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Sweetie Belle literally goes to Tartarus and back in an effort to find her favorite socks. Location of socks will be revealed in thousandth chapter. In the meantime, please leave suggestions for where Sweetie should look next in the comments.

This is totally just 4:00AM anti-writer's block fluff.
Sufjan Stevens

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She better find a shotgun and some green armor and a helmet. And a rocket launcher. And a plasma gun. And a double-barreled shotgun. And a Chaingun. And a BFG.


And a knife.

Just in case.

Cute! You've earned a like! Thanks.

5201280 thanks! :twilightsmile:

5200754 daaaang, bro. She's looking for her socks, not trying to replicate Die Hard.


Actually, I meant she should replicate Doom 2.

... That'd be pretty cool.

Princess Luna stole my socks, perhaps she stole yours as well?

5201741 Don't you hate it when the Princess of the Night gets all grabby with your stuff? :unsuresweetie:

5201763 oh totally, especially when she does it because i told her i wouldn't make her a death ray.

5201883 if i had the resources. still waiting on the reply from celestia about getting the funds for it.

5201958 I suspect you'll be waiting a while. You would probably have better luck bugging Discord.

5201960 Discord doesn't have power over the equestrian military research and development department. Plus it'll probably get me fired. He makes fantastic tea though, i'll have to send you some.

The club is where she should look. Russia possibly as well.

5202167 the club? Which club? The golf club?

5202441 This story in a nutshell, basically. :eeyup:

Canterlot library?

this must have been the book Scootaloo had used to knock out Rainbow Dash so she could cut her mane and make it into a wig. Crafty. thought Sweetie Belle, making a mental note to never cross Scootaloo.

:rainbowderp: ... Well then.

5202017 I'm sure the French will hire you.

Dear Lord, that's cute.

Comment posted by Super Trampoline deleted Oct 30th, 2014

Disturbing... Yet oddly hilarious.

5204163 if only i could accept, france doesn't exist in equestria.


But seriously, while in fanfic, we like to say that Prench ponies like In Prance, in the show, when Apple Bloom starts speaking French while she has the cutie pox, they refer to it as such.

5204678 I know, but he said french. I said nothing about the prench.

Yay spiders! Especially wolf spiders in hay stacks.

5205570 Whoever made that has too much time on their hands.

Canada. Sweetie Belle should go to Canada in attempt to find her socks.

5207058 more like CaNEIGHda, Amirite? :ajsmug:

Sweetie Belle will swalow you soul!

Cute so far! But maybe make it a tad more realistic (in the sense of ponies who have magic and and emotion that can defeat enemies, yep)! :rainbowlaugh: This is so adorable!! But please make the chapters a little longer, perhaps? :raritywink:

Will there really be a thousand chapters?


You mean Googly Belle, the roller of eyes and destroyer of worlds, right‽

-In the coal car of the Friendship Express.
-Underneath that one rock somewhere over there.
-In Pinkie's basement.


mr. Snuggles


Hoar frost windows on a cloud home is brilliant!

O_O Dat Dashie plushie. WANT.

Please. Continue. This. STORY. But seriously, a chapter a day should keep my rage away.

5276099 I can't guarantee a chapter a day because I'm not shortskirts-Ihavenolife-andexplosions. But I can try my best to update bi-weekly. :)

Well I guess it's better than nothing

Thanks for teaching me the name of Sweetie's Mom.

Great authors note. Now I'm hungry.


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