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My 1st trip(s) to an indoor range! :D · 12:26am March 2nd

As aforementioned in my previous post, I visited an indoor range & shot a semi-automatic pistol, for the first time! :pinkiehappy: That range appealed to me so much I returned twice since the initial stop there in February; below, I enclosed pictures of my results from the first outing:

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I had no plans aside from collecting a Handgun Purchase Permit from the local sheriff's office & visiting gun-stores; so, the lockdown won't affect me significantly since I can still visit both. :/

Happy to hear that! If you can get your guns, life is good! :raritywink: Shame that your county gave in & got the quarantine, though I'm glad it at least won't interfere with your plans; still, these quarantines are ridiculous, since only the old & unhealthy are likely to die from the virus. Any idea how long this quarantine will last for your county?

Still, my "critical infrastructure" job entails many elderly customers, so the precautions aren't too unfair on my end, I just haven't been able to see most of my friends and family. :ajsleepy: Everything else is good though, since otherwise I just have to work & shop. Plus, tonight, I used the internet to play Yahtzee with my sister!

My county never yielded to the hysteria about COVID-19 by declaring an unnecessary quarantine, whilst others around it did. However, the Governor regrettably signed an executive order yesterday to initiate a "stay-at-home" quarantine next week, though such largely doesn't affect me since the federal & state governments consider my industry "Critical Infrastructure" which can operate normally. I had no plans aside from collecting a Handgun Purchase Permit from the local sheriff's office & visiting gun-stores; so, the lockdown won't affect me significantly since I can still visit both. :/

How are you doing during this coronavirus scare? Your state do any lockdowns like mine did?

I'm glad to hear that! Hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

The premise of "Mapping Manehatten" intrigued me greatly; upon reading its brief description(s), I envisioned the main character(s) on a journey of solitude through an abandoned city, outside the reaches of civilization. However, it surprised me with a world more akin to something from Fallout 4.

Initially, I imagined empty ruins with scenes similar to Crysis 2's concept art:

Instead, its four chapters provided a different atmosphere; for example, I imagined the group from Chapter 4 ("meeting") standing under a bridge akin to this one near the Charles View Amphitheater or under a bridge akin to the one above the Abandoned Camp in Fallout 3:

Overall, the story appealed to me. :pinkiehappy:

Also, I thought of a pun whilst reflecting on it, in part due to playing so much of Halo CE's remaster (which released on Steam this month): since "there is no spoken dialogue" & the main characters literally map the city, one could call the ponies... Silent Cartographers. :twilightblush:

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