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Celestia and the sun are connected, to the point where when something happens to Celestia everypony can immediately see the sun acting up as well. What few ponies know is that this connection works both ways, and those times when the sun acts up, this has... certain effects on Celestia.

Celestia wants nothing more than to keep it a secret so as few ponies as possible worry about her. But keeping a secret from her stubborn, curious and loving marefriend might prove to be more difficult than she expected.

Cover image by the wonderful Silfoe, which also inspired the story idea alongside Carapace's story She Dap.

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Are you ever going to make a prequel showing how Rarity and Celestia got together?


Novolestia all the way

The premise of Celestia and the sun experiencing the same thing at the same time is made for comedy. Like she can't drink champagne without the sun going supernova in the sky, or when Luna hits Celestia with a yokozuna it causes an eclipse, or when the sun has flares it causes Celestia's mane to turn into fire thus forcing her to stay outdoors for fear of lighting the castle ablaze.

I’m reminded of a fic where Twi is obsessed with Luna having dapples in the end of the second episode.

What few ponies know is that this connection works both ways, and

Forgot the "both" there.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Very cute and sweet,,

I'm reminded of that one too.


when the forces that threaten Equestria manage to lay be low.


"Well," she began, in a ton that conveyed frustration with a tiny bit of hurt, "at least you are looking at me again, so that is progress at least."


the most modern of Threading Needle's sowing machines


A thrill sounded as I saw Philomena circle over Rarity


Philomena thrilled again and returned to her perch


"Oh, yes. Such bold breaking of the norm, those yellow and orange colours, like the sun breaking through a field of clouds. And those patterns! Give me a twirl, dearest."

I blinked. "Pardon?"

Rarity sat back on her haunches and twirled a hoof in the air. "Twirl for me, darling."

This was lovely. Bravo. Cute, short, and a great glimpse into Celestia's mind and Rarity's character.

now where did i read something similar to this . .
ah, yes, right, i remember now!

Toothrottingly sweet.

Comment posted by Violetta Strings deleted Dec 27th, 2019

I will credit Silfoe's Royal Sketchbook in full for turning me into a shameless Sundress shipper. Rarity and Celestia getting together happened pretty much exactly how it happened there, so I highly encourage to read the story at its source.

You are correct. She dap was a major inspiration for this story.

Whoops, thanks for the corrections.

This is criminally low on both views and likes. Here's to you getting both, eh? :raritystarry:

Well, I've hit the feature box and seem to be still climbing it, so I'm not complaining. :pinkiehappy:


You're welcome.

And a fantastic story you've made. I liked it a lot.

~Skeeter The Lurker

It’s unfair how adorable that was!

Dappled princesses is becoming my new favorite sub-genre.


Solar flares? I'm guessing Celestia had some potent chilli last night... or Taco Bell...

Well at least she only gets the spots from the sun, and not the, uh... eruptions. :rainbowlaugh:

Always nice to see some more good SunDress on the site. This really showed off Celestia's pony side and allowed Rarity to shine doing what she does best. Thank you for a wonderful read.

I request the idea of Celestia having spots to be used more in fics, she's adorable with them.

Sweet and adorable. Technically, sunspots last for days or weeks, and their number waxes and wanes over an 11-year cycle, but since this is a world where the Sun is moved by a magic horse, I’m willing to let that slide.

Yeah, I knew when I started researching sunspots that I was going to be doing some handwaving in that department. Celestia locking herself in her room for weeks would have been a tad too much.

Twilight told me what happened the time that Discord captured myself and my sister with his plunder vines. Day and night were one in the sky, the sun trapped in the sky just as I was trapped in his vines.

...Which didn't happen when you were captured by changelings and held behind a radius in which all non-changeling magic was nullified.
Discord's chaos magic failed, as did normal unicorn magic. Yet the sun and moon somehow were perfectly fine.

I panicked and just yanked the cover of the bed with my magic and tried to hide myself as best I could in the middle of my room.

You can teleport, can't you? Teleport to...a mountain, or a little-known beach, or something!

No worries. Glad you did your homework. Honestly, I’d love to see more stories exploit the link between Celestia and the Sun. There are a few I’ve read, but this is one of the better ones.

*Slaps favorite button so hard it breaks*

This was adorable and I loved it <3

What? no. That crap's terrible.


...Which didn't happen when you were captured by changelings and held behind a radius in which all non-changeling magic was nullified.
Discord's chaos magic failed, as did normal unicorn magic. Yet the sun and moon somehow were perfectly fine.

Given that we see the changelings directly stopping Luna from contacting Starlight, I always always assumed that being captured and put into a pod gave the changelings some measure of control over your magic. Otherwise just the fact that that the sisters were put into a pod would stop the sun and moon from moving, since moving either is a conscious effort of the sisters.

This was just adorable. Dappled celestia is so cute, and 10/10 on the story. 👍

What a wonderful little story. It feels like she could write a Friendship Report to her old student!

I didn't know RariLestia was a thing? TIL.

Now I should note that I am Celestia, Princess of the Day and Alicorn of the Sun. I have the magic of all three pony tribes, including the earth pony tribe, and have honed that magic for well over a thousand years. To try and move me against my will is to and move a mountain.

Unnecessary word.

I'm glad to have show you another lovely ship, then. :pinkiehappy:

Whoop, missed one actually, should be another try there. Thanks for the catch.

No problem for it, I've been helping people with it for a while cause it just bothers me.

not a pairing I've ever even imagined, but this was such a wonderful story, and will forever sit in my favorites. thank you for writing it.

If Celestia gets dappled from sunspots, does Luna get freckles from meteors? Heh, crater-flanks. :trollestia:

Dawww cute! And the same artist also made me consider this ship. Though I thing Green will forever have Rarity/ Fluttershy as my head cannon.

Would love to see more of this ship from you.

Daawww... that was sweet. Great to see a story placed in Silfoe's Rarilestia setting. So cute.

Rarilestia's not my usual deal, but this was delightful. Thank you for it.

My god, this was lovely. :heart:

Ooh! Thank you!

This Celestia is now my headcanon alongside dappled Luna.

Such an unexpected yet lovely ship, and at the same time a pretty interesting setup for the story, too :twilightsmile:

At first I thought it'd just be a gimmick, but as it were it played to both their characters perfectly, and that made it just right.

Favourited and liked!

Thank you! I couldn't help but work Rarity's true talent into this. So often people focus on her fashion and business sense that it sometimes gets a bit snowed over that the reason her cutie mark is three diamonds instead of thread and needle is because her true passion and talent is making other ponies shine. Combine that with the idea of this story being that Celestia doesn't like something about herself, and the story just clicked and puzzled itself together afterwards.


Hah, clever that on all accounts - giving others the chance to shine, here's a reason she's the Element of Generosity, after all. Yeah, the more I think about the story, the more it clicks.

Keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

Celestia dap, she doooooo.

I'm so glad there's (essentially) a Celestia version of "She Dap". I really enjoyed it, and I liked your original idea of why she's dappled. Nice job.

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