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who knew we owned eight thousand salad plates?!!


Diamond Tiara is an Earth pony. One that can't take care of a flower, apparently.

Written for a Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Contest!

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Sweet little story, thumbs up! Though I like to think Silver is mostly only mean out of following Diamond Tiara, so her bit at the end felt a little off to me personally.

This was a refreshing change from the crap I usually read. Well done!

Hm maybe, I really just threw it in there for comedic effect :rainbowlaugh: Thanks though, I'll keep it in mind next time!

Thank you! :twilightsmile:

No right or wrong when it comes to this sort of thing of course.

From the name and description, I expected a way sadder story. I'm pleasantly surprised, and I got to learn a bit about gardening!

This was fun.

This was very nice, one of my favorite pairings to read about.

Thankyou for this lovely one-shot.

Yesterday I was feeling quite crap as an old maple tree I was taking care off seemed to be doing poorly.

But nature can come back, yes?
Time and love.

What a great exploration of Earth Pony magic! My pet interpretation is very close to yours-Earth Pony magic is subtle and nuanced, and earth ponies themselves can have diverse individual talents!

That was a nice story.

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