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Super Trampoline

I only use prereaders if I'm writing something of decent length and quality, which is why I never use prereaders. :rainbowlaugh: Help me write my 💯th story!

Latest Dreck

  • Super Trampoline Some ponies do not have wings, yet wish to fly. Cherry Berry, Pinkie Pie, and Starlight Glimmer, they overcome this obstacle in various ways. Spring Loaded seeks to soar through the air on a super trampoline. What could go wrong? by Super Trampoline 1,100 words · 223 views · 18 likes · 7 dislikes
  • Snoozlerazz the Annoying EQG Changeling Snoozlerazz discovers faces, visits the DMV, and makes out with her teacher, all while attempting to annoy people so she doesn't starve. A Super Cynepoline Wulf collaboration by Super Trampoline 2,668 words · 135 views · 12 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Admiral Trampoline Super Biscuit Shouldn't Write Shipfics, Volume I Equestria, where the friendship is magic and the romance is probably also even more magical. Well, usually. Sometimes, not so much. by Super Trampoline 1,066 words · 129 views · 17 likes · 14 dislikes
  • Feeling That Way You're drenched in sweat and ennui. She's fighting the enemy, and you're fighting depression. Stuck forever in a nowhere town, you try to rise above inertia, but you only end up feeling useless. You're always feeling that way. by Super Trampoline 1,019 words · 443 views · 38 likes · 4 dislikes

Wherever You are in This World, Thank You for Visiting!


The sequel to White Space is coming August 6th, and it's HEAVY.

To love a changeling is one thing. But to love your husband's killer? That's pushing it.

My name is Sandy Shoreline, and I'm married to a monster.

Long Term Project: Austraeohaiku

Rainbow Dash flies east,
Seventeen sounds at a time,
Each chapter three lines.

This is a retelling of Austraeoh in haiku form.

Currently on: Chapter 17 of 200
Date started: December 28, 2013
Projected publishing date: Hopefully in April
Projected completion date: Someday

The SuperVerse

The Many Adventures of Doctor Whooves and Fleur Dis Lee

[Romance] [Comedy] [Crossover] [Adventure]
The Doctor's wife dies. Fleur's fiancé Fancypants calls off the wedding. They seek the services of Madamoiselle Pinkamina and Matching Feelings, two of the greatest matchmakers in Equestria. Shenanigans ensue. 26 6


[Slice of Life]
Before Nightmare moon, before King Sombra, before Discord, before Equestria, before the three tribes, before the royal sisters, I am. And tonight, I visit a very special somepony. It's her birthday after all. 17 1

The Assassination of Rarity Belle by the Coward August Flower

[Tragedy] [sad]
Pretty self-explanatory (not written yet.)

Sweetie Beltway

[Romance] [Comedy] [Adventure] Cutie Mark Crusaders Civil Engineers Yay!0 0

Nothing Gold Can Stay

[Sad] [Dark] [Crossover] [Slice of Life]
After Rarity's death, Doctor Whooves Takes Discord, Celestia, and Fleur Dis Lee several billion years into the future, to watch the long-princessless sun engulf the planet Earth. Somehow, that makes things better. 18 1

Go West, Young Mare

[Romance] [Comedy] [Adventure]
Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash visit a friend. Unfortunately, this friend lives a thousand miles away. Oh and he's a high priest—whatever that means. And he's at least 3,000 years old. And Twilight miiiight have a crush on him. Eww.0 0

Needless to say, these took a lot of formatting.

One of my Pet Peeves

Proud Part of the Make Meeester Happy Foundation!

Unique stories, and my favorite story

  • Statistics Sometimes, all we need are a few stats to shed light on a subject. by xTSGx 1,042 words · 13,846 views · 1,497 likes · 36 dislikes
  • Clockwork What is time to a pony? by 71NYL-5CR4TCH 17,101 words · 3,801 views · 592 likes · 19 dislikes
  • A Mark Of Appeal Joyous Release has what she feels to be the worst talent and cutie mark in Equestria. She's approached Luna with a simple request: that the Princess rid her of both -- forever. A simple request which happens to be impossible... by Estee 132,435 words · 8,171 views · 876 likes · 29 dislikes
  • Princess Twilight Sparkle's 505th Birthday The sequel to Princess Twilight Sparkle's 500th Birthday by Autumnschild 104,072 words · 10,538 views · 1,225 likes · 17 dislikes
  • Magic, and Mayhem, and... Murder? Oh my... Shawn Spencer, fake psychic detective, goes where no man has gone before. by Invictus 137,798 words · 9,800 views · 918 likes · 22 dislikes

Stories That Made Me Cry

Favorite Adventures That Aren't Anthropology or Integration or Fo:E or Equestria from Dust or Echo the Diamond Dog or the 600+ chapter behemoth by Imploding Colon (Who is Really ShortSkirtsandExplosions)!

  • Roadtrip Let's drive to a brony convention with Queen Chrysalis riding shotgun by totallynotabrony 26,430 words · 6,274 views · 653 likes · 30 dislikes
  • The Eternal Song I'm Vinyl Scratch. DJ, producer, lover, borderline alcoholic... and now, apparently, savior of the universe. Yeah, I don't really know either. by Stereo_Sub 87,983 words · 3,258 views · 372 likes · 9 dislikes
  • Three Hundred and Fifty The future has everything that any pony could ever want. Twilight Sparkle wants to go home. by Void Chicken 48,448 words · 16,679 views · 2,317 likes · 66 dislikes
  • It's Not A Cold Dark Place (Original Version) Six stars on EQD! To save Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo must confront her fears and sail to the land where dreams are made... by Lucky Dreams 9,476 words · 6,042 views · 216 likes · 3 dislikes
  • Mother of Invention Awake and alone, Applejack will find a way to survive. by zaponator 156,998 words · 9,147 views · 784 likes · 21 dislikes

Those things where I almost always uncheck the two boxes in the settings...

The Best Character Study I've Read

In which Shining Armor is painfully deconstructed and put back together a stronger stallion in the wake of his wedding

Cadence In A Minor
by Isseus

Some More Pictures I Like

Bat ponies are best ponies. I should know. I am one.

Holy cow this is adorable!

Sixteen Selected Stories: Silly, Spike, Stupid, Scary, Senescence, Sensual, Sweet, Saccharine, Shivering, Speed, Sequel, Slurred, Sun, Simile, Sad, Shenanigans


About Me · 9:32pm Dec 21st, 2013

You're like half batpony with some weird fur disease and a bear trap for teeth ~Silent Shadow
Trampolines are dangerous butt fun ~Piquo Pican Pistchio Pie
I remember you. You hit me with your bat wings at BABScon. Not cool bro. ~Daniel Bergstorm
that is the worst oc i have ever seen even of the joke ones ~coolin79

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Hiya, thanks for the read it later listing :twilightsmile:

I just read 'Fluttershy takes it up the butt' too, which I see you recently added.

Loading this page is a pretty good bench mark test. Neat.

I just read his thing. Honestly, I'm flattered, lol. When you do read the story, leave a comment and a like! It helps a bunch by increasing the story's rank, so more people see it.

Either today or yesterday I think

Wait, when did he recommend it?

2463291 I don't know if present perfect highly recommended it or just regular recommended it but either way that has become my read sooner than later shelf

Thanks for the shelf adds on 'the Luna Papers'! The one said highly reccomended by someone else, may I ask who?

2461258 it's like when you've had too many edibles and a simple trip to the restroom fee like a quest.

Oh boy. Scrolling to the bottom of your page on a shitty wi-fi connection was a quite a fucking trip.

Life. Lyfting, ponies, music, and socialism

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  • Feeling That Way You're drenched in sweat and ennui. She's fighting the enemy, and you're fighting depression. Stuck forever in a nowhere town, you try to rise above inertia, but you only end up feeling useless. You're always feeling that way. by Super Trampoline 1,019 words · 443 views · 38 likes · 4 dislikes
  • Anytime The war's over and your fiancé is back. Your once dead town is showing signs of life again. But you feel more muted than ever. Only one thing is there for you, anytime at all. by Super Trampoline 1,738 words · 134 views · 11 likes · 1 dislikes