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Hi, my name's Present Perfect. I like reading fanfic almost as much as I like writing it. Anything I read, I write a little review for on my Fimfiction blog. This group is where I'll be keeping track of all the stories I've rated "Highly Recommended", or better than a 4/5 from the "vs." posts.

You can find a full list of everything I've reviewed, including the ratings, here.

Explanation of letter ratings:

Not Recommended
Vaguely Recommended
Conditionally Recommended
Highly Recommended
X: Review removed by author request

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Broken blog link, my dude

Author Interviewer

I believe the number stands at 3 4. It's not entirely indicative, but if you search my spreadsheet for "X" ratings, you'll see a few.

How many times have you had authors request you remove a review?

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