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Bah Gawd! He may be broken in half!

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Heh, thanks, didn't know that. :twilightsheepish:

It's a meme about Wrestling. When someone get's put through an announce table it's always the Spanish one. As far as I'm aware CM Punk made it into a joke during a moment when he was on commentary.

Anyone mind explaining what this group stands for? :pinkiecrazy:

414009 hey i just noticed this group so blame the website for not letting see it at first

Okie doke then. Thanks for the immediate reply, Mr. Wrestling Fan.

That was pretty fast for 59 weeks.

414007 what guy in the icon randy orton......r-truth.....booker t

also i'm a wrestling fan

I wasn't talking about the banner, clownboy. I was talking about the group icon.

Also, who the fuck are you?

404801 nope that is one Richard Flahir also known as Ric Flair to wrestling fans
379750 it's a wrestling trope when there are more then two announcing tables expect the second (the SPANISH announce table) to break SOMETIME in the show

also all you wrestling fans are nothing more than hypocritical assclowns who think they know wrestling but don't

Jesus, is that supposed to be that guy from Final Destination 3 where he gets the back of his head chopped by that engine fan?

I'M HERE TO STAY HA HA HA HA HA HA :pinkiecrazy:

TLC Match

So apparently, it'll be the group's two-year anniversary in two weeks. Provided anyone comes here anymore, what do?


I have been known to put a jabroni or two through a table.

BAH GAWD KING, IT'S A WWE GROUP!! :rainbowderp:

/TWIBOOM OUT OF NOWHERE!:twilightangry2:
//wwe fan for life here

I've had plans for a while to host on the Misc page, just haven't gotten back to updating the site in a bit.

I've had the PDF's for those chapters for a while no, but since it's on FimFiction now it'll be easier to link in the database =)

302980 Ooh, that's pretty! Nice work!

Are you planning to do anything with the deleted chapters over on Short Scraps and Explosions?

Being a huge WWE fan, this group is perfect :twilightsmile:


Run for your life...

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