Horribly overdue to say the least, but here at last are the like and favourite I should have given you after I'd reviewed this story off-site. An original setup and nice character writing.

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